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  1. Done...2 coming,Kelly and Jana...thanks for putting this on
  2. Actually ,I’ve never seen even one of Chris big xl ladies in a it obviously is not possible to shoehorn one in.
  3. It’s a precursor for magnetic reversal,n to s pole...not good
  4. He ejected when he saw imminent collision with a seagulls butt
  5. That vband clamp looks out of alignment and is leaking exhaust,I think I would pull that clamp and inspect
  6. So true ..I recall being wakened at 3 am by drunken skydivers while camping at an airport during one their boogies.Sigh..I guess my airport camping days are over
  7. I love camping...but when it’s hot and humid out,I simply can’t sleep...20 degrees out in the high Sierra ,no problem ,wife and I are snugly...90 degrees ,90 % humidity and both of us can’t even remember why we came!Charles,text me and I will give you Genes number and you can sleep in his Green Bay packers memorial air conditioned room.Forget camping...
  8. Looking at the way all three cotters have appears that can only happen in cutting sheet metal with metal shears.That can only occur if the castellated nut is rotating around the drilled bolt.Rod end nuts and bolts are typically only torqued once than thrown away...torque amount is critical cause the bolts are being stretched against the rod caps.Rod end failure with catastrophic engine failure can occur at any time now.Im wondering if three Rod end caps are involved.Do not start engine
  9. But the two work together just fine...but unfortunately,not a certified pair because neither manufacturers have added them to their stc
  10. New from womco!!...aircraft cooling vest worn while flying in the flight levels.Includes “easy scoop”velcroed to pilots vent window.Light weight hose attaches to vest for immediate cooling effect.Only 19.95 plus shipping.
  11. I agree...and if there is a legitimate business use...than depreciation rules will take care of the interest on the loan
  12. Resistance check is a quick way to detect dielectric if using a simple continuity checker...continuity center wire to case =bad cap
  13. Really bad soft field technique...elevator is actually pushing down as the nose wheel finally digs in
  14. Oh oh wallet is getting itchy
  15. That’s the happy number 500 plus 400 wind,temp,duuuh factor.900 agl at time of engine failure ,than sure I would not think twice at 180 back