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  1. Did you sell those seats? If not, I'm in Seattle and can be emailed at
  2. I'm interested in your 76a for my F. Please email me at Thanks!
  3. I have a 1967 M20F and am looking for an aileron control rod. The part number is 915003. I have pictures, etc. Email me at Thanks!
  4. Done! This site is invaluable to every Mooney pilot, and is an invaluable resource for all of us.
  5. Brian Lord is the maintenance manager at Avian Aeronautics in Bremerton. They service a number of Mooneys, including my 1967 F model.
  6. I'm interested if it would fit an F model with a 201 windshield. I'm not interested in perfection, just protection.
  7. I'm looking for an exhaust pipe that's in primo condition. I have a 1967 F.
  8. I'm interested and assume it would fit my M20F with a 201 shield. Pls email me at
  9. I have a very nice M20F in Bremerton and might be receptive to a partnership. However, Paine Field wouldn't work for me since I have a home on Bainbridge.
  10. I have a '67 F model and am changing the cowl. Is the spinner still available?
  11. You've been trying to sell this stuff for years. Please email me your bottom line price.
  12. If Ryoder didn't close the deal, I will. Thanks!
  13. SOLD! (Garmin 480 WAAS GPS)
  14. I may have what you're looking for in the price range you cited. 1967 F model with all the speed mods, excellent paint, tanks resealed at Wilmar two years ago, around 600 SMOH on the engine, seats completely redone in leather by Oregon Aero two years ago, all new plastic panels, headliner and carpet from Plane Plastics two years ago, annual isn't due until September 2015. High compressions on all cylinders. Panel is nothing special but recently flew it from Texas to Seattle without any problems. New battery, alternator, starter and voltage regulator; new engine baffles. Three blade prop. Hangered its entire life. Had thorough annual from Dugosh, one of the best Mooney shops on the planet. I'd love to keep flying it but my work schedule isn't cooperating. Email me if interested.
  15. Check with the folks at LASAR. They have kits for this and are experts on the mounting angle issue you're wrestling with.