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  1. thinwing

    Out-of-State Purchase Transaction

    Exactly ,or simply drive it home without tags or any license plate.When pulled over ,show the signed and better yet notarized bill of sale to cop.Have Insurence binder showing vin # and address for your state.Most of the time ,the cop will let you slide but a nonregistration ticket is a non moving registration and cheap to correct in all 50 states.25 bucks in Calif big deal
  2. thinwing

    Soft Field Procedure in a Long Body

    You mention Triple Tree ,out west I can think of Grass strips of that quality...Cavanaugh Bay,Priest Lake ID 66s or Seeley Lake's all about how much rain they had recently and if a Caretaker
  3. thinwing

    Corrosion or not ?

    Pics should be of the inner gear well ,aft spar shown are unimportant
  4. thinwing

    Insurance woes

    Is this the accident where partner was attempting to move aircraft out of harms way?..Landed at shorter unfamiliar airstrip (while running from a hurricane)and landed long with wing damage.After listing to all the doesn't take a rocket scientist who I would partner up with ...
  5. thinwing

    Awesome power to weight ratio!!

    And don't get involved with turbine rc jets!
  6. That rack is a pain....I had to make multiple passes with a hydraulic rivet squeezer to get both sides absolutely flush.
  7. Nope ,by 2072 ,small general aviation aircraft will be banned,and we will all be getting arround on non polluting bicycles
  8. thinwing

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    Pilot was based out of placerville and had taken the mission to pickup patient in Redding 150 miles north.Visabilty due to smoke out of Pville and down the valley and especially arround Redding had to be a stressor for a single pilot.Ad the patient loading ,takeoff in low vis plus 250 mile flight North into class B airspace and short GA airports difficult to pick out due to ground clutter.Neither Palo Alto or SAN Carlos exist on a lot of bare land and don't really look like airports till you are right on top of them.locals familiar to them use local landmarks like sloughs or prominent buildings to set up for the landing pattern.Since these flights have to arrive and depart timely to make scheduled appointments there is pressure to complete the landing on time.Add the runway condition to the accident chain and it is remarkable that Angel Flight has not suffered and accident in 75000 mercy flights.RIP to mr Spencer ,he has helped a lot of people .
  9. "We got the bubble headed bleach blond comes on at five,she'll tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye,'s interesting when people die...give us dirty laundry!
  10. thinwing

    Articulating seat

    Excellent advice Piloto!
  11. thinwing

    Tailpipe clamp

    Well he got it half right
  12. So is reading the manual
  13. thinwing

    Looking at a 1988 M20J 201

    True,but in that case why would it matter?
  14. thinwing

    Promotional give away

    Nice all !
  15. thinwing

    Sunriver (S21) Weekend Fly-In

    Hey not only is that Mooneyflyer a mooniac but a maniac airport car driver!