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  1. If installing a new boot, do not be satisfied with garden variety electrical tape. I did a step recently and used 3M Scotch 33, it has better adhesive and more stretch and better environmental properties. Went on beautifully.
  2. Steve65E-NC

    Hot Starting

    I struggled with this problem for several decades. Put in the better Sky-Tec starter and purchased a Concorde GX-35 battery. Problem went away.
  3. A friend had a C-310. He said the maintenance costs ate him alive. Great looking aircraft.
  4. Steve65E-NC

    IO360A1A intake Bellows

    Well, it does make the very frustrating fasteners a little more accessible. I am sure that I am not the only one on this list to make the mistake. Out of curiosity, what determines "normal".
  5. Steve65E-NC

    IO360A1A intake Bellows

    If you have to drop the lower cowl, take the time to release one end of the boot before even starting with the lowering operation. It is tight but can be done. I went through several boots before realizing this wisdom. It is tempting to just swing the cowl down a bit. Bite your lip and do not do that.
  6. Steve65E-NC


    My wing leveler (65E) had a similar problem. There is a little metal block called a switch in the parts Manual with about four tubes coming out. After a confirming phone call to isolate problem, I sent that block to Brittain and they rebuilt it for about $100. Unfortunately the fellow I talked to who was owner and technical leader and very helpful recently died and Brittain is looking for a company to take over line and does not answer phone (leave message). There is probably a ruptured diaphragm or some such inside that block. A careful tech or watchmaker, might be able to repair it. I called Brittain today looking for a retractable step boot and got the message that they are in limbo. If anyone has a source for step boot part #1551, please let me know.
  7. Steve65E-NC

    Step Retract Bellows M20C

    I also talked to Brittain about a month ago, same story. They claimed samples on hand from repaired mold but yet to be qualified. My tear is also about an inch down on the pulley end. I had some luck with a small piece of Gorrilla Clear Tape, applied externally. You can not go all the way around as this area appears to roll out on full retraction. The bellows/cylinder assembly is fairly easy to remove at both ends so that you can work on it. A small hand vacuum pump, used to check auto vacuum systems, is handy for checking all PC bellows components. Do not buy Harbor Freight as it poops out after one use.
  8. Steve65E-NC

    Power Settings?

    Do you have a fuel flow indicator? More important, do you have an all cylinder monitor? If you have both, or especially if you have the monitor, suggest you go to GAMI and read about LOP. For your aircraft you do not necessarily need to install GAMI injectors to make their techniques work. Stay out of the RED BOX! If you are always in a hurry, just ignore this suggestion. I only use these techniques below about 70% power.
  9. Steve65E-NC

    flap and elevator indicator trim panel

    Albert, At Sun n Fun yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with Ms April Mills, Customer Service Rep, at the Vantage Plane Plastics booth. I took her to Mooney Space and showed her your photo of the trim/flap indicator mount. She explained the market evaluation process they go through to decide which parts to manufacture. Apparently the STC to manufacture any particular part costs them many thousands of dollars. She suggested that you contact her to see if this part might be a candidate. If they are just making a particular part, as a owner fabricated part, this equation might change. But they would need a verification original part from anyone who wants to participate in this process. Suggest you reach out to her if you are still looking. I am sure she will recall our conversation.
  10. Steve65E-NC

    flap and elevator indicator trim panel

    I have this same part. Mine is in pretty good shape, but I have thought about the problem as this part gets a lot of "wear and tear". If yours is in any kind of shape at all, and Plane Plastics will not respond, then you might want to talk to a local fiber glass shop. They might be able to make a mold from your old one as braced up and reinforced from the back side, and then fab a new one for you with a few layers of glass. Don't know about FAA response to this material substitution, maybe burn tests on the fiberglass?? Molds from existing parts, an even existing boat hulls, are frequently done. Also, I as mentioned before, you might want to look at the one Plane Plastics has from a later model to see if you can upgrade to that. Also, I think Plane Plastics might be willing to tool up and vacumn form one for you, but there may be a tooling cost. I have had good luck with them and their parts.
  11. I wanted a mount and cable organizer for my Sigtronics Transcom II intercom. Photos show tray from single piece of flashing aluminum and it's mounting on wheel well cover. Center photo shows u shaped wire forks used to attach semi-permanently to carpet. Two front Velcro tabs retain intercom in tray for easy removal.
  12. A, for me, back-up to Mooney local grass strip flying club that I belong too is actively looking for a good Cessna 172. Please respond with private message too me .
  13. Steve65E-NC

    where is the PC pilot valve

    Yep, that is exactly where mine (65E) is, just hanging there. A cube of Aluminum about 1.5 inch on a side. Two years ago I suspected mine after checking for Boot Leaks one by one and finding none. I called Brittain Industries and they told me how to bypass and check the pilot valve. Symptoms were of a ruptured diaphragm inside the block. After photographing and marking the tube setup, I sent my pilot valve in for a rebuild (about $60.00 as I recall). The system has worked perfectly since. I think they also have an exchange program.
  14. Steve65E-NC

    Hartford Crash

    The media keeps talking about this as suicide. Hey, the instructor should have died also, so it was at the very least attempted murder. Why give this nut and terrorist any kind of pass. Deport any non-citizen associates or relatives, quickly.
  15. A number of years ago I purchased front and rear seats with good upholstery from a later J at a salvage yard. The front seats went right into my 65E with a log entry. I retrieved every bracket and bit of the fold down rear seats from the J and have its serial number and a parts blow up. Has anyone else done this? If so I would like to see a copy of the associated 337, if that was needed. Also, a report on any problems. I have made a trial fit and see no obvious problems. I am starting to weigh stuff to determine effect on weight and balance. These are the rear seats where the back upholstery assembly slips right off a frame and leads to a perfectly flat floor behind the pilot seats. The backs are adjustable in angle and I have all that hardware. Since the base cushions and seat backs can stay home, I am thinking that I need two weight and balance sheets. The upholstery on my old seats is worn out and this seems like a good and useful way to refresh the rear upholstery to match the front.