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  1. Thanks for setting it up Mike. Was good to see you and some of the group today as well as meet some new folks. Thanks to all for letting a Beech guy attend and feel welcome.:-) Was a beautiful day to get out and fly a bit. Chris and Anthony sorry you guys couldn't make it, I was looking forward to seeing you. Next time! Blue skies to all
  2. Well, no I'm not FIKI but have boots on all surfaces, alky props and windshield, heated fuel vent, heated stall vane and pitot heat of course. Also, have onboard radar for #4 scenario which was a go for me. Not sure it would be without the radar, but I'm used to having radar so not having it would really dampen my go no/go on that scenario.
  3. Im onboard with you Chris except for #3 which i think you may have got backwards. #3 would be a go for me so long as i had a good departure alternate . Mike the two engines dont really play into these scenarios for me. The two engines for me is really more of an enroute relaxer flying over unfriendly terrairn during night or low imc.
  4. It depends is a good answer for just about every trip. #5 however is a definite no go for me. http://www.flyingmag.com/technique/accidents/aftermath-failure-land
  5. Congratulations Mike!! Wishing you both the best!
  6. I think it would look great too. I wonder though if it wasn't hangared what kind of havoc the 150 degree skin temp would play on the sealant in the tanks not to mention the expansion?
  7. Hey Matt, West Star in Alton, IL did it. And they were fanatical about it. They did an outstanding job and pictures don't do it justice. There is no orange peel, dull area's, etc.
  8. Mike, the first one we looked at was $4,300. They were extremely proud of their unit. LOL The CR Spotless was a bargain compared to that one.
  9. Hi all, I'm not one to do many reviews but when I come across a service or product that is above and beyond, well, I feel the need to let others know of my experience. We had our corporate jet painted early this year and it is ALL black. It came out beautifully and it draws a lot of attention wherever we go. There are two comments that everybody makes when they see it for the first time. "Wow, that looks incredible".............and right after that comment comes "I'm sure glad I don't have to try and keep it clean". Washing and drying a plane of this size (Dassault Falcon) generally takes
  10. I don't have to. Odds are you already know. [emoji12]
  11. Wow......I was just alerting Foreflight users that the new update was here and ready for download. Not trying to sway people from brand X to switch over or start a debate about which is better.
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