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  1. Igor_U

    Window replacement

    I've done FWD side windows myself and have spend 7-8h per window (one weekend) working on the ramp and out of trunk of my car. My shop, after that installed 201 aft windows in lieu of two small windows "F" has and it took them around 20h with 337 filed etc.. This was 11-12 years ago so not sure about details but it took a lot of labor. Good luck.
  2. What bulb are you using? Few years ago I tried couple of replacements but didn't fit the "torpedo" or there was just not enough light....
  3. Igor_U

    Need Cabin Vent

    Two words: Speed Tape!
  4. True but fuel gages are among FAA required instruments for VFR flights, right?
  5. Gary, To my understanding and my IA seems to agree, only instruments with limitations in our POH are primary... so that is RPM, MP, FP and so on but EGT or Amp meter are not. EGT was listed as optional equipment for our planes. As for lightshow carusoam mentioned: when my engine monitor was installed, max RPM achieved was 2660. After adjustments were made to 2700, every now and then I get 2710 on takeoff and warning light flashes... It definitely gets my attention.
  6. Igor_U

    How to Handle/Fix Surface Corrosion

    I am not sure why would you use either of those. All serious aircraft OEMs (and their vendors) use epoxy primer for decades.
  7. I had a same problem years ago. IIRC, when I replaced the seal, I needed to trim it somewhat in the area where door latches to the frame in order avoid the interference. This was 11-12 years ago so my memory is fuzzy however, my door closes with ease and latching the handle provides satisfying "clunk" and positive locking feature. It's 67F and YMMV.
  8. Klixon is the way to go as it's OEM. You can try these Toggle switch covers: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/toggleswitchcvr.php
  9. Igor_U

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Personally, I think new Al panel(s) is a way to go with changes you want to do. You could install JPI through that instrument hole but you would then remove the old instrument and have blanked space where the old gages are, etc. It goes same for the RHS. Cost can be substantial if you leave this to the shop but if you could do it yourself with IA’s supervision and keep panel shape (contour) the same as now. That would eliminate any trimming of the backup structure needed for LASAR panel upgrade (and similar) and simplify the installation. Panels itself would not be expensive to make. I’ve ordered LHS and RHS panels from www.bigbluesaw.com for around $220 (both) and they have their own design tool but I didn’t use (I’m design engineer and have access to better). Price for powder coating turned out to be $100… The rest is your labor. Good luck.
  10. Hay Dave, I see you are the C owner now. Did you sell your sweet A model? Why? I remember that as a really nice Mooney. Good luck.
  11. Igor_U

    Insight G1 on M20j Help

    As GSXRPILOT said, with no FF you wouldn't know your GAMI spread (read about it) however I run successfully LOP for years with 4 channel CHT/EGT my plane originally came with. our Lycoming IO360 run very well LOP with stock injectors and as long as I was high enough (or less then 70-70% power) to be out of GAMI's "red box" I had no issues. Of course, FF gives you more info and makes it easy as I just set the FF without really worrying how far LOP I am while in the past I had to find richest running cylinder and get it on the lean side for cruse flight... You might want to research if Insight has a trade in program and upgrade your G1. Regards,
  12. Igor_U

    How Mooney marries metal to composite

    I bet that was purchased for canceled M10. I would like to hear Mooney is working on something new but I don't see that coming soon (if ever). Oh, I almost forgot: I would really like to see how they install that shell over the tubular space frame. It must be neat: wiring and avionics boxes are all in and you put the composite shell over the fuselage structure.
  13. Igor_U

    Fuel injection problem

    IO360-a1A in my '67 F. FF is 16.X gph at my home field 570' (it gets in high 15.X after few minutes of climb) and I remember being somewhat higher... From what I see here, that's on lower end for our engines.
  14. Igor_U

    Fuel injection problem

    How long would you say for removal and replacement? Mu fuel flow on takeoff is around 16gph (seems to be somewhat higher before) and might need bench adjustment or OH...
  15. Igor_U

    G5’s and STEC 3100

    not good news. It must be us, Brittain A/P owners and CB with all the testimonials how great and cheap to maintain are that made big G rethink their priorities...
  16. Igor_U

    G5 not coming on

    Interesting... And makes sense as my IA and DG don't need Avionics master either...
  17. I agree 20-25h estimate EU quotes for CGR30P is too optimistic. I did the install myself on 67M20F and would estimate close to 40h with few extra hours by my IA for inspection and fuel hose fabrication. Install is not difficult but it takes time to run and connect all the wires and sensors and you have 6 cylinders. I don't see why would JPI be easier, though. By far most time was spent removing existing instrument and cleaning up wires and hoses going through firewall. I see you're in SEA area and I'm curious who's the shop AFIK there's no MSC in the town any more...
  18. Igor_U

    G5 not coming on

    Just curious... Do you guys have your G5s wired to come on with Master switch or Avionics switch?
  19. Igor_U

    Transition Training N59FM

    Ken, Any reasons for flying 20h for transition? Insurance requirement, pilot's request, your estimate? I've got my complex endorsement and checkout on M20J and it took less then 5 hours.
  20. Igor_U

    Landing Gear Disc Compression Tool

    Have a look on Ebay, seems there's a set for sale. I'm not sure how easy are to use those. few years ago I've rented a hydraulic tool from business now closed (Hangar tool place or such) and were very good. Extremely easy to replace that even my IA was impressed. Good luck
  21. Igor_U

    GDL-82 Install Time

    Just an additional date for OP: A well know avionics shop in Seattle area just quoted my friend 17h of install time on his Decathlon. Not a Mooney but then can't be much different... It might seem a lot but every single task adds up. Good luck.
  22. Actually, Garmin sells (only) their certified transponders to certified airplane owners for A/P install. I just bought GTX335 kit (all including GPS antenna, tray, new encoder and harness) from aircraft Spruce and will do install shortly.
  23. So, There are lineups at Home depot for plywood you need to board up your house, you back yard needs prepping for incoming Michael, 2 million Floridians are driving north so you need to top off gas tank on all your cars and generator tanks, your newly born need baby formula for extra week or two, wife is scared, your dog want your attention and favorite kitten of your 3y daughter got lost… And you’ll drop all that and leave your family for two weeks just to move your 50 year old plane to Pennsylvania, away from storm and wait it out in motel room, on your own? I see you have your priorities straight! I guess it’s hard to imagine what is happening at such time if you didn’t experience it. Cheers,
  24. Igor_U

    WTB: Garmin GTX 335

    While I'm all for saving few bucks, have a look at Aircraft Spruce bundle deal (if it's still on). I recently bought one and it came with Transponder, GPS antenna, Garmin attitude encoder (goes at the back of the transponder tray) and AS pre-made harness that makes installation a simple(r) affair. This, IMHO makes it worthwhile going with new...
  25. Igor_U

    Panel/aircraft pics requested

    This is my CGR30 Premium installed couple of years ago that replaced all engine instruments except 2 fuel level gages. I'll update with new Al panel in a month with ADS-B transponder and FL gage with ADF and engine 6 pack removal. Not sure why, but EI does not have a certified Fuel gage instrument.