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  1. If it is a Canadian owner maintenance, your engine and prop serial numbers are stamped with « xxxxxxx » and can’t be exported or used in a certified airplane unless they are fully overhauled and a special request is made to Transport Canada for a new data plate.
  2. That’s what I paid for a similar used one last year and It’s worth it! Problem is uAvionix took a good chunk of the ADS-B market with their beacons, but when those old Narcos and Kings they are paired with will die, transponders will be back on demand!
  3. $9000 outright for an O360 is below core charge, so I guess it is quite reasonable!
  4. I had a similar issue after I got my engine back from the overhaul shop. Although I did not get quite a dramatic surge in RPM, but a sluggish prop control, low oil pressure and an oil leakage at the governor. Sent the governor to the prop shop, thinking overhaul, but it passed the leak test and the technician ended up only changing the bearing since the governor was already off. When I picked up the governor, the shop owner shared this Lycoming bulletin and told me that my problem could be that the gaskets didn't do their job and this could resolve the issue: https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Propeller Governor Pad Plate PN LW-12347.pdf We did order the Lycoming pad plate, about a $100 part and installed it and the leakage stopped along with all other symptoms. Not saying that this is your solution, but could be worth a try!
  5. Or... if you wear your cape plus a yellow and red logo under your suit and if you dislike kryptonite, then you have to get a SUPER 21
  6. Actually no, the antenna is on the belly! I installed my ADS-B compliant transponder to adhere to the Amercan ADS-B 2020 mandate. Canada doesn’t require ADS-B except when you fly under ADS-B rules, above FL280 on the Atlantic coast and north of Hudson Bay. For the time being, it is only used to reduce spacing for mostly Tranatlantic flights. As @milotron said, they have postponed the requirement for other airspaces folowing lobbying efforts from the Industry and pilots groups sich as COPA and AOPA. I raised the effects of the proposed expanded ADS-B airspace on American GA flights with Transport Canada along with others and I guess it worked! But I guess you guys weren’t as successful pleading that the American ADS-B mandate would keep Canadians out of US airspace!
  7. @Vlakvark Some of us have upgraded to ADS-B so, on January 1st, we will be able to operate within any designated American ADS-B airspace. If you want to upgrade, you can either install a 1090Mhz transponder (Garmin 330ES or Avidyne AXP340) or a 978Mhz transceiver (Uavionix Skybeacon or Tailbeacon) and be ADS-B out. The in portion is not mandatory but can be accomplished by using a portable solution like Foreflight Scout or Stratus 2S. There is also another option which is to ask for a Deviation Authorization with the FAA, here is a link that explains the details and there is even a video tutorial: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/adapt/
  8. Is it only me, but as we get near to Christmas, every time this link gets any activity, I wish it is BK announcing the certification and delivery date on their/TruTrak autopilot...oh well, Merry Christmas to you all
  9. @bob865 I just went through almost the same experience with my 65 M20E. I bought it 9 yrs ago with a 1200 SNEW engine from the 70s and thought it was the weak point of the airplane. Along the years, I put some money in the panel, some more AMUs in upgrades in the electric system and some more in the suspension. Last annual, at around 1600 SNEW on the engine, I got lots of metal in the oil and had to decide to open the case and change the camshaft and lifters or go for the full overhaul. My final decision to overhaul was based, first on economic and second on personal preference. Economically , with the engine situation, and altough I had updated a few items, as it sat, the Mooney was worth under $40k, maybe around $35K. Since I didn't want to stop flying and that amount would not buy me a trouble-free airplane, that part of the decision was an easy one. Second, I love the Super 21 for what it is, a fast, reliable and fuel efficient 2+2 passenger airplane. I flight plan at 145kts and get under 10gph, flying mostly LOP. While the engine was being overhauled, we found some corrosion in the wing, which added some more money to the equation, so the investment came up to around $55K. I would suggest a thourough corrosion inspection before dropping another $70k into that airframe. But as other have said, if you're planning on keeping that Mooney for some time, put the money in it, but if you're thinking of going for a faster, bigger or high altitude capable airplane, then put it on the market for you won't be able to recuperate more than 50% of your investment. Good luck with whatever decision you take!
  10. I’m sure Louis XIV would like to see that
  11. I had a similar.leak from the base of my H1 governor that appeared after the installation of my newly overhauled engine. TT on the governor was 500hrs. Took no chance and sent it to my favorite prop shop. Picked it up yesterday and it tested good with no leaks! The prop specialist changed the shaft o-ring and two gaskets for the reinstallation and told me that it also needed an aluminium gasket, supplied by Lycoming, to support the paper gaskets, which wasn’t present when we took it off. Anybody familiar with that part? @M20Doc or @Cody Stallings https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/Propeller Governor Pad Plate PN LW-12347.pdf
  12. I use the Bogert tow bar, unlike the original equipment, it won’t slip as you pull! https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/bogibars2.php
  13. I own a 1965 M20E Ser # 748, and the original pucks were Firestone (5 on the main gears vs 4 for for the newer style). I had them replaced last year.
  14. Upgrading from an E? Is that ever possible ???