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  1. As others have mentioned before: is your GNC connected to a GPS?
  2. The installation is pretty similar to a KFC 200 installation. Almost everthing is bolted so not much riveting needed. Some areas are a little bit hard to reach.
  3. Thank you very much for your tips - we will definitely look at these items
  4. Interestingly the problem occured after the Merly overhaul ...
  5. I experience a similar behavior. After a Merlyn overhaul last year if I do a full throttle takeoff I get a significant increase in MP shortly after takeoff. It is now really difficult to control the throttle. That has not been the case before...
  6. Can you tell us a little bit more how you got these installed ? Dreaming about lighted switches for a long time ....
  7. It is in the certified installation manual and the setup of the unit
  8. Also curious about your install prices - is this install only or do they include removing old equipment and wiring?
  9. Unfortunetly in most of the small planes we have lots of single points of failure. The G3X installation together with the G5 and GFC eliminates quite a few of them which is more than most of the avionics currently have. From my point of view the concept is pretty impressive and well engineered: - Dual AHRS - redundant interface for AHRS and EIS via CAN and Rs232 - Batterie Backup for the G5 - Redundant AP function and controller (the G3X can control the AP if the GMC fails) - Attitude x-checks between AHRS, G5 and GMC 507 - Backup VFR GPS navigation in the G3X if your main Navigator fails - if the GAD fails and you have a GNC255 you can still shoot an ILS with NAV 2 - autopilot coupled - triple GPS redundancy for attitude - main navigator, G5 and G3X A weak point may be the CAN, but that bus runs in millions of cars with a magnitude of hours for safety critical functions. The price you have to pay for this is a lack of connectivity to legacy avionics. But as said somewhere else - connectivity costs a lot of development and testing money which at the end increases the price of the unit and doesn‘t necessarily improve the whole system (it usually is a compromise of the attached units). To eliminate the SPOF of the display it really makes sense to add the second display. Using the second display instead of a G5 you will loose the battery backup and might not be able to remove the vaccum system or turn coordinator/AI...
  10. It can interface to the WX500 and uses the cheaper GDL5x for ADSB/Nexrad/XM
  11. Someone should explain him the search function ...
  12. I am currently on holiday, but will make a picture and post it here when I am back
  13. I just want to share my experiences with a partially stiff trim which only occured during flight. During the last year we were chasing this problem and worked mainly on the jackscrew (changed bearings etc.). While installing a GFC 500 we found what I am pretty sure was the source of the problem: the torque tube runs through a needle bearing below the trim servo and this bearing was completly dry and didn‘t move at all. So don‘t focus only on the jackscrew, but give this bearing a little attention and make sure it runs freely and lubricate it regularly.
  14. The GFC gets the altitude from the G5 - if the G5 shows the correct altitude it should not be the problem ...
  15. Ah - so this is not a technical but a STC issue ...
  16. I don‘t see any reason why this should not work. The S-Tec will be connected via the GAD29B to the Garmin world. The SL-30 should be connected to the G3X via RS232. For what do you need the direct connection between the SL-30 and the S-TEC ?? You might have a RS232 converter, but that should not be needed anymore and therefore the RS232 should be free.
  17. Have you already received the parts? I am also currently in the installation process, but Garmin didn‘t deliver the parts as announced ... :-(
  18. The fan is on the back of the tray? Power is supplied via a connector. So nothing complicated. The difficulty comed from accessing the back of tray ...
  19. Working when removed Asking $800
  20. The 120 value describes the wave impedance and not resistance. This is important for reflections on the cable.