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  1. WilliamR

    Training needed near KRYY

    Jeff, thanks. Ha! You're too hard on yourself. You did just fine. Your careful approach to flying is apparent to all. Can't believe it's been four years. I would never ghost you. W
  2. WilliamR

    Training needed near KRYY

    Etz, I would be happy to help. My schedule is fairly open. I'll PM you with my number and background. William
  3. Buy a few hundred shares of the stock and significantly offset your fees. A somewhat imperfect hedge, but a hedge none the less. Ticker is "BBA" on the London Exchange Full disclosure, I own this stock. William
  4. WilliamR

    AvWeb Video Review of the New Acclaim

    Ha, Jonah Hill. I've heard a couple of Premier sales people advocate trim up to flare. SMH. Also watched a new Acclaim owner use that technique at a Premier sale guys recommendation and then tried to go around. Suddenly becomes more than a hand full. Oh, and odd they didn't talk about range extending by running lean of peak. Pulling the MP and RPM back and still running rich seems less than optimally efficient.
  5. WilliamR

    JPI EDM Questions

    I have a M20K with a JPI 700. The short answer to your question is yes. I assume your M20K is typically equipped with a Hoskins FT101 or something better. There's your fuel flow. Does it integrate with your JPI? Highly unlikely, but that's not the end of the world. I also assume that the JPI 700 has all the cht/egt/tit probes installed and working. If so, these are the basics to stay out of the "red box" and determine how rich or lean of peak you are. FYI, I looked into putting in a JPI 900. JPI would not sell me a JPI 900 without cht/egt/tit probes even though I already have them. Something about STC and agreement with the FAA that new probes would be used when using a 900 to replace the OEM gauges (forget the fact that the OEM setup had only 1 cht and a tit gauge). William
  6. WilliamR

    High-low vacuum pump light

    Greg_D, I'm guessing you have the King KI-256 artificial horizon and flight director. It's likely that the gauge is correct (although you can easily hook up another to check it) and the vacuum switch on the back of the artificial horizon that signals the annun. needs to be adjusted. Sometime vibration over time knocks these out of adjustment. On the back of the artificial horizon there is an approx. 1" long by 1" diameter pot with 3 wires. The adjustment screw is in the middle of the back of the pot. A very small turn does a lot. BTW, I've found it to be a huge pain the mess with it. To the OP, in the M20M's, R's, S's, J's, K's (including my own) all also having a Ki-256 artificial horizon, the low vacuum light comes on (flashing indicating low) at very low power just as jaylw314 noted. This also corresponds with the very low reading on the gauge (if so equipped). If the light did not come on, I would be concerned it wouldn't illuminate if the pump were putting such a low suction as to not properly spin the gyro. Vacuum switch link below. http://www.sigmatek.com/pages/prod_description/PD_ACC_vacswt.html William
  7. WilliamR

    Allentown Approach Phone #

    Funny, I looked up ABE on the Chart Supplement (No longer called Airport Facility Directory), but the note at the bottom didn't look like it included Apch. I would have looked at Foreflight, but I'm at work 'til at least 11pm and don't have my iPads with me. Thanks to both of you for the help. William
  8. Anybody have a phone number for Allentown Approach? Specifically 124.45? Hoping someone here can help. I used to know where to find a listing of approach control phone numbers, but I apparently killed that brain cell. I should have asked for it when talking with them, but my hands were a bit full single pilot IFR, trying to get my routing straightened out and avoiding severe weather just to the south and west. Thanks in advance. William
  9. WilliamR

    Name that Plane - Army

    Saw one at my airport (KFFC) last summer. it was being used by a private organization as a camera ship. Possibly the same one. William
  10. WilliamR

    Help: Buying my first Mooney

    +1 for Dave and his team. Very thorough and very knowledgeable.
  11. WilliamR

    Sun n Fun 2018

    Last year I was very frank with Mooney's presentation (weak). This year, I will do the same. The aircraft presentation was very well done. One of Fred's sales guys told me the truck/stage, etc was cheaper than the tent. Unbelievable. The drinks, food, etc were first class. I just wish they actually had some products from their "accessories" website. My girlfriend saw a shirt on the website she really liked. Instead, she ended up with a Cirrus shirt instead as her impulse buy. Remember, market the lifestyle, not just the plane. I think they did that well. I would say, without bias, Mooney's/Premiere's display was the best of any of the single engine pistons. Fred was also very good (as he always is) talking with me about upgrading. It's a tougher financial premise for me than others given I don't have a revenue generating business to take advantage of bonus depr. No one at Beech approached me despite me looking over the plane closely as I'm interested in a 6 seat plane. Sure do miss the large homebuilt crowd of the late eighties. Always enjoyed that in middle school and high school. Now it's a shadow of the past. I too have had overzealous volunteers block me from certain display areas in the recent past. The price..meh. I guess my threshold of financial pain is higher than others. Looks like there's an option to volunteer to get around that. Nice, option. Sure wish I found the alt chamber. Wanted to do that. Just too many distractions. William
  12. WilliamR

    Places to stay in Bahamas for a CB?

    Bimini, I would say is quite touristy given the cruise ship arrival. However, you can stay pretty cheap on the island(s); North and South. Fishing there is phenomenal. Beach is nice. Lots of history there. Great Harbour has some cheap studio apts on the beach near the golf course for not a lot. They go fast, though. You can find them on VRBO. TC, as mentioned also has some good vrbo deals. Pittstown Point rates are very reasonable. Not sure of their status as they were hit pretty hard the last couple years with hurricanes. I plan to check them out in the next couple weeks as I will be staying near by. Note, there is a $150 credit available for pilots at participating "resorts" for a 2 night stay. Getting the credit is easy at most places. Most places deduct it from your final bill. Rollezz on Cat Island is very reasonable if you factor the pilot credit. William
  13. WilliamR

    RV-8 PIREP

    I can certainly attest to the hobby horse ride you get from trying a 3-point cement runway landing. Not fun. Unfortunately, I didn't know any better at the time and the "check pilot" was more clueless than me. To the OP; surprised you didn't mention aileron buffet in the roll. Does yours not do that? I've rolled a couple of 8a's that had a pretty good buffet when rolling somewhat aggressively. Oh, and that's a terrific looking 4 above. I wonder how rudder authority is. I found the 6 with a similar tail setup heavy and a little lacking. Maybe, because the 6 is wider obviously than the 4. The 7 (same fuselage as the 6) I've flown had better rudder authority given it's larger size and was lighter. I think the 8 is the best compromise of traveling machine and "gentleman's aerobatics" plane. William
  14. WilliamR

    Insurance renewal

    Just went through Falcon for USAIG at the end of Jan. $1MM smooth, $165,000 hull, $2,178 (within $100 from last year). $1,250 for similar coverage is a screaming deal. William
  15. WilliamR

    florida destinations

    Thank you. Got confused with Ray's in Atlanta. Funny, how only a year fogs the addled brain.