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  1. Hi L. Trotter, I complied with the following SB on my TN and was very happy with the results. The reduction in oil consumption was dramatic. I flew a three leg trip KFYE-KWWD-KCWA-KFYE all above FL180 - FL240 and started out with 7.5 qts. and at the end of the trip I had 6 qts. I was very happy after I installed the SB.... I was consuming at about 1qt. per 2 hours of operation. My compression's were all in the high 60 to mid 70's. I hope this info helps you. Also recommendations on Shops. Premier Aircraft, Ft. Lauderdale. KFXE. Ray Bysiewicz. First Class Shop. M20-319.pdf
  2. You were asking about STAR's. I was looking at the STAR's (Arrival) and noticed a lot of them are for turbojet & turboprop. If you file for one of them and are at higher altitudes I'm sure they will assign you one them even though your are not a turboprop. If you don't want to fly an Arrival then request radar vector's instead. Hope this helps, Nate
  3. Is the alert you're talking about being generated from an IPad with say Foreflight "on"? .. and being picked up on the mic while videoing. Nate
  4. As you approach your missed approach point and you push the G/A button the autopilot should disconnect and give you wings level and a 15 degree (not positive on the degree's) nose up. At that point you are flying away from the ground and under control you put the autopilot back "on" and press the soft key on your PFD "SUSP". this will allow the proper sequencing of the flight plan to the Missed approach point and enter the hold as published. Nate
  5. Tom, Did you take some pic's while you were working? Thank you. Nate
  6. Like the Mooney on the outer gear door.
  7. Thanks Larry for sharing.... That hurts! Nate
  8. Amelia, That is incorrect. Part of the sign off in the logbook should reference the hot prop as inoperative and flight into known icing is prohibitive. Nate