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  1. I imported two aircrafts into Canada from the USA. The first one, a Cherokee back in 2007 and then my Mooney in 2010. Looking back, I can tell you that the first one was a learning experience and the second one almost went flawlessly! So, the most important thing is to surround yourself with trustworthy and experienced people. From the inspector to your AME (A&P in the US) and the ferry pilot, go for the best and not the cheapest, cause in the end, you'll save money! So the process is pretty straightforward: 1- Make sure you get the logs and inspect them for the correct hist
  2. My question is: how many knots would it cost having it permanently hanging down while removing the servos and related hardware thus saving the added weight?
  3. Could be true, but the STC is already written and approved, they only need to add Mooneys and others to the AML list, which already includes 6 Cessna and 2 Piper single engine models. So I guess it all comes down to who is pushing for the STC, just like a B737Max kind of a deal...
  4. Thanks for supporting my position that FAA certification isn't performance based but a bureaucratic maze that some can navigate through, wether because of experience or influence, and get the needed papers without having to prove the actual performance of their product...
  5. And looking at the AV30C certification process, or lack of thereof, it makes you wonder how come Aerocruze100 (TruTrak Vizion) a functioning modern digital autopilot already certified in similar airframes and already installed and flying in a vintage Mooney, is being delayed by the FAA while it's main competitor is certified on these same airframes even though the process started months after... Are we seing a fair competitive market at work, some kind of bureaucratic obstruction or... Just asking! (Rethorical)
  6. Maybe some development coming soon! On UAvionix site, there is a new software version (Update 1.1.0) that was added to the installation manual as of January 12th 2021. Haven't been contacted by UAvionix yet, but I hope this update will address the problems reported by users. We shall see!
  7. My AV30 is connected to my GPS, IFD540 in my case. It does interact with the the GPS and you can display information on the instrument in an HSI format or as a GPS navigation display but it is for VFR use only. It will also show fixes or time to fix, GS, track and others. But it won't keep a heading and it is non-slaved for now, so it cannot tell an autopilot to follow a heading. It will only show a track from the GPS.
  8. Finally took the dive and bought the AV30C to replace a steam DG. Well it does look good and I really like the interface with the IFD540 that provides GS and track information, although that part isn't IFR certified yet. I also connected the static, pitot and OAT links so that gives me the OAT, TAS and DA on the instrument. Problem is, I bought the AV30 to act as a primary DG and the precession on the instrument is just insane. Once set-up, it will loose close to 5 degrees per minute so you have to set it up every 5 minutes or so if you want to be sure you're flying the right heading. Thi
  9. @bob865 Did they give you an estimate on the installation?
  10. I'm in the market for a newer autopilot to replace my Accutrak but don't want to play Garmin's game of adding all kind of interfaces and avionics jacking up the price above $25K. What about Dynon? If they are requiring their navigator and/or other interfaces to function, I'm not interested but if they are compatible with Avidyne I'll write you that email right away!
  11. According to this site: http://www.mooneyevents.com/chrono.htm , your M20E is a 1965 model. 1965 M20E Super 21 470 to 831 Lycoming I0-360-A1A(200 HP). Bendix fuel injection. Altitude power boost. Positive Control (PC). Four place. Colin Bitterfield's N3218S
  12. Lachute, CSE4 between Montréal and Ottawa we have 1 Missile, 1 K, 3 E's all flying plus one E and a C that haven't been flown for over 6 years!
  13. Aerospace Logic manufactures a whole line of fully PMA'd and STC digital instruments to replace the old analogic ones including this MP/FP combo: http://www.aerospacelogic.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=106 I went that way to replace most of the engine cluster instruments and next in line will be the MP/FP combo.
  14. I've been shopping for a replacement autopilot for the last couple of years. After a couple of interventions, Accutrak still does the job but I want to upgrade to something more modern. While shopping, I stumbled on used S-Tec 30 and S-Tec 55X and started inquiring about the conversion to fit my airplane. Roughly, it will cost you about half of the purchase price of a new model to get it through the S-Tec process of getting an STC for your airplane. In the case of your S-Tec30, that will easily get you above the $10K mark, and it is not yet installed! One deal I was offered by S-Tec is a
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