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  1. Unfortunately, no. I want to move up to a different kind of aircraft in two years. And the aircraft is going to go through a pre-buy soon for one of the gents on this forum.
  2. prop overhauled jan 6 2009 time on prop 315.7 you can also PM me for my email address and phone if interested
  3. Yes and it's come back from annual just today.
  4. Actually - sorry I think I just realized I need to get the mode-S xpndr for flight into Canada. Sorry about that
  5. interested - PMed Does it come with tray and a 8130 form I believe its called? Looks like it works for both 14 and 28V systems?
  6. Aargh. I have a 12 volt system. Can this convert between the two?
  7. donated last night. can i get the ads removed please? thanks Bodi
  8. And here are the pics: The open engine pic is from 2014 when the new engine was being installed.
  9. Hi Mooneyspacers, I have been absent from the board for a while trying to deal with 2 kids (3 years and 3 months). Unfortunately, the latest one has put a big damper in my flying plans and I would like to sell the plane and move up to a twin in about 3 years when the young ones will probably be more suited to flying in GA aircraft. Here are the details: N93201 bought from previous owner in 2010 Dec / 2011 Jan Overview Basic aeroplane that will get the job done and has the right amount of extra goodies to make flying safe and long cross countries comfortable . The aircraft is very mechanically sound and has been maintained to a high degree of care (have tried to fly my kids in it). Base Based at KFIT (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) Airframe Hours 2700 Engine: Lycoming IO360-A3B6D (overhauled by Zephyr Aircraft Engines on September, 2014). Engine was close to TBO. 80 SMOH (mostly been flying an hour at a time locally and somewhat regularly - cannot take family or kids on trips - scared of noise - sigh). Teflon hoses used at engine change Lightweight skytec starter Prop Hours Will update once I get logs from mechanic (aircraft in for annual) Paint Good condition - prolly 6 out of 10. Looks very good on the top. Has scratches on the belly from rocks etc thrown from the prop Original paint - still looks very good probably because it was always hangared I think Useful load Need to check the logs at my mechanic - but its about 900 lbs Performance Performance derived by averaging ground speed in the 4 directions of flight. I did this when I first bought the plane. 8500 feet and power settings according to the POH. Mixture set 100 ROP 75% - 160.75 KTAS (12.3 GPH) 65% - 153.7 KTAS (11.4 GPH) 55% - 143.2 KTAS (9.9 GPH) Full throttle and 2500 RPM (my hurry up cruise setting) - 157.5 KTAS (11.5 GPH). I haven't checked my LOP cruise data - but I get about 8.5 GPH fuel flows full throttle at 8500 feet. I accept whatever cruise speed I get. Interior Previous owner had the interior plastic redone in 2009. Cloth interior. No yellow plastic I would give it a 7 / 10 maybe. Maintenance Has periodically seen reputed Mooney shops. 2009 Don Maxwell - all rubber donuts changed 2015 - Henry Weber - thorough service performed - nothing deferred - no issues found Rest of the annuals were done by the mechanic on my field. Avionics GNS 430 (non-WAAS) GPS/COM/NAV JPI 700 engine analyzer (fuel flow coupled to GNS 430 for fuel and distance calculations, CHT, EGT, Oil temp) Stec 30 ALT - altitude hold Horizon digital tach KAP - 100 autopilot with heading, NAV and APR hold ADF (never used) KN64 DME KX155 Nav Com GI-106A NAV indicator with localizer and glide slope Second indicator with localizer and glide slope Replaced turn coordinator with electric attitude indicator (good backup for IFR) Condition of avionics DG overhauled in 2015 Autopilots work very nicely (heading and NAV, havent tested Approach mode recently) Alt hold works perfectly if you remember to test it on the ground first - otherwise it wont engage Other additions Reiff heater - oil sump heater + cylinder band heating (Standard system) - always used when starting in less than 50F temperatures DG overhauled 2015 All new tires - concerned about age of tires - tread was fine. Concorde battery Corrosion X treated Logs All logs are present and complete Damage History No major damage history. There is a hangar rash incident from previous to previous owner. A 1 inch long by 0.5 inch wide dent in the leading edge of the left wing. Typical quotes have been around 1k to fix it but on the advice of AOPA I took a 3k deduction when buying and can pass that along to the new owner. I never got around to fixing this because as a first time aircraft owner I was scared of my annual costs. If prospective buyer wants it fixed - I can fix it at a Mooney service center - but I thought I'd leave that as is in the interests of full disclosure. Some of the rivets under the fuel tank have rivet head sized fuel stains (see pics) - no leaks - but probably you may have to re-seal tanks in the medium term. So I will take a 5k deduction for that too or about 50% of the cost to get the tanks resealed. Rest of the aircraft is mechanically solid! How was it flown Aircraft is mostly flown LOP at 55% power when flying around the area. For long distance cruising - I also use LOP at 8500 or 9500 feet at 65% power or less (fuel flow is about 9 gph) Newly overhauled aircraft engine was broken in ROP as per Lycoming instructions using Phillips XC. Aircraft was flown at 4500 or 3500 to obtain at least 75% power. CHTs were kept to a max of 380 - cowl flaps used as required to keep below 380F. Break-in flights were at least 2 to 4 hours long and no touch and gos or disruptive power changes were made during break in. Breakin was done with Phillips XC 20w50 as per Zephyr's recommendations (its multi-viscosity but doesnt have friction modifiers that are bad for break in) After break in - exxon elite was used with cam guard. No LOP climbs were performed. In winter (aircraft based in MA) - for temps below 50 F, aircraft engine was always pre-heated using slow cylinder band heating and oil sump heating overnight. Price I dont have too much of a clue about this except for AOPA Vref which seems to be ignoring my 430 nowadays (prolly too old tech - but works great anyway) Without the 430 - Vref quotes 109k after including the engine monitor and fuel flow and altitude hold. I have added 3k for the 430 and taking into account the deductions I mentioned - I am asking for $ 104, 000 There is also no sales tax in Massachusetts for aircraft sales. However, your state may have a use tax. Please check. Delivery For pre-purchase inspections, I would prefer to fly to any of the two local mooney service centers in KASH and KOWD. Otherwise the furthest I am willing to go would be KLNS (Henry Weber, Lancaster, PA) - but then I would need an airline ticket back If something else needs to be worked out - we can talk. Can deliver to anywhere in the USA on the eastern side of the rockies
  10. I have personally modified the saying "when things go south " to "when things go north ". Going south seems very nice and pleasant