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  1. thinwing


    All these fancy words is too brain stretchy,can’t we have a dirty jokes section or maybe a daily Marauder calender girl?
  2. thinwing


    Lodi (Acampo)airport is privately owned and has a very busy skydiving operation.The actual drop zone is on extreme south side and is a well watered foot ball field.The surrounding country side is full of grape arbors (vineyards) and the common use rebar stakes to prop up the vines.Skydivers seem to kill them selves Two ways (and no not the obvious chute malfunction) it’s cranking in a high speed turn low to the ground the infamous “hook” turn and landing out and misjudging vine rows and getting speared with a rebar stake.
  3. thinwing

    IO 550

    Also it appears alt gear mounting bolts and flanges Are completely missing.What Clarence is suggesting is those gear mount threaded holes in the crankshaft are beat up
  4. thinwing

    IO 550

    I think if during overhaul,crank bearings can be ordered undersized..I see aircraft specialties carries 010 undersized bearing kits and it appears that crank gear is replaceable if 4 mounting holes aren’t too screwed up.That would at least save a 10 k crank.
  5. thinwing

    IO 550

    This why when I had an alternator failure on the left engine of my Baron ,I shut the engine down ...this is a typical worst case alternator bearing failure.On Beech products..part of preventive maintance is to pull the alternator (fortunately easy access)about every 500 hrs I recall.As others have suggested ,there will be metal contamination thru our the engine.I don’t recall on the 550 if that gear is replaceable or not but during the tear down ,if the bearing surfaces on the crank and cam are scored enough,than they are toast.Ive seen an continental io520 that by luck survived this same event ...but right know you have to assume every component including prop and governor is Fowled with metal chips.So sorry for the bad news ,but your engine could have failed catastrophically over the alps next.
  6. thinwing

    First post and introduction

    I was 5 sitting on my dads lap “helping “to fly Aeronica 15 AC sedan on straight floats...the rest is just money
  7. thinwing


    Having been on both sides of fence (250 jumps)a new operation will probably start small using Cessna 206 equipment than on to stripped interior kingairs or twin otters.Weekends are busiest or when they are having a jump boogie or contest.Typically jump altitudes are 13 k with twin otter loads arriving and departing opposite directions...landings are very aggressive alitude loss affairs to quickly arrive back up loading’s the actual landing zone off to the side..a football field sized area off to the side with jumpers typically flying a downwind,base,final pattern at 600- 1000 altthat impact the airport the most.Jumpers deploying their chute too low and a jumper is quickly counseled (yelled at)for low openings.Snd time he is kicked off the drop zone for the day.Local pilots can be occasionally asked to fly arround to locate cutaways (expensive main chutes)...for nice reward.
  8. thinwing

    Killed LOP my engine?

    Unfortunately that’s what I’ve gotten out of continental cylinders...
  9. thinwing

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Brad ,thanks for posting imagine that same flight at night
  10. thinwing

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    A nice thought ,but in a training environment student to instructor ,a lot to ask...I tend to agree with gsxr unless he is the last CFI on the planet
  11. thinwing

    Abandoned Mooneys

    You forgot about Alaska
  12. thinwing

    Abandoned Mooneys

    Ok I now know what a contrarian CFI is
  13. thinwing

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    He was too busy congratulating himself...finger waving ,excessive yak for the camera..broke out in xstream attitude...prob with his rear passengers screaming
  14. thinwing

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    Maybe yetti ment his CFI voted for the other guy
  15. thinwing

    Contrarian attitude in your CFI

    What is actually a contrarian attitude?Do you mean he is just a jerk?.