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  1. I wish those guys would ship original col. Skinners chutney to the US....I think F and M are only suppliers now
  2. I wasn’t either,but knew the guy who eventually partnered in the floatplane we had.It turned out well,but the Amphib Husky wasn’t our primary aircraft...we each had other faster traveling machines.Even with such a good experience ,I’m not sure I would partner in the Bravo.I like being the only one flying it.
  3. This one is parked next to me ,I vote it as airport car of the month!
  4. Remember walking home from 2nd grade and getting lost in a blizzard!
  5. Yeah..I notice instead of lounging arround eating ice creme,double bacon burgers,fries with mayonnaise dip...they are biking,running,swimming and all that other crap!!What gives?
  6. Six mile lake at Elmendorf...floats on ,floats off ,skis on,skis off wheels on...etc
  7. If you can get your hands on a high speed dental drill like an old Midwest ,connect it to your air compressor and run it at 60 psi.Standard carbide 557 drills will go thru the center of a flush rivet cherry max like butter with no walk.Figure on 5 min per rivet...eBay it...
  8. Nuke...I also flew a lot with my father in Alaska while very young.Thats were I got the aviation desease,sounds like it got your sister and you apparently not immune.The ppl training will present many challenges just like your engineering training but if your like me will be well worth it.People here reacted to your statements about “complex” Mooney’s being not so complex as being naive.It would be like if I tried to design a nuclear reactor...I simply don’t know what I don’t know! Sure I can explain how Reactor grade plutonium is moderated cause I studied that in college but that makes me no expert.Regardless,this insurance thing is just a bump in the road...there will be others,just enjoy the ride.
  9. See Parker’s post about rental or adding an additional insured ( instructor)to primary policy.Those are secondary to the owners liability/hull coverage.What my guy says when I tried to get insurance flying a friends non insured Maule,was that I couldn’t be insured for it because I wasn’t an owner.He stated I had no insurable interest.Situation here is similar because he can’t get insurance as an owner because he lacks qualification ,and if I understand it ,he can’t buy insurance for his instructor as primary insured because instructor doesn’t own the aircraft.Maybe Parker can weigh in if AI got this right
  10. My Insurence guy says the insured has to have an insurable interest in the aircraft,so that leaves the instructor out...
  11. On a related note...I met the new owner of this nice Maule who purchased it pre ppl.He was having trouble finding an examiner do to no Insurence.
  12. Maybe rb but 10 underwriters (companies)say no thanks..I don’t think he is insurable at this time
  13. Sorry for your trouble getting Insurence.well as I see it ,you have 2 choices considering you lack a pilots license.Pay cash for the thing ( or work out owner financing from your sister with no asset protection)and go bare till you get a ppl.Forget the purchase for now till after ppl.
  14. Ouch...are you instructed to fly them at low power output to baby them?
  15. Tinnermans if you can get to hole via a clip,next screw size up,riv nuts etc is the common fix I see