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  1. My old AI taught using a small sharp chisel and hammer with light tapping
  2. thinwing

    New ride

    Not me..the fact that I was actually flying made that old 150 magic
  3. thinwing

    Be careful parking your Mooney at KIMT

    Nah that's not it...this particular incident was a guy flying a tripacer ( let's face it folks a butt ugly flying milk stool making even a Funk look beautiful)he is politely asked by a guy flying the sexiest experimental turboprop on the planet if he has room and he is pissed off cause his female passengers want to know why he can't afford something like that guys "real"'s simple envy
  4. Answer:a milleion dollars!!!..snort snort
  5. thinwing

    Instrument Rating during the Summer

    All the way to Washington state...
  6. thinwing

    King KT74

    No thanks
  7. thinwing

    King KT74

    You want my head in my copilot s (wife's)lap?
  8. No seals at all in ft two ,rears had seals that leaked badly
  9. thinwing

    King KT74

    Here is a screen shot taken from a video of my Kt-74 in direct sunlight ..even with all the glare it is quite readable
  10. The bearings on the Cleveland wheels ( installed on Wipline Amphibious floats)were standard p/no and not of any special design.Typically we would extend the gear while approaching a beach we weren't familiar with to protect the float bottoms from hidden stumps.We operated a lot off of muddy rivers but never salt.We were surprised how much water intrusion they tolerated with the right grease.
  11. thinwing

    Vacuum Pump replacement

    The problem is the stc for your G500...It specifys what is an aceptible backup.I pulled my entire vac system and installed a mid continent life saver.If you end up replacing pump ,I have one or two low time pumps available
  12. When I had the Husky on Amphibs ,the wheels and bearing were constantly being submerged...we packed bearings using Boat trailer Marine grease...didn't really have to repack bearings more than once a year ,but they generally began to show water damage after 3 or 4 years and were replaced
  13. thinwing

    Swap GNS430W for IFD440, or ...?

    I've had better luck using Avidyne IFD100 app for updating flight plans,than there is never a question
  14. thinwing

    Uh oh

    Looks like he landed in the grass infield far away from the runway to minimize Damage.Ifso,he did a great job
  15. Thanks so far no issues