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  1. florida destinations

    Thank you. Got confused with Ray's in Atlanta. Funny, how only a year fogs the addled brain.
  2. florida destinations

    +1 on Triad at Everglades City. They are typically ranked #2 behind Ray's in Miami as best Stone Crab. Milo (Triad's owner) was very gracious to pick me up at the airport and take me back. All you need is to bring a cooler. They have ice and, of course, whatever size claws you want. William
  3. High FBO fees.

    On SSI, I've stopped there several times to run across the street for some BBQ this past summer. I've never been charged a fee despite not getting their expensive fuel. In fact, earlier this year I arrived late on a Sunday after a great day of golf nearby. They called Southern Soul BBQ for me while taxi-ing in to see if they were open. It was close to closing time (they were not open). The FBO felt bad and offered to drive me to Barbara Jean's. Again, no charge. Maybe it's just my rugged good looks. Ha! BTW, to park even for a few hours down the street from me in midtown ATL yesterday it was a flat $45. Larry got a deal in ATL. William
  4. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    Dave, I upgraded from a '62C to an '86 K (252). I won't comment on price, although I probably should given I will probably put mine for sale within the next couple months as I will likely be upgrading further (Malibu). I mainly fly East Coast and my most heavily traveled trip is between Atlanta and Southwest FL. In order of priority the K gave me the following things the C could not (btw, loved my C - great first airplane) 1. No more Johnson Bar (hate retracting the Johnson Bar gear on an actual missed appch) 2. Speed 3. With Altitude comes options. I often think as I'm cruising to FL at 15K' or 17K' that I'm happy not to have to wind and weave my way around build ups between 4k' and 10K'. It's also always out of the haze layer, even in summer and always cooler. I've encountered more unexpected icing in summer than winter. Downside - a couple of the girls I'm dating are not fans of the nose hose. Can't blame them. 4. Loading flexibility with the easily removable/replaceable back seats. 5. Redundancy - backup vacuum system and 2nd alternator 6. Speed brakes. For example, coming over the top ATL from the south landing runway 3L/R at PDK you need all the drag you can get. 7. Way better interior and exterior lighting 8. Higher gear and flap speed 9. Smoother engine My all in costs (assumes no financing or upgrade costs; includes engine reserve, op costs, other maintenance reserves, hangar, ins, etc.) flying 150 hours a year is around $250/hr. I change my own oil and do light maintenance with A&P oversight. Happy to provide my cost model for the plane on request. I've owned my plane for almost 10 years. Hope this helps. William
  5. Also, I would tell anyone if they don't like AOPA or the company they work for, or any other organization, either get directly involved with its management or quit (and let them know why). William
  6. Cliffy, you might get more traction if you don't use words like stupid and BS (yelling/bold, no less). Also, there are at least a few pilots on that board not associated with FBO's or AOPA. One of those members owns a Mooney, in fact. Another flies Angel Flight missions is his Piper Malibu. Sure, those pilots are CEOs and former CEOs. So what? I also doubt the fees are on the backs of small airplane owners for the benefit of large jet owners. I know the fees paid flying the Beechjet I work with are much higher (almost a logarithmic function) than for my Mooney for the same airport and FBO despite taking up only twice the space and the same number of people using the facilities (usually just three of us in the jet). Fueling time is not much different either. I thought that disparity was typical. The real focus should be airports that receive fed funds should also have public access (without fees) and FBOs should be required to publish all fees and fuel rates. You kind of do that, but get wrapped up in a bit of class warfare and a diatribe on why you don't like large "jet center" FBOs. Level headed, clear direction will often win the day. Or, I'm just absolutely full of crap. Either way. William
  7. Wonderful World of Flying #2

    The original invoice on my '86 252 (purchased in early '87) was somewhere around $180,000 which included every option offered from what I can tell/remember. I'll have to dig up the invoice and post a pic. Btw, notice the very high oil and CHT temps at altitude. I'm guessing cowl flaps were not opened and fuel looked to be at peak EGT based on the chart on the visor. Plus, of course, at FL 270 there's not much air as noted in the video William
  8. For longer range planning in addition to the advice given above, I'm partial to http://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/mmb/namsvrfcst/ and http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi William
  9. 252 oil change

    On my 252 I use a gallon sized zip-loc bag around the filter after I've initially loosened it. It takes quite awhile for most of the oil to flow out and fills most of the bag. I simply hold the bag waiting like 5 minutes which is hard because I usually can't sit still for more than 3. I also make sure I have a filter at the ready to put on. An absorbent pad tucked between the cowl flap bar and firewall under the filter catches any errant drips. I rarely make a mess. The form a funnel would be a good replacement to my absorbent pad. William
  10. You may want to check at this website;http://aircraftparts.aero/ It looks like they have a few. I've had a couple avionics techs try to trouble shoot what's wrong with mine with no luck. Mine is a 0326-003 for a 28v M20K, but looks very near identical to the OP's. In trouble shooting I did some research and came across this search site in case mine needed to be replaced. I've asked for a price quote via the website above with no response yet. FYI, my gauge shows #2 Alt dead at all times, #1 off scale high even when only the master switch is turned on (engine not running, alt switches not on), and volt meter shows off-scale high when master on, but when the press to test volts button is pushed the needle swings to show just a few volts (looks like its working in reverse). None if this changes when the engine is running or if the alt switches are engaged. FYI, this just happened one day. Worked fine and now not. Hope this helps in your search. If the OP found a source for an instrument repair shop that overhauls these, I would be interested in knowing who that is. William
  11. Good installer in southeast.

    I've never had a problem with Precision Avionics in Griffin, GA. William
  12. American made

    The Aerostar accident was very unfortunate. However, the real story of Barry Seal is pretty amazing. Several books on his life. Dennis Hopper also played Barry Seal in a similar HBO movie in the '80's. The planes used in that movie were equally interesting. William
  13. mooney shares on the mooney.com site?

    Understood, but you don't market that. Actually, this is an earlier pic of the aircraft that became certified that was later at Sun-N-Fun. Unfortunately, that version had a lot of ill fitting stuff still and a fuselage panel the wrong color. Maybe that's why it's cost efficient, you get the cast off model with no interior and wires dangling. The $795M version has that cleaned up. Ha! Btw, I only caught this because I really enjoyed the photo shot. Great angle. I need to get a photo like that of my plane. W
  14. mooney shares on the mooney.com site?

    Raytheon Aircraft Corp in the late 90's and early 2000's had a similar program called Travel Air. It was a fractional ownership structure, as I recall. It was a very minor part of their business. I couldn't tell you how profitable it was as getting to that level of detail was tough for someone as large as RACC. And Mooney, when taking pictures of the aircraft with the door open, please make sure the interior is finished before the pics are taken, interior panels missing and wires hanging in the center console looks amateurish at best and unprepared at worst. William
  15. 252 Oxygen bottle