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  1. the above wording is what I expected...not "Ive have found this aircraft to be in an unairworthy condition."
  2. huh!!!...in order for it to be considered an annual inspection....comp tests must be listed and logged.The statement that aircraft is unairworthy at this time is unusual I think...but regardless no compression check logged...its NOT an annual.That is the one thing that must be logged...others with IA may correct me if im mistaken...
  3. a well dressed gentleman taxis up to the FBO and yells I want to see Vicky!!......oh never mind...
  4. i know what you mean about learning a new catagory and class.....prior fixed/roter experience was not helpful adding LTA rating
  5. than he did not complete your annual....what exactly did he log
  6. i know of one being restored in oregon belonging to a friend
  7. i dont remember RatFink being colored green.The Ed Roth models we built with the 39 ford bucket dragsters ,they were colored brown like rat fur
  8. if you are sure of turbo issue...i would fed ex your turbo and controller/wastegate to main turbo,c/o gary main fresno calif
  9. true...ive never seen my g500 show this...you werent by any chance in motion while it was bootin up??Ive seen a ahrs advisory popping up if I got in a hurry and fast taxi with turns whilr g500 was initializing
  10. same here...terrain is 14k immediate east of TEX with lower terrain down the valley toward placerville.Airport elevation is at 9 k so even jet equipment departs to the west.the way to have done this safely was to depart via valley to gunnison than eval ride through monarch pass at 11k.SAD.....
  11. its not a big deal...ive done it and takes about 30 min while parked on the compass rose
  12. ohoh...i heard 201 s parrots just finished law school.Trouble ahead
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