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  1. I keep eyeballing the challenger reusable filteres.. I've had some orings on B/O for months, ETA Feb glad I had one to use, I just want to have some on standby
  2. True, it does exist. I have a slew of parts on backorder, simple stuff, how many guys on here are waiting for oil filters? I would hate to be any of these companies trying to produce a product right now.
  3. I repaired something similar last year. Your looks to have been oversteered also. The one I removed had the steering stops bent in addition to the broken tube (both sides in my case), like yours. the steering stops work, but something has to give.
  4. I believe the airframe, engine, and prop folks are all covering their respective behinds. I have seen a failed engine hoist that dropped the nose. Bet he wishes he'd not followed the SL
  5. It does not require an external attitude. It has an internal attitude source. It does not track VHF nav, only an RNAV
  6. I had a similar occurance KOSH bound over the summer about an hour into flight. only lasted a few seconds. The roughness went away quicker than my elevated pulse. I decided it was a small amount of water, despite the usual sumping.
  7. Alan, That was my plan, finding out what to splice it with was step one. The aft most part of the bad area goes into the horizontal former area and is riveted with both horizontal and vertical rivets. (just forward of the rear most bulkhead) so I’ll be peeling back a little bit of the skin, it doesn’t look to bad to do though
  8. The extruded longerons that run from the rear bulkhead aft of cargo area to the tail, above the access panel.
  9. Here’s a close up. About a 6” piece. The rest of it looks fine as does the opposite side longeron.
  10. Did you have any luck getting parts? I just found some intergranular corrosion on my longeron.
  11. Exactly. I installed an AC100 in my brothers 172 beginning of the year. As long as I’ve been working in aviation it was the best laid out step-by-step installation instructions I’ve ever followed. The one hiccup (to no fault of BK’s) was an air frame variance discovered, I had somebody on the phone within five minutes and came to a solution. The unit worked flawless. I hoped for the same experience with the M20’s.
  12. I have a customers AC100 on order and paid for. What I can’t fathom is BK had zero components available, even being 100% sure the stc was a done deal. The servos are all the same for all systems, the controllers are the same, the brackets and program settings are unique to the mooney. Makes me wonder if the pay 100% upfront is because they had no capital to continue produce parts and have them sit awaiting approval.
  13. The REAL gaskets are the ticket to no more leaks!
  14. Yes, I have one on order through Duncan. 100% up front
  15. You would have thought they would have used a mooney in the ad
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