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  1. sleepingsquirrel

    Amelia Earhart Luncheon ; Birmingham ,Al

    I've been busy retiring. Closing and handing off my responsibilities to my new manager. The Southern Flight Museum is right at the B'ham airport entrance. I am retiring after 35 years in Medical Equipment Management. I worked for 5 years in upstate New York and have been employed with my current hospital for 30 years. It has been my pleasure to train many of our younger technicians to fill the space I will leave. I am confident that these young men will find their passion in the business of healthcare technology management just as I have. I will be spending a great deal of time with my three wonderful grandchildren as well as attending to my hobbies, flying ,sailing and sleeping. . . . In the words of Douglas Adams, "So long and thanks for all the fish", So the time has finally arrived and I have two days this week for a retirement reception and farewells. My wife wasted no time ,since my calendar is open, as we are leaving New Orleans on a cruise for 9 days. I have over 11,000 nautical miles under my keel but never as a passenger. She says I will enjoy it. I did sign us up for sailing on Stars and Stripes in Cozumel. She has also reminded me of all the projects I've neglected for the last 30 years because I was WORKING. Never having done this before it feels like my first parachute jump, you know you have prepared well,others have done it and survived, just step off, arch and let gravity do its thing! __________________ Pretty sure I have nothing of value to contribute that is aviation related. Found this out at the AOPA forum Last edited by sleepingsquirrel; 11-18-2017 at 07:36 AM. sleepingsquirrel View Public Profile Send a private message to sleepingsquirrel Send email to sleepingsquirrel Find More Posts by sleepingsquirrel Add sleepingsquirrel to Your Contacts
  2. I thought this might be of interest to the Mooney community, This would be Birmingham ,Alabama. Would any of you, please forward this to the Mooney Owners Association as well. "The Amelia Earhart Luncheon > is an annual event that helps educate the public about > aviation and aerospace hosted by the Alabama 99 and the > Zonta Club of Birmingham. The 2018 speaker is CarolAnn > Garratt. Ms. Garratt has a world record for circumnavigating > the earth in 8 and half days in her J-Model Mooney, all for > ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). To date, she has > circumnavigated the globe three times and taken ALS > awareness to new heights with her aerial accomplishments. > Tickets are $30. All proceeds from the lunch to the Amelia > Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchinson, > Kansas." If anyone is interested > contact Nancy Swanner at > or 256-656-2656. Around_the_World_For_ALS.pdf
  3. Just how many engines did this Mooney have?
  4. sleepingsquirrel

    Gear Tool Requirements
  5. sleepingsquirrel

    Anyone wish to defend bernoulli?

    Cows do not fly because of the low pressure underneath and higher pressure on their head and rump. I offer this cow in a wind tunnel pressure distribution as proof.
  6. sleepingsquirrel

    Anyone wish to defend bernoulli?

    We fly airPLANES not airHAMMERS. Bernoulli and Coanda win in cruise Newton works at high AOA. The wing planes the air and the curl (circulation) of air provides the lift.
  7. sleepingsquirrel

    McCauley Propeller Bulkhead Crack

    check this one out.
  8. sleepingsquirrel

    How to fix this?

    Suction cup on glass and a little superglue for a temporary fix. disclaimer: I disavow any suggestion that may be inferred from this post
  9. sleepingsquirrel

    Surprise during Annual this week

    Could work if valve and seat isn't already damaged beyond repair! 14FN0000-ASI-Valve-Safey-Poster_Final.pdf
  10. sleepingsquirrel

    Scrap Value A 200 Horsepower engine drives a 6.5 ft diameter propeller. What would be an estimate of the thrust in the static condition? 200 hp x 550 ft lbs/sec hp = 110,000 ft lbs/sec The area of the propeller disc is A = D2 /4= 6.52 / 4 = 33.18 ft2 The estimated maximum static thrust is: We can estimate the actual static thrust is 90% of that or 1116 lbs. I doubt any human can exert a force anywhere near 1116 lbs on the propeller hub by pulling on the prop. Cessna 170, 172 &175MT Propeller Performance Test ResultsFlight Resource, LLC for STC # SA02245CHEngine: Lycoming 0-360-A1A, 180HP @ 2700 rpmAmbient conditions: 1000 MSL and 75F aircraft at #2550 lbsPropellers Tested:MT MTV-15-B/210-58. 83” 2-blade composite prop. (Constant speed)MT MTV-15-B/205-58. 80” 2-blade composite prop. (Constant speed)McCauley 1A200DFA 82/42. 82” 2-blade aluminum prop. (Fixed pitch)Hartzell HC-C2YK-1A 74” 2-blade aluminum prop. (Constant Speed)Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF 80” 2-blade aluminum prop. (Constant Speed)Static Thrust (2700 rpm):MT 2-blade 210 cm 806 poundsMT 2-blade 205 cm 790 poundsMcCauley 2-blade (2450 RPM) 750 poundsHartzell 2 blade 74” long 625 poundsHartzell 2 blade 80” long 737 pounds
  11. sleepingsquirrel

    My Thumb Hurts

    It doesn't take much to make life easier, I choose easier! Makes a real difference on starting .
  12. sleepingsquirrel

    My Thumb Hurts

    I've had the same problem turn push , so I built a small roundel with a split to fit over the key . I looked up key aids for arthritic fingers and thought this was easy to do.
  13. sleepingsquirrel

    Yet another Mooney meets its end

    True! I could not find the Weapon Hunter episode on you tube so I picked one to demonstrate the Oerlikon gun. Really it doesn't matter what is on the other end of the 20mm cannon they all end up the same.
  14. sleepingsquirrel

    Yet another Mooney meets its end

    This Mooney N5913Q was put to rest by a WWII antiaircraft cannon a 20mm Oerlikon on Weapon Hunter recently anyone see this? The old Mooney took many hits before an explosive target split her apart set her on fire. R.I.P.
  15. sleepingsquirrel

    johnson bar handle came loose

    I also know why Squirrels swim on their backs!