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  1. I took a look at a couple of these airports and the LPV and ILS minimums appear to be identical. LNAV minimums are higher, but LNAVs are different than LPVs.
  2. Thanks, Bluehighwayflyer. I found a copy of the type certificate online and it states: NOTE 24: Aircraft models that originally were certified with vacuum powered attitude systems that have those systems replaced with a non-vacuum powered attitude system: If the Primary Attitude system has been replaced with an FAA Approved STC’d installation that meets the requirements of 14 CFR 23.1303(f)(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi), 23.1311(a)(1)(2)(5)(6)(b)(c), 23.1321(a)((c)(d)(1), 23.1331(a)(b)(1)(2)(c), thereby leaving no operational systems dependent on a Primary or Standby (if equipped) Vacuum system, then the Primary and Standby (if equipped) Vacuum pumps and associated lines, manifolds, etc may be removed from the aircraft. Refer to engine manufacturer’s instructions of removal and capping off of engine driven vacuum pumps. I have the original AI and DG but nothing else connected to the vacuum pump so it indeed looks like it would be fine to remove the vacuum pump and associated lines after replacing my AI and DG with dual G5s.
  3. I am looking at doing the same thing and I'd be interested in knowing the final install cost and whether you will be allowed to remove the vacuum system. Also, will there be any issues regarding the limited number of 429 ports on the 430? I understand that the GAD29B needs both ports and Garmin is looking into a software workaround for this.
  4. I'd like to be able to fly internationally (e.g., Canada) and my understanding is that this would not be possible without an FAA medical.
  5. I recently moved to NYC and need to have my medical done this month. Any recommendations for local AMEs? Thanks!
  6. Recognizing people have strong views about whether this is actually necessary, does anyone know who might have the SB kit in stock? Mooney apparently does not have any currently in stock.
  7. Same with my J. My best landings are always with full up trim. Never had issues with go arounds.
  8. I generally try to anticipate the route I will be given when I fly up to Boston, based to some degree on prior experience (the few times I have filed IFR) or previously approved routings on fltplan or Foreflight. My goal is to try to minimize the amount of knob-twisting I need to do while flying single-pilot IFR in IMC. The chances of ATC approving W00 direct KOWD in my experience is non-existent. I have to receive the clearance before departing W00 because it is in the SFRA, though often the very next controller (after departing) tells me he or she has a new (complex) route for me and to advise when ready to copy (it is never direct KOWD), and so begins the numerous routes changes from ATC. I forget if flightaware reflects what I file or if it is the amended route I receive from ATC before departing in the SFRA. I agree that not filing direct for other routes might not be necessary, but on my recent KSAV - KFMY flight, I had read about which routes to expect for the flight (it was my first trip to FL) and decided to file something that had been approved recently. My only point is that adding a Flightstream 210 is a decent improvement over just the 430W because for my flights that often take me over or around busy NYC airspace I can enter changes in my iPad and then press a button to transfer to the 430W instead of having to enter the route into both the 430W and iPad every time I receive a new route from ATC.
  9. When I fly IFR from DC to Boston, I often will receive 10 fixes I need to enter into my 430W, and then will receive at least 3-5 lengthy new routings from ATC as I head north. That's why I always fly VFR for this route, weather permitting. The Flightstream 210 will save me a considerable amount of knob-twisting on my 430W -- both for my originally filed route and the enroute changes I inevitably receive from ATC. For less than one AMU, in my opinion, a Flightstream 210 is not a bad upgrade for those for whom a 430W or 530W is good enough, particularly when using Foreflight on the iPad for traffic and weather (in conjunction with a Stratus 2s and a 330ES).
  10. Mike -- Thanks for the PIREP on the 900. Your panel looks great. I am getting a 900 installed in a couple weeks and like where you had yours installed. I was checking my panel and (at least on my '78 J) it looks like the 900 would be fairly close to the gear switch. Was this an issue for you when you had yours installed, or is it far enough away so it is not an issue? Thanks much. Hiram
  11. I've flown to KOWD a number of times and can recommend it. I usually rent a car from Avis, which is located right by the FBO.
  12. Unless you have bladders. Sorry to hear, Seth. Hope you are able to find a quick fix.
  13. +1 on Russell Aircraft Refinishing. He did a great job on my J a couple years ago.
  14. I am sure others can explain this better than me, but weight does not affect glide distance, assuming you adjust your best glide speed appropriately. At gross weight, you will land sooner than if you were lighter, but the glide distance should be the same.