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  1. Bird strike last night

    All I could see is a few pin feathers in the photo....snarge huh...what's it called with a car/bird collision..snarc?boat/bird...snoat?person/bird..snope..oh nevermind
  2. I was going ask if inspection is accessible but you answered my question with that 140 photo...I would expect an AD over this
  3. Flown with heavy retardant loads,turbulent low level conditions,aging airframes,sudden load shedding induces torsional cyclic loads...
  4. New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    I think after years of owner ship of not only Mooneys ,but c,b,a,p mfd products,my advice is if50k is the budget and you need a reliable ,weekly 300 nm range bird ,his (gasp) CFI s advice was probably correct.At 130 kts vs maybe 145 for the c model with no gear linkages to maintain,55 more horsepower,better useful load ,better ground handling ,rough strip capability...blasphemy I know!!
  5. Starting annual may 4...will take pics than
  6. Hangar Space in San Diego

    I learned to fly at El Cajon flying service 1980
  7. Hangar Space in San Diego

    How about Brown field?
  8. ADS-B Altitude on FlightAware

    That is probably from my feeder is antenna has an issue with poor reception to the NE caused by my larger 20m beam .The receiver is simply a USB dongle plugged into a raspberry pi located in the attic.
  9. Next Weekend!..Linda gonna clobber you
  10. Hey I only got one!
  11. norseman info.

    Go thunderchiken!
  12. Big file.. IMG_4475.MP4