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  1. Tinfoil,vaccination conspiracy,secret mason controlled society,lost Tesla infinity perpetual motion moter,lost civilization of Mu,Atlantis,Nazi deniers,etc...
  2. Ok..I have had 2 engine flame outs in 40 years...both in a Kawasaki powered and Rotax powered ultra light.They decelerate instantly and glide like brick...last one cost me 12=stiches and the wife made me walk away from my ultralight partnership.
  3. I met the owner of that Beaver at dead cow lake flyin ...he and his wife run bent prop lodge and is a very safe pilot.Speaking of which at the same flyin ,I met a red Wilga ,heavily modified we all know as Draco,also recently totaled in a takeoff accident at Reno stead yesterday...
  4. Sorry to see this happen...earlier comment was that this was for a flight review thought was that I once took a flight review with a young CFI that I believe had very little or none high performance experience.He was pushing for short field takeoffs aka Cessna 172 speeds of which he typically flown.I finally had to take him in hand ( I refused to attempt rotation at his suggested 50 kt airspeed)and taxied back while I could go over the pilots manual,balanced field requirements similar to turbine and how a laminar flow Mooney wing reacts to high Aoa low speed flight.I basically told him the Bravo could not duplicate the short and soft field performance of a 172.He was of the opinion that ANY light general aviation aircraft could do so.Something about FAA certification requirements he said.Well we went round and round so I terminated the review and finished up later with the guy I was originally supposed to fly with.He later killed him self on takeoff from Lake Tahoe on a hot summer day.
  5. His Insurence is null because aircraft is out of annual and thus non airworthy.I would tell him to put it back in annual than you take it to whomever for pre buy.
  6. Having flown both types ,I look forward to your comments
  7. Can’t wait to see this compete at dead cow lake in oct...give Draco a run for its money
  8. Nice eulogy for a friend...thanks for posting
  9. Try the second output on the old switch
  10. I think that is a habit you have carried over from NA use.I have found by aggressively leaning on the ground (11/12 twists of the wrist)using whatever cruise setting during descent and pattern at 20 in,while on approach etc...only time I use full rich is takeoff and climb and go arround at full power.I find less fowling of plugs doing this.