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  1. All the panels are laser engraved with white fill. I cut, powdercoated, and laser engraved all the panels for my HDX, my self.
  2. I had a trophy shop do this batch years ago. The same shop screwed up my newest panel and a customers, so… I bought my own laser engraver and do it myself. And it looks better. these panels in this pic are laser engraved
  3. Anyone see that Garmin just announced approval for the early model C’s now. I wouldn’t do a Garmin anyways, but there are many waiting for early model autopilots. I’m waiting for Dynons
  4. Can anyone chime in on replacing the Interav regulator and OV relay with a plane power. The PlanePower install instructions make no mention of the spike guard and diode on the back of the alternator, which I wouldn't think are needed anymore but... Thank in advanced
  5. I was hoping having an early Mooney guy on the team would help things along, or at least prioritize the next airframe to be certified, and include the early model guys
  6. That is the symptoms of air in the system, and the valve isn't adjusted.
  7. I'm one of the many in hope of an autopilot. I'm currently in the works of installing the full dual screen Dynon system with all the add ons. Take away the autopilot, the HDX system for me is a huge upgrade in function and information. I didn't want Garmin for personal reasons, and they cut my year (62C) off for an autopilot which solidified that option anyways. I have more into my plane than I can get probably get for it, but its my hobby/toy/hotrod. The fact that an owner can play a huge part in an install lowering cost over Big G makes it more attainable. I still want an autopilot, and would put a deposit down to show seriousness. I have no other choices, and might as well stand behind my only option
  8. I’d be interested in seeing the certification criteria these companies are being subject to by the FAA. I can’t help but feel the FAA was advertising lightening up the certification criteria to enhance safety in older aircraft, while at the same time requiring so much data and testing as it becomes financially unreasonable for a company to provide an affordable system, therefore no liability on the Faa. The whole concept of a servo that moves the flight control driven by some navigational guidance, just doesn’t seem all that complicated. It’s simply doing the same thing the knucklehead behind the yoke would do, only with better attention and higher precision.
  9. I gave up on TT/BK, GFC is out of the question. I pulled the trigger on a full Dynon HDX dual screen set up, and will just enjoy it until an autopilot come available from them to add on. The more videos I watch of the HDX, the more excited i get about it !
  10. Yes ! I did today, and passed it along to several others not on here. We can hope it works
  11. I’m switching gears towards a Dynon HDX system. I’m not much of a gambler, but I’d bet on Dynon getting an autopilot to market before TT/BK. TruTrak before the merger maybe, but with BK anywhere in the loop, I don’t know.
  12. That will get your attention ! Find it before it happens again
  13. I am curious if anyone has a GFC500 with an Avidyne navigator? I'd like to know what the realworld limitations are not using a G navigator?
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