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  1. Up here in CSE4 (Lachute QC) we have 3 E's, 1 K, all of them still flying regularly and a C that has been sitting on the East ramp for awhile without a prop. Lately, a prop was added, so should be flying in the near future...
  2. drapo

    Importing a plane from Canada

    For me, getting my FAA licence, so I could ferry my Mooney from USA to Canada, meant a trip down in Albany NY to be interviewed by a FAA official, to verify my proficiency in English and a few more questions, 30 minutes total and I was approved. Received my FAA PPL by mail and it is valid under the same conditions and as long as my Canadian PPL is. You can also ask for a FAA CPL, but it involves some more serious testing.
  3. drapo

    Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    That one reminds me of my early days as an ATC in Québec city tower. Québec had a mix of airlines, commuters, GA and training trafic. I was working ground, Serge, a senior and gifted controller was working the air mike. On initial call, a BA11 was told to reduce from 10 miles out, as he was #4 to a Cessna on base and a Medevac flight had to depart. He never reduced and was overshot and changed to Terminal for another approach. On the second approach, he sounded disgruntled on his initial call and was told #2 behind Cessna on final. Later on he was cleared to land. As he was over the approach lights, Serge, with his firm and steady voice told the pilot « Pull up and go around NOW! », the pilot replied: « What now tower, I don’t see anyone ahead of me or on the runway » Serge replied, calm and cool « Yeah but your wheels are UP! » . The third attempt was quiet and uneventful, he too never said a word about it, embarassed I guess...
  4. drapo

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    On my M20E, lately with outside temps at around 85F, start up and cruise are at 72 and full power, on take-off; 92.
  5. drapo

    iPad for ForeFlight

    I had my Mx install a ram mount diamond on my right side panel when I reconfigured it. You can see it in the first photo above the transponder. When I fly, I position my MiniIpad on a ram mount just above my tachometer.
  6. Just went through the conversion on both mains myself. Hardware : $1200, Pucks (8): $1000, Labor $500, The new ride....Priceless!
  7. drapo

    Which battery?

    I bought my Concorde RG-35AXC September 2011. My Mooney has spent 90% of its night and days tied outside up in Lachute, Québec, where temperatures are below 0C(32F) from December to mid-March and below -10C (14F) January and February with 30 days in the -20C range(-4F) sometimes colder... When below 0C, I preheat for 30 minutes with Reiff system. For all those years, winter and summer, it has never failed and still going on strong, even providing that needed power when I miss a hot start. Do I recommend it? You bet!
  8. For repairs, there is Dawley Aviation in Wisconsin or for a complete STC/PMA there is Knisley Welding in California. Didn't use them, but heard good reviews.
  9. Up here, where some of us speak French, we often translate the word «moteur» which applies to fuel combustion engines, to «motor». As you will say «twin engine» we use «bimoteur», this is what is called in the translation business a «faux-ami» or «false-friend». I usually find out I'm using one when I get that strange look from my interlocutor.
  10. Super news for my Super 21 Sent you my email, Thanks
  11. drapo

    m20a totalled today

    Glad to know that you made it OK, sorry for the material loss! Looking at the forecast, I was also suppose to go flying today but at the airport (Lachute), winds were not as predicted, strong and pretty gusty at a 60 deg angle or so, so I decided to mow the lawn instead...
  12. drapo

    Mooney covers?

    I bought my covers from airplane-covers back in 2010 when I purchased my Mooney. In fact, on their site, my M20E is still the «Cover girl»! My Mooney lives outside all year long, and the covers are still strong. I've redone 3 of the buckles and some stitchings 2 years ago, at the local shoemaker for $75 and should be good for another 10 yrs! Good stuff!
  13. drapo

    Fuel selector drain

    In my area, they charge a minimum of $500/month for a hangar space, so it equates to almost $7,000/yr after taxes. I've had the Mooney for 8 years now, and it still waxes to a beautiful 8/10 paint wise. The interior is in good shape, I use TLC and a cockpit cover and it looks brand new. Avionics are strong, and my 8 year old Concorde battery still powers my starter even in -20C temperatures, after I warm the engine for an hour or so. So by taking extra care and leaving the plane outside, I ended up paying $56,000 less than if I would have rented a hangar spot... I know, that's Canadian dollars, but I think it was a wise decision... This M20E lives outside at Lachute, QC airport, the photo was taken after the semi-annual Wash&Wax last April, it still looks pretty good
  14. drapo

    Fuel selector drain

    Just don't play the national anthem while doing this
  15. drapo


    I replaced my original Prestolite starter with a Skyteck 149NL a few years back and it was almost a perfect fit and lighter. It is powerful and, along with my Concorde RG35AXC battery, it really improves cold weather starts and hot starts,. Just don't go with the 149LS which isn't powerful enough.