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  1. Mine was an E parked at the tiedowns, because my parking brake was inoperative. Everyone else parked in a flight line alongside the restaurant. You can just make out Paul's 252 in the picture. Some didn't even bother choking, just set the parking brake. I should really get it fixed.
  2. Thanks, Don. Winds were not a problem in Austin (except those based in KEDC with their single runway).
  3. I looked at photo maps and it appears that Ambassador does not have any tie-downs. I can discern some Tees in the middle of the ramp, just south of the big maintenance facility. Does anyone know if those can be used by transients? The TAF promises a bit of wind and my parking brake does not work. I have my own ropes, but I need anchors.
  4. Weather is going to be good, the fronts and rain pass through the day before. See the chart.
  5. Marina airport crash / fatality

    I fly an M20E, I am 6'5" and I do not move my seat anymore. I move the right seat and then transfer my butt to it for exit. BTW, if my seat is in the unlocked position, I cannot reach pedals anymore (not without some good scooting), but yoke is no problem. Of course the individual results vary with a body type.
  6. There's no need for personal attacks just because you screwed up. It is an indisputable fact that some people are better than you or I.
  7. M20U

    I wish they found time to answer my e-mail about shoulder belt retrofit kit. I understand it's not as profitable selling one as selling a $700k airplane, but hey.
  8. Austin Area Hangars

    I ended putting the Mooney into a community hangar at San Marcos, with RedBird SkyPort. It's expensive and has a few disadvantages of the community hangar, in particular I have to trust RedBird people not to bend the front tower. But there was no other option. Bob M. let me park Carlson in his hangar at Lago Vista. I talked him into it by claiming that Calson is a little single-seater and I only needed a corner. In my defense, I really thought that. But when we pushed it in, we found that my wingspan is the same as Bob's TriPacer has. Honestly I hoped to stuff Mooney there too, eventually, but it was packed already. Every time I want to fly Carlson, I have to wheel out 2 other airplanes that are closer to the door.
  9. What I saw of Lancair accidents was not very crashworthy. Two locals got low and clipped a low-tension power line 5 years ago. The second biggest shard after the engine was a seat cushion. Everything else disintegrated into pieces no bigger than a book. So I guess the rule of Lancair is "don't crash". As long as you don't crash one, it's a pretty hot little airplane. Also, don't skip maintenance. The airplane had issues with the fuel system. Steve Appleton crashed because of engine trouble, too.
  10. M10 is on the move

    A real Mooney pilot, yes. But I, for one, never knew or cared about the price of 100LL at the airports. I don't fly enough for it to be a concern. Availability is a problem and I landed at places where they had no self-servie pump on a Sunday.
  11. Austin Area Hangars

    I gave Henriksen's a call, but the FBO lady said they don't have space in the community hangar, at least not for a Mooney. There is a tie-down available for $125/month. I'm looking into Smithville and Burnet at this point. Not had it this bad with hangars since I escaped San Francisco in 2001.
  12. Austin Area Hangars

    Since it appears that new pilots in Austin have to bum at whatever corner for months or years, does anyone have experience with community hangars? Several FBOs offer those. My biggest concern is a lineman repositioning the airplane and bending the front tower. I was told it's a serious issue with Mooneys. Has this happened to someone at KEDC or KGTU?
  13. Looking at an M20E

    $35k is suspiciously cheap for a 1975 Chapparal with 300 SMOH. I paid $48k for my 1969 with similar equipment and times. In my search I looked at some $35k M20Es, Fs, and Cs, and every plane came with major red flags. One has even been in a flood.
  14. Goodness gracious, now I have to ask how many pilots even seen a power curve and know what side of it is front and where the back side begins? Anyhing slower Vbg is on the back of it! Picture from John S. Denker.