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  1. Recognize 5papasierra from the lake bed at deadcow
  2.’s just a gear door...look up your paint code (black)maybe faster to do it your self
  3. I wonder if by venting theses relays you introduce a pathway for contamination...tks fluid,oils exaust by products that are corrosive to the contacts.TE also mentions that contact life expectancy is a product of current running thru those contacts.TE indicates venting helps remove ionized byproducts caused by contact arcing...I wonder if these relays held a vacumn what would be their life expectancies
  4. Its also were I’m doing hot air balloon training ....winds in the valley at early morning hours are quite predictable
  5. My money is on a faulty or poorly designed switching power supply somewhere on the D3 s board.
  6. I agree the 115 composite bottle is probably over will last about 40 hrs of use...we don’t need that much probably...
  7. Correct...mast bumping caused by pushing cyclic to negative G has taken out Robison r22 as well as Bells.I took a friend up in my Bell 47 and he wanted to try flying it.We are in cruise flight and I hand over to him saying your aircraft.He takes the stick flys for a while Than Releases the stick to test stability!Upon doing this the bell immediately pitches over (leaving slight witness marks from mast bumping)I grab the stick back and tell him never take your hand off the cyclic of a Helicopter.
  8. Two comments...Hangar friends decided to restore a Great Lakes Biplane.Took them two or three years with them and their friends doing all the fabric work and paint ,panel etc.Than they sold it and new buyer later found paint peeling requiring a recover...result nasty lawsuit that went nowhere.Second involved a high asset individual who donated a experimental GeeBee racer to Museum to avoid liability cause owner had already crashed it once.He realized more from the charitable deduction at his tax bracket than if he had gotten cash buyer
  9. Ha Ha..I landed low on fuel at Loreto Mex and while taxing unported left engine during a turn and couldn’t restart with same results as you including all The laughter
  10. Using special Vfr in a Heli has different rules than fixed wing...basically flight at a speed to see and avoid instead of 1 mile and clear of clouds.Obviously the S76 was traveling at near cruise speed and not at a speed to see and avoid.Too bad this flight didn’t take advantage of the Anaheim departure ,Ventura transition which than puts you over lower terrain to Camarillo right next door.I suppose Heli drivers hate all the departure delays.Also why the flight didn’t go direct over water under LAX TCA?
  11. I wonder if one of these displaying attitude,alitude and airspeed could backup my existing G500 primary display?