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  1. Wow, this has taken an ugly turn. I’m going to check out for a while.
  2. Food for thought. I was in 3 partnerships before owning my own. All is great until one is ready to sell and move on. Selling a “share” of an airplane limits your potential customer base to a 20 mile circle around the airport where the plane is based. This is a very small limited audience. I have seen it take months to sell or sometimes never. You may have to buy the others out to sell. If it’s your plane your potential buyer can live the world. I understand the financial benefits of the partnership, but paying for a plane for months or years if you can not fly (medical or situational change) , or do not want to fly anymore for whatever reason can alter this financial benefit drastically. Just my life observation.
  3. There is no reason to have to make a 60 degree turn, especially in the pattern. Stay ahead of the aircraft. If you overshoot final GO AROUND. My instructor who flies professionally always says the passengers don't want to hear power changes, RPM changes or feel anything like extra G forces. We should all fly like professionals.
  4. One of the funniest things I remember from my youth. Thank you.
  5. Professional once taught me the FATS check (killer items ) taking the runway: Flaps Altimeter Trim Speeds
  6. If you base the plane in Florida ( they walk the airports and write down tail #’s) you will end up paying use tax. Don’t ask............
  7. I was at KOBE when it happened. Gear was up, looked like he tried to put it down last second. Engine was running fine. I think they may have been doing touch and gos. That is not the pilot in the picture. I did not see it happen, this is just what i heard while I was there. YMMV
  8. I got to eat lunch with Martha at Oshkosh one year. Very entertaining, like you watched many videos.
  9. All I was saying if your flying by the numbers you should feel something off. If anything happens on final (like the long list of doors popping, babies puking, dogs freaking) GO AROUND! I know it can happen to anyone, but if it happens to you it is your fault. I do 3 GUMPS one approaching the airport, one on downwind, and one more after turning final. It may happen to me one day, but I try to do everything in my power to avoid it.
  10. Was always taught.......if it doesn’t feel right it isn’t. There is no way your speed will be correct with the gear tucked away. Your power will be way off if you are slow enough. Same goes for the flaps. Speed and configuration (especially in the Mooney) will be and feel the same every time. If something feels weird Go Around and see what it is. Do not continue the approach.
  11. Corporate pilot does my training with me. Right before rolling on to the runway we do a FATS CHECK: Flaps to takeoff setting Altimeter set and showing field elevation Trim to take off settings Speeds posted (abort, rotate, climb,) I once started takeoff roll with down trim instead of up trim and when I tried to rotate she would not come off the ground. Immediately aborted. Very scary, stopped maybe 40 ft from the end of the runway. He also calls them the killer items.
  12. Starter adapter was replaced not that long ago. Check the logs. IO550 likes a good amount of prime when cold, of course in Florida it’s never “that” cold.
  13. I find it useful in rough flight, for changing coms, pulling up different pages (traffic, weather, etc).