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  1. KAP 200 disengage causes

    Does anyone have schematic of the latch circuit in the KC 295 ? There is mention of the switch plate maybe being the culprit as it maybe isn't kept captive by the plastic on back of the switch. It seems more abrupt when it unlatches so I think it is a break in the circuit.
  2. KAP 200 engaging has become unreliable. All the servos have been overhauled fairly recently . When it does engage it operates the roll and pitch servos but will sometimes disengage when Alt mode is selected. Disconnected the pitch servo and that seems to fix the latching problem. I will send the pitch servo off to Aerolab but would like to understand the latch circuit and disengage causes ( ie yoke trim switch ) What in the pitch servo could cause this ? Current draw ,trim switches , or short ? Garmin get going on the AP STC ! Paul '77J KIKV
  3. Finally!!!

    Sarasota now showing Q3 2018
  4. How to Spend $50K

    Garmin providing attitude info from the GAD box would be a home run imo. What is active traffic ? I have a Garmin 39R and Pilot - what kind of traffic is this considered ?
  5. How to Spend $50K

    Scott, My thinking is probably flawed but thought with KI 300 + G5 I would have 2 boxes with different manufacture /software for redundancy. The inability to share resources to the autopilot negates this some and having 4 boxes vs 2 on Aspen is a negative. I don't understand interface limitations enough on the two boxes and neither is a very good road map forward.
  6. How to Spend $50K

    IF the KI 300 does come out, Is there any better option than the G5 for a KI 525 replacement ?
  7. Dynon Certified thread

    What about a J model ? See other Dynon thread.
  8. Complete panel do-over

    Does anyone have DXFs for J or K panels ? I wanted to do some placement experiments. I have the King AP and don't know which way to go but would still like to try a couple scenarios. Thanks,
  9. Look what I found!

    Was there any camshaft / follower damage ? This seems like the root cause of the oil passage plugging in my engine. I had significant damage - case, cam ,cylinders, crank ? and Lycoming accepted disassembled but complete engine.on a reman. . The age of the engine was what they used as a disqualifier for the overhaul but I was also told the disassembled engine may have forced the reman requirement. Paul '77 J, KIKV
  10. Engine making metal caution

    Although painful, I guess she's a keeper ! My panel project will be on hold - maybe the G3X will be STC'd by the time my funds return.
  11. Engine making metal caution

    '88 when overhauled, oil gear was done @ '03 . We overhauled third cylinder in '13 Paul '77J KIKV
  12. WTB Nav/Com

    Byron, How much are you asking for the MAC ?
  13. Engine making metal caution

    Originally the mechanics didn't think there was a passage but I could see a difference in appearance and we were able to pick through . We didn't check the metal plugging the passage for magnetic properties. I came to appreciate the destruction that these small particles caused in a relatively short time. The cylinder bases were also affected.
  14. Started process 2-1 , needed waiver because of disassembly, 3-28 was estimated delivery, 4-18 was actual for factory reman