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  1. drapo

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    Some airplanes are engineered so mechanics love them, my Mooney was engineered so I can enjoy every minute of flight
  2. Can you get any benefits from adding a turbo-normalizer to a carburated engine? My answer would be no because of the limited capabilities of a carburator mixing air and fuel outside a relatively standard atmoshpere, ie 6000’’, plus or minus a couple of thousand feet. I guess what I’m saying is you’re probably better off with a fuel injected Mooney with a Ram air system that adds 2in MP compared to than a RayJay Mooney with a carburated engine.
  3. drapo

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Tell me how it goe$ ! Mine is due in September, in 10 years, it will have about 500hrs TT
  4. Being a Mooney owner, I understand that there are no guaranteed quote$ in general aviation. Looking through the installation manual of the TT Vizion for other types, it looks pretty well engineered and the only surprises should come from individual airframes and not the average fleet. Just a marketing approach but, I wouldn’t use the exception to market a product, in this case your installation of the TT, but would quote the generic cost and would caution that in some cases, actual install costs could be greater.
  5. I was not knocking down the TruTrak system, just putting everything into context. When all of that started, install time was the big plus compared to the other competitor, namely Trio and the STC Group. To refresh memories, TruTrak was aiming for a simplified installation with install times to be 25hrs or less and that was confirmed by dealers who were starting to offer installed TT system in Mooneys in the $7500 range. Basically, $5000 for the hardware (servos, controller harnesses and install kit) and 25hrs install at roughly $100hr. STC group, with its Trio offering, was asking $3000 for the autopilot hardware, another $3000 for the install kit and 30hrs install time at $100/hr. Now for the updated estimate on the TruTrak by Sanjeev. We have jumped from an estimated install time of 25hrs, because of the simpler servo locations and overall engineering to a 40hrs install, a 60% increase, while JesseSaint seems to be sticking with his earlier estimate. If we believe this new information, the STC Group and their Trio offering are now neck to neck with the TruTrak. I think there is «Some more splaining to do!», as some famous character from the Here's Lucy show used to say, so we can compare apples to apples and not oranges!
  6. @Jesse Saint I wonder if this estimate will also be revised?
  7. Hi Sanjeev, your last statement has me worried a bit! We used to say installation was 25hrs or less, which was a selling point compared to others. You’re now saying 40hrs or less?
  8. drapo

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    The statement is true! But... Garmin GFC500 needs additional equipment to be approved to fly coupled approaches. S-tec(Genesis) will provide this feature starting at the 55X level or better ($$$$). Nothing is preventing you to track an approach with the new digital autopilots, be it TT, Trio or Garmin or one of the lower end S-tec.
  9. drapo

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    TT will do approaches, it has an included GPSS. It won't track an ILS but it will shoot a LPV or RNAV approach included in the compatible GPS database, and you'll be legal down to 700AGL This is higher than an ILS or LPV but right now, I hand fly from the start with my Brittain, so I won't mind starting to hand fly it the last few miles. Not to be forgotten, TT will also fly the missed approach and enter and fly a holding pattern. Finally, it will fly a compatible GPS flight plan, including the feature us Brittain Mooney are all looking for, the altitude hold, and this one is coupled to a vertical speed manager. Not perfect, but close enough for a lot of us!
  10. drapo

    A good day ends badly in El Paso

    Even worst, that 10 years is shelf life! So if in 2013 you bought an airplane with a prop that was overhauled in 2009, or you purchased a prop overhauled in 2009, in 2019,, ten years after overhaul, by regulation, you have to overhaul the prop, not only IRAN BTW, time SPOH isn’t taken into account, so if during those 6 years you flew 50h/yr, you pay for a complete overhaul after 300hrs
  11. drapo

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    We’ve had these kind of requests made by Trio in the last few years. Sounds like a direct marketing scheme but I don’t want to judge the motives, maybe just a clumsy effort to attract customers. If I was a company trying to attract a new customer base in the 2020 era, I would use options like a GoFundMe campaign with free install with a certain amount of $ or, as some have started doing with the TruTrak also not yet STC’d, ofer an installation included price to build up a clientele. I’m no expert, just my take on it!
  12. drapo

    De-snowing your Mooney...

    Then we should maybe ask @yvesg!
  13. drapo

    De-snowing your Mooney...

    Yeah but you're missing all the fun of taking off snow off your Mooney, flying in the calm and dense winter air @-20C, climbing 1,000/fpm @ 140mph and enjoying maple syrup with your breakfast
  14. drapo

    De-snowing your Mooney...

    Sure but there’s always the WX and EAPIS slowing our efforts. We should arrange something in the New Year, maybe Sherbrooke or Trois-Rivères on the Canadian side or... I am sure Yves would be there if not downsouth!