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  1. Cloud tops

    If you use an iPhone or iPad download and use SkewTLogPro - very useful Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Looking for PIREP on Wet-Wingologist East

    Found the thread Hank, thanks!
  3. Looking for PIREP on Wet-Wingologist East

    I am pretty much set on using WeWingologist-East, but have recently come across these folks: http://houstontankspecialistsllc.com/index.html, and received a happy customer recommendation for them. Anyone else know anything about them? Hank
  4. Looking for PIREP on Wet-Wingologist East

    Thanks! There are good arguments for both means, but reseal is the way for me. I just wish the cost (~$8,500) was l way less, but also understand it is a labor intensive job.
  5. Looking for PIREP on Wet-Wingologist East

    Thanks snowds!
  6. Looking for PIREP on Wet-Wingologist East

    I certainly appreciate all the responses! I considered the bladders vs. reseal argument when I originally bought the airplane and had already decided that bladders are not for me. Both shops I mentioned have good reputations, but WW-East is more convenient as I periodically travel to South Florida, so that's where I'm planning to go. thanks all - Hank
  7. Well the time has come to reseal the fuel tanks on my M20J and I understand the top two shops for fuel tank resealing are Weep No More and Wet-Wingologist East. I prefer going to warmer Florida since I'm going to get this done in the next 2 to 3 moths. I would appreciate any PIREPs, good and bad on Wet-Wingologist East, and private PM is fine with me.
  8. 1990 M20J Partnership based in KHWY

    Thanks for the correction - Hank
  9. I am in search for one or two other instruments rated pilots that may be interested in sharing the flying and ownership of a very well equipped M20J. If interested please PM me for details, and provide a phone number and email address where I can follow-up and contact you. Hank
  10. PIREP: GDL88+FS210+Garmin Pilot

    Well I just finished a couple of flights with my newly acquired VIRB elite, which since "...it's a Garmin" integrates really nicely with Garmin Pilot on the iPad, so I have access to most of the controls of the remotely mounted camera right at my finger tips -- sweet! Blue Skies - Hank
  11. You are so right! Hard to understand the magnitude of what one has been missing until flying with the MRX or XRX.
  12. Selling a Portable Collision Avoidance System (PCAS) MRX by Zaon Flight Systems. It is fully operational and performs really well during flight operations. The unit has no scratches on the display or unit body, and comes with the original box and accessories. This includes a DVD with the operations manual, antenna, intercom connection cable, cigarette lighter power adapter, two AA batteries and fabric/vinyl cover to protect the unit when stored. My normal use is with two rechargeable AA batteries (good for ~8 hours) with the unit on the glare shield in direct line of sight. With both its clearly visual traffic position indications and additional audible traffic alerts, the MRX has saved my bacon on numerous occasions by alerting me to nearby traffic that I had otherwise failed to spot. I am selling this trusted unit only because my just completed permanent ADS-B Out/In installation makes also having the PCAS onboard redundant. The price is $400 (OBO) with ground delivery included anywhere in the U.S. If interested, send me a PM for details.
  13. SkyRadar ADS-B Receiver

    Selling portable SkyRadar ADS-B receiver (single band, 978 Mhz), in its original box and with all originally purchased accessories. It delivers NEXRAD Radar, METARs, TFRs, SIGMETS, AIRMETS, Winds Aloft, TAFs, NOTAMs, PIREPS and traffic to your iPad or other compatible display devices. The unit has provided me excellent situational awareness and flawless operation during the past 3 years using WingX running on an iPad. It was just removed and replaced with a permanent ADS-B Out/In solution. The unit includes a WAAS capable GPS with remote antenna, Wi-Fi plus antenna and USB connections to the iPad/iPhone or other compatible display device, plus ADS-B antenna and 6 foot remote ADS-B antenna. The included cigarette lighter power adapter has been providing power from a 12V system, and should work equally well on a 24V system since according to the manufacturer, the unit requires from 11 to 36 volts at 5 watts to operate, available from the aircraft cigarette lighter. The $350 (OBO) price includes ground shipping within U.S. If interested, send me a separate PM for more details and pictures.