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    Propeller balancing

    I just added the "vibration" app to my ipad - will give it a try this weekend and see what kind of information it provides.
  2. n6773v

    Electroair Mag STC'd!

    Electroair Announcement EIS-41000 Electronic Ignition STC now updated to include Hartzell Propeller Installations! Electroair's Cardinal with Hartzell Test Prop Howell, MI - Electroair and Hartzell Propeller completed testing of the Electroair electronic ignition with various Hartzell Propeller configurations. After successfully completing a number of tests using two-bladed, three-bladed, and composite Hartzell propellers, the Electroair STC was updated to include aircraft using Hartzell propellers. This expansion includes the addition of 4cyl powered Mooney Aircraft as well as many Pipers. Electroair's lead engineer Josh Ratliff commented, "This in an excellent example of two industry leaders and the FAA working together for the advancement of General Aviation." Electroair's updated Approved Model List (AML) can be found on their website Click Here Electroair is continuing to work with industry to evaluate and add to its growing AML more aircraft models. Announcements will be made when more aircraft are added to the AML. O-200 Electronic Ignition Kit Design Application Submitted/EASA Certification Process Begun In other developments, Electroair announced that it has submitted to the FAA its Electronic Ignition design application for the venerable Continental O-200. This ignition kit will be configured the same way as the Lycoming electronic ignition kit, replacing one magneto with the Electroair system and leaving one magneto behind. The design application also included many of the 65's, 85's, 90's and so on, affectionately referred to as the "Baby Continentals". Feedback from the field remains better performance, smoother running engine and better fuel economy. Electroair also reports that is has begun the process to obtain EASA Certification. The initial application for an EASA STC has been submitted and work has begun on building the data and substantiation required. Electroair will continue to provide progress reports via email and on the website as warranted. Please contact Electroair directly if there are any questions. To email Electroair, Click Here Holiday Greeting Electroair would like to take this opportunity to extend to everyone a Happy Holiday Greeting. This has been a very good year for Electroair as we reached the first of many milestones by receiving an STC for electronic ignition system. We are now able to make more of an impact in the General Aviation industry and in our own community. We are glad to count you as our friend. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and Rewarding New Year! Electroair www.electroair.net sales@electroair.net (866) 494-3002 © 2011 Electroair All Rights Reserved
  3. Lycoming issued a Service Instruction No 1148C "Use of Carb Heat Control" dated October 12, 2007. This really sums up what everyone above is saying. www.lycoming.com/support/publications/service.../pdfs/SI1148C.pdf
  4. n6773v

    Pics. Input requested.

    We have a real clean F model posted on the board at KIPJ near Charlotte,NC. I will get the information tomorrow and post.
  5. n6773v

    Cracked tailpipe

    I have used aerospace welding minneapolis (awi-ami.com). They can repair or fabricate any part of the exhaust for a Mooney and get it out quick. Jim
  6. n6773v

    allignment issues

    You might want to look at SB M20-202. If you changed all your pucks including the nose gear your alignment may be off - the mechanic should have done the measurements and may not have added the correct shims. Don Maxwell has a pretty good article "the 8 second ride" you may want to read.
  7. n6773v

    Bad Elf versus XGPS 150

    I purchased the XGPS150 through Amazon - had to wait about a week for it to ship but did recieve it a week ago. Using it with an Ipad2 and ForeFlight HD. I had a chance to use it last week and very pleased with the signal lock and ease of use. I have 3 other GPS units in the plane so the Ipad is for the charts and other info but i was curious to see how accurate it would be. I considered the Bad Elf but didn't like the idea of having to plug it in and taking a chance of damaging the Ipad if it got knoked around. Jim
  8. Quote: mooneygirl Looks like such a fun day and what, 15 Mooneys on the ramp! Way to go.
  9. n6773v

    Landing Gear Biscuits M20J

    I have a 1970 C model - has 5900 TT and we just changed out the original biscuits this past annual.
  10. n6773v

    cruise settings?

    Electroair has a unit which is supposed to be certified this month. Their web site is www.electroair.net. They claim 10 - 15% fuel consumption reduction.