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  1. Gaskets (for fuel sender) were cheap when I replaced them. I believe I still have a spare one and are common to Piper aircraft... I would have to look for it in my hangar and get p/n.
  2. You really need to cut yourself one of these: You are looking at the back of it (it is LHS) and not that expensive - $100 or so form BigBlueSaw or your favorite local water jet place.
  3. I am sure you'll get more detail responses but yes, those CHTs look very high to me. I would look at the baffling firs and maybe Fuel flow at 100% power. What is it? EGT value doesn't matter that much as temps would change if your probes are not installed at the same distance from the flange. By a box around cylinders, I suspect you thing about "doghouse".... I am more familiar with regular baffling I have on M20F but there's a lost of discussion on MS regarding it and how to improve it. good luck.
  4. Yes! Tell me about that… This was taken yesterday morning at undisclosed location east of Cascades. 10 deg, with open hangar doors… Brrrr.
  5. I use WingX Pro for 8 years now and very happy. At the time, it was only one running with Sky Radar ADSB receiver and IMHO superior to FF (I tried both). I think over time WingX didn't get developed and upgraded as FF did and lost a market share to them and newcomers (Garmin, FlyQ etc...) and FF became major player partnering with Sporty's and running on dedicated receiver (which I tried to avoid). Now, I do have FlyQ as well and like some of it's features but just can't warm up to it's fly planning and few other details... so, I still use WingX Pro. I do have FltPlan.com as well on my iPad but I don't find it infinitive and don't enjoy using it while flying. you can't beat the price, though since it's free. Regards,
  6. Is this taken over Cannon beach? Sure looks like it to me. My wife and I love fly to Seaside for a lunch and walk on the beach. Great scenery on a nice day!
  7. I had a similar issue couple of years ago. It turned out to be intermittent on-off switch that I never used... Issue was diagnosed by a shop on a field when I took it to them and repaired in a day for nominal fee. I've considered to mail it ot Glass (link above) as he repaired and indicator years ago but according to his website, he works only couple of months a year. Good luck.
  8. I am sure this will not help you much as it's not close to your location but East hill Flying club in Ithaca, NY still has a 1977 M20J that I got complex endorsement some 20 years ago: https://flyeasthill.org/planes Same paint job as back then but avionics is much better...
  9. That's my thinking, exactly. However, if everyone would do the same, we wouldn't have any used plane to choose from! I guess, we are our worst enemy.
  10. Actually, what I was point out is that (relative) high volume production Boeing (and Airbus) have allows them investing into modern manufacturing methods which allows them cost reduction and record high profits. It is really remarkable as in 20 years they reduced their workforce but 737 production almost tripled. Having said that, a lot of production is still manual labor, and yes, if you go to their subcontractor facilities, you'll see it even more. Not to mention for a programs that have lower production levels. You will not see milling parts by hand, it's all CNC for sure, but assembly process is a lot of drilling, reaming, riveting etc with highly skilled and paid workforce on OEM level. I suggest, if you are ever in Seattle area to take a tour of Everett plant. I make my living by working in industry for 30y now, manly big OEMs and I've seen it at lower level as well. There has been a lot of changes over the years (for better AND worse) but I just can't see most of piston GA manufactures make money and survive. I agree about Ferrari and their profits, but their 8000 cars a year is still much more then Mooney's 14 or even Cirrus 400. Regards,
  11. That is all true but if you think B737Max hasn't been upgraded for manufacturing and assembly from the old 1960's 37, you are mistaken. They brought that production to perfection and building 52 (going to 57) a month, more then Mooney in last 10 years! And they make profit on each of them even with more then 50% discounted price you see on their website. And FAUB is just a small process in 777 assembly that saves Boeing labor but doesn't affect a full cost of a plane by any large percentage. not to mention problems they have incorporating it. Having said that, a lot of components are manufactured with manual labor, just done at Tier 2 suppliers like you never see them... Renton plant is one very efficient final assy with no manufacturing and they pushed them out like Toyota Corollas... Mooney, and all other piston GA manufactures together have no capacity to sink money into automation and can't except any benefits due to volumes. Not to mention you can't do much Value engineering with existing design and new certified plane development would cost too much. Even, noncertified... where are all those "under $100k" LSAs promised years ago?? Does anyone really believes Icon will be profitable after a decade of developing I5? You are all for rude awakening then. Sad part is that Cirrus, as bestselling company, never really made money on a long run, hence a sale to Chinese investors, so what are the chances of others? I'm sorry to break this to you but (piston) GA is just slowly dying and Mooney (and others) is heading through another (is it 8th or more?) bankruptcy. So, in the mean time we can maintain and upgrade our airframes and hope part would be available for a while... Good luck
  12. if you go to Lafayette avionics website, they still advertise IFD540 with remote transponder: https://avionics-laf.com/collections/avidyne/products/avidyne-ifd540-sbas-com-svt I also find they have the best prices for Garmin G5s...
  13. Yes, you do, ID is not that far from SEA in a Mooney. They had some renovations done and completed the large building to cover outside exhibits on the other side of the road (AF1, B787, Concorde, B727 etc...). While you are in the area, you fly north to KPAE and visit Museum of Flight Restoration Center where they restore aircraft for their museum. I haven't been there for years and my hangar is just across the fence. And then there are three other museums at Paine: Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, Historic Flight Foundation and Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour. all worth visiting.
  14. I suspect you are referring to Museum of flight at Boeing Field. Not owned by Boeing; it is the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world or so they say.
  15. Oh, maybe someone in search of project plane should talk to the owner. Or, even better, with owner's wife!
  16. FYI, aircraft spruce is making harnesses now. As a matter of fact my GTX335 came with one built by AC (no charge at the time) and all I did was to modify and add additional wires for my particular install.
  17. Greg, It is very interesting offer. I would be interested but already have a relationship with my IA and about to start GTX335 install and new RHS panel with some other goodies, hopefully in a week. I see you are in South OR (I’m at KPAE) and moving my plane down there would require days off work, logging etc. so I’m not sure that would be cost beneficial as is working in my hangar at my schedule. I think I’d rather just pay a pro and make money at work for that… But, perhaps someone else would still be interested. Nevertheless, I applaud your idea as allows owners to understand their airplanes better and also make a decision about work needed to be done, spend time removing old wiring shop might not be inclined to do (saw it on my plane) or just make layout more to their needs. Regards,
  18. With this deal, I would not even think about 440...
  19. I've noticed that Lafayette Avionics has really good prices on their avionics and buying direct on their website saves even more then on eBay. It might save someone else few $$. I'm looking to buy the G5 from them.
  20. '67 F here... I think panels on our airplanes are similar if not the same. I don't think you'll have any issues mounting 2 CGR30 in those two holes as in my top location I have old ADF indicator that is much longer then CGR30 that is at the present located below. I am just about to start Garmin GTX335 install and will remove ADF at this time. Also, I will completely remove 6 pack engine instruments that, at the moment, I use only Fuel level gages and install Aerospace Logic 202 fuel gage. I plan to move CGR30 on top location and I'm certain there's more then enough room for that. So, that is one of the options you have as well considering you want round gages, the other one is CGR30 combo of two instruments which his more money. One or the other, would remove all the old engine instruments you have on RHS panel
  21. Bryan, Cost of the spark plug (or full set) would not be my concern in this case but where did that center electrode ended up! Do you know, by any chance? Did you, or A&P borescope cylinder or such? I'd be really curious how often this happens and what others would do. BTW, I run massive Tempests for few years now, after 7 out of 8 Champions showed very high resistance at the annual (day after one missed on a takeoff and got my attention).
  22. You are making this more complicated than it is. I don't think you can order the part and the cutout is a standard cutout for altimeter instrument that, for some reason is done on other location (VSI). If I were you, I'd take a piece of paper and trace the contour of the cutout, then transfer that to Al sheet of a same thickness as you panel. Cut it, trim or file to that size, drill an appropriate hole for the screw and paint it black to match you panel. Good luck.
  23. Years ago, I needed one and bought it from LASAR. It was fabric and one of (very) few things I did not like from them. I ended up returning it and had my wife saw one using soft leather from old jacket. I still have it in my plane and it is looking great. YMMV.
  24. Aeromotors OH'd my pump 2.5 years ago. It is still running strong, same speed and fuel pressure.
  25. Phil, You kept you plane all these years? Congrats! I remember your turbo E was quite a good performer up high. Didn't you buy a Twin Bo or something? It was few years ago so it might be someone else. Regards,