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  1. Looks like grey primer!!!! As in automobile primer...I'm guessing the owner started his own restoration project (maybe using a spray can!!!)and slowly stopped work...the years go by and he wakes up to the fact he's never going to fly again.I think this bird should be donated
  2. thinwing

    RPM creeps up well over 2700 during climb

    Also as I recall,we took advice of IAC ,and halved the TBO....some accelerated wear on rockers but nothing unusual...note we were 500 rpm over stock ,probably developing 235 hp from an engine originally designed for 180
  3. thinwing

    RPM creeps up well over 2700 during climb

    Not recommending anything,but I had a O360 on a an experimental S1S ,fixed pitch solid crank that I routinely operated at 3200 rpm during maneuvers...
  4. thinwing

    Long Body Market?

    Plus there is no replacement for displacement
  5. thinwing

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    That's gonna hurt
  6. thinwing

    Hawaii. Nice.

    Don't forget a glider ride at Dillingham riding the trades
  7. thinwing

    Curious TFR at 0O4

    Found a reference that California Air National guard used Predator drones on the 2013 Rim Fire ordered by gov Jerry Brown due to threats to SAN Francisco power and water supply
  8. thinwing

    Curious TFR at 0O4

    It is weird though...the Corning airport is basically an ultralight strip with an occasional farmer....there is nothing there...and auto takeoff reapers need 3000 ft minimum
  9. thinwing

    Curious TFR at 0O4

    Ang units use MQ-9 drone aircraft (reapers)and their mission policy says domestic use most suitable for incident reconnaissance
  10. thinwing

    Curious TFR at 0O4

    I think they are staging drone aircraft out of Corning for takeoff and climb to 11k or so than using the corridor to get to the fire for IR mapping
  11. Your comment dead foot ,dead engine points to basic multi engine airmanship.The principles of asymmetric thrust don't change regardless of aircraft type.I assume #1 engine would be the most outboard engine numbering from Pilot/aircraft commanders left seat ,left to right.Its loss would have the most effect (moment) vs an inboard engine failure.As I read it the left seat doesn't really fly the plane until airspeed builds past 70 knots,rather he is ground steering with a control wheel so maybe he can't detect the yaw resulting from the engine failure.Than they elected to continue takeoff roll even though #1 engine is not producing normal power.The book calls for cleaning up the drag producers ,gear and flaps to accelerate to 3 engine speed ,wasn't done...finally aircraft commander realizes he's got a problem and tells the tower I gotta return to airport.He makes his final mistake banking into dead engine which is never done because that wing is now retreating due to yaw and developing less lift.So sad...
  12. What impressed me was the report itself,how detailed with all the illustrations and graphics...much more so than ntsb reports....
  13. thinwing

    IO-360-A3B6 Jet-A Contamination 1.86%

    Jerry I think you are correct it was in 1996
  14. thinwing

    Rat socks

    Dust boots,tailwheel boots,Gate control rod boot,shock strut boot,control column boot...steering linkage boot,dust boot for retract rod ..