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  1. Sweet ! Lionudakis crew will be late. We’ll be at fondulac ready to launch into KOSH as soon as airshow is over.
  2. Whole family going. Chris Lionudakis, Lindsay, Caleb and Cody. Thank you for setting this up !!
  3. Thanks for input. Since installing my JPi I hadn’t gone very high ( shorty trips), until last year. The fuel pressure drops slowly as I climb, by around 6k ish it’s at zero and my Jpi starts flickering between zero and and X’ing out. As I descend will slowly come back by the same altitude and be back to normal. I just don’t remember it being that low back when I had the old gauge. Electric pump changes nothing.
  4. What kind of fuel pressure are you C drivers seeing in flight , mainly around 8-10k.
  5. A cough on acceleration is usually the accelerator pump. Mine used to do it until I had carb overhauled. Mine coughed at the same rpm on acceleration regardless of how slow you increased throttle
  6. I did notice on the lower left side of the AMM page uploaded, It states max rpm is 2700, and the static rpm may be 50 rpm less, that confirms the same info my hartzell book says. You stated in a shallow dive it is limiting to 2680. It sounds like in flight the governor is doing its job. Is the adjusting screw backed out or have you just verified that the control arm is touching the limit screw?
  7. I also learned a while back that the slightly lower static rpm as Cody mentioned is normal, but also your only real indication that your engine is making full power. Unlike a fixed pitch, the controllable prop can hide reduced performance if it was able to make 100% or more rpm while sitting static and the governor was governing the max rpm. I believe my Hartzell book says the low pitch stops are set to around 50 rpm UNDER max rpm for this reason. If static rpm is low, its because the engine power is low, and not covered up by the prop unloading and letting it make rated rpm. Once moving the last little bit of rpm increases and the governor will start its job and keep it at max rpm.
  8. Anyone on here running these airboss cylinders on their bird? My engine is torn down for OH from a jug partial separation off the case, so I'm shopping parts and came across these. Nothing but horror stories about cylinders; new, overhauled, brand x.. I'm torn between overhauling what I have and starting new
  9. Sorry folks, been busy and haven't checked this in a while. Gauge cluster, nulites, volt/amp gauge, fuel probe and manifold/fuel pressure SOLD
  10. Lights are gone. Volts/Amps I still have. I'll check my pm
  11. It has the terminal strip. The plug would be nice. You could cut the plug off and put terminal ends on still, it's 2 fuel wires, oil temp, CHL temp, amperage and a ground. 6 total if i remember right
  12. Cleaning up here. No reasonable offer refused. I have an overhauled fuel probe p/n 7740-118, original 6 pack cluster out of a 62C(oil leaked internally, other than that looks great, repairable or parts), oil temp sensor and plug, 2)12v NULITE light bezels (circle w/ no cutouts), NIB voltage regulator (electro delta VR300-14-50), and original MP/FP and Tachometer from a 62C, both in excellent shape,
  13. Selling Intercomp AC II scales, P/N 100407, 2500 lbs capacity each, complete set with digital wired indicator, built in battery with charger. asking 2200,
  14. I have about 20 hrs in plane with the unit now. It works great. Its nice to have a visual and audio warning of AOA. Only thing I want to add is a switch to cancel the audio temporarily, The vane will flop around with winds on taxi and sound the warning, I end up pulling the breaker, and push it back in on initial take off roll. Absolutely worth the money