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  1. I just added the "vibration" app to my ipad - will give it a try this weekend and see what kind of information it provides.
  2. Electroair Announcement EIS-41000 Electronic Ignition STC now updated to include Hartzell Propeller Installations! Electroair's Cardinal with Hartzell Test Prop Howell, MI - Electroair and Hartzell Propeller completed testing of the Electroair electronic ignition with various Hartzell Propeller configurations. After successfully completing a number of tests using two-bladed, three-bladed, and composite Hartzell propellers, the Electroair STC was updated to include aircraft using Hartzell propellers. This expansion includes the addition of 4cyl powered Mooney Aircraft as
  3. Lycoming issued a Service Instruction No 1148C "Use of Carb Heat Control" dated October 12, 2007. This really sums up what everyone above is saying. www.lycoming.com/support/publications/service.../pdfs/SI1148C.pdf
  4. We have a real clean F model posted on the board at KIPJ near Charlotte,NC. I will get the information tomorrow and post.
  5. I have used aerospace welding minneapolis (awi-ami.com). They can repair or fabricate any part of the exhaust for a Mooney and get it out quick. Jim
  6. You might want to look at SB M20-202. If you changed all your pucks including the nose gear your alignment may be off - the mechanic should have done the measurements and may not have added the correct shims. Don Maxwell has a pretty good article "the 8 second ride" you may want to read.
  7. I purchased the XGPS150 through Amazon - had to wait about a week for it to ship but did recieve it a week ago. Using it with an Ipad2 and ForeFlight HD. I had a chance to use it last week and very pleased with the signal lock and ease of use. I have 3 other GPS units in the plane so the Ipad is for the charts and other info but i was curious to see how accurate it would be. I considered the Bad Elf but didn't like the idea of having to plug it in and taking a chance of damaging the Ipad if it got knoked around. Jim
  8. Quote: mooneygirl Looks like such a fun day and what, 15 Mooneys on the ramp! Way to go.
  9. I have a 1970 C model - has 5900 TT and we just changed out the original biscuits this past annual.
  10. Electroair has a unit which is supposed to be certified this month. Their web site is www.electroair.net. They claim 10 - 15% fuel consumption reduction.
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