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  1. Mais qu’est-ce qu’il dit Bordel
  2. @Alan Fox Old ad, is it still available?
  3. Ross, nice specimen of a M20E, welcome to the SUPER world
  4. Reviving this subject! Anyone here knows if « owner produced » cables from MacFarlane are acceptable under Transport Canada rules ? @M20Doc or someone?
  5. 1964-M20E, thanks for the tips, cables will be replaced and I used your list to ask a few questions to the potential candidates. ArtVandelay(when I write this, I still see George Costanza running out of the bathroom and yelling), for sure I'm looking at these too! The prop was due this fall, so it will get overhauled, engine mount and shocks are being taken care of, but alternator and starter are fairly new ( +/-150hrs). After a few phone calls, I had to discard Penn Yan, customs fees, paperwork and delays were too much. Two didn't reply yet! I contacted a local engine rebuilder who had cylinder assemblies in stock and was willing to look at a few options with me to save some $$$. So I went with these guys, AeroAtelier from Lac-à-la-tortue, Québec, well known shop north of the border.
  6. I'm leaning towards the full overhaul also. That price for a full OH is low, well relatively low since I could get a few small block Chevys for that price Yes, went through the «While we're there...» dance during the house renovations 10 years ago
  7. For the last couple of years, my Mx found some metal in the filter, so we were following the situation with oil changes every 25hrs, as per Lycoming's recommandations. This year, we found bigger chunks : So the inspection got a little deeper and as suspected, camshaft to #1: 1450hrs on a factory new IO360A1A from 1975, no other symptoms whatsoever but I was expecting it. One of my friend, who owns a flight school, says I should only change the camshaft and followers and continue flying my 50hrs/yr til it dies. My Mx suggest I should go for a complete overhaul, thus keeping the value of the bird. I must say that I tend to agree with my Mx and have started looking at the options. Open to comments and suggestions!
  8. King KT74 and Avidyne AXP340 are both repackaged Trig TT31 transponders. Peregrine Aero STC : http://www.peregrine.aero/library/SA00765DE AML Rev G.pdf , lists the approved GPS sources for the KT74 and the Garmin GTN 650 is in the list. As for installation, it won't be a plug'n play if you want the ADS-B out portion as it will use the GTN650 position and transmit it to the ADS-B antenna. It should be a few hours work to run the cable between the KT74 and the GTN650 and install the speed switch. I have an Avidyne AXP540 and an AXP340 installed and don't need a speed switch as it uses the GPS to activate under an exclusive Avidyne STC, the only additional work, about 2hrs, was the cable from the GPS to the TXP to collect position information.
  9. It only flies CAT 1 approaches PS: Sorry for the hijack and the bad joke !
  10. Some airplanes are engineered so mechanics love them, my Mooney was engineered so I can enjoy every minute of flight
  11. Can you get any benefits from adding a turbo-normalizer to a carburated engine? My answer would be no because of the limited capabilities of a carburator mixing air and fuel outside a relatively standard atmoshpere, ie 6000’’, plus or minus a couple of thousand feet. I guess what I’m saying is you’re probably better off with a fuel injected Mooney with a Ram air system that adds 2in MP compared to than a RayJay Mooney with a carburated engine.
  12. Tell me how it goe$ ! Mine is due in September, in 10 years, it will have about 500hrs TT
  13. Being a Mooney owner, I understand that there are no guaranteed quote$ in general aviation. Looking through the installation manual of the TT Vizion for other types, it looks pretty well engineered and the only surprises should come from individual airframes and not the average fleet. Just a marketing approach but, I wouldn’t use the exception to market a product, in this case your installation of the TT, but would quote the generic cost and would caution that in some cases, actual install costs could be greater.