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  1. @ilikethewoods shot you a PM. In Atlanta, CFI-I, couple thousand hours Mooney time, oh, and I was the owner of steingar's Mooney for a few years (three owners before him). Happy to provide references or CV if you like. Funny, I've almost done more check outs and instruction for helicopter guys (Army) getting into Mooneys than anything else. William
  2. Jeremy, great write-up and trip Jekyll is my go to. When I have a new student, I always make sure we go there to show how easy a beach trip is from Atlanta. Usually getting their significant other to go along seals the deal. Also, the golf courses are almost never busy. Often, round trip with golf, it's faster than if I stayed in metro Atlanta to play. Plus, a quick jump over to SSI for a BBQ sandwich at Southern Soul is never terrible. Spent the night at the "FBO" in Baxley last month. The accommodations are as comfortable as they look. What a special treat that airport is. Btw, the PAPI outage at Baxley sucks at night. That is a type of darkness I rarely see. Destin and Hiltonhead are also good shortish trips from Atlanta. Obviously, those are more expensive and busier than Jekyll. William
  3. @Pasturepilot for overnight I usually recommend Epps. Pretty confident it's $20/night (cheaper than Buckhead overnight parking for the car). You can also look into pdkssavgas.com to reserve one of their spots on the Clairmont ramp. Although, I think that is $20 too. William
  4. @Pasturepilot, funny, my office is just down the road from the King and Queen. I'm waiving right now. Can you see me? My house is over by Mercer and PDK. Sounds like a meet up is easily in order. @GTPH you too. If it's ok to continue to hijack, I'm on the NE ramp at PDK. Btw, Jeremy, the plane looks sweet. William
  5. Hey, Jeremy! I'm based at PDK but was based at Falcon for a long time. Sounds like you are somewhere around Mallards or Brooks Bridge. Good times down that way. Great looking plane and great writing skills. And man I miss Sammy's. That was a nice place to go and have a good lunch. William
  6. I like Meguiars Gold Class. I've used Wash Wax All in a wet setting and found no appreciable difference. However, that may be because I have all my vehicles glass coated. BTW, with a glass coating, bugs just wipe right off; usually one swipe with a light spritz of water. William
  7. A friend of mine owns that DC-3. He bought it from Ron Alexander. He also owns a T-6 on the field (KFFC). Jim offered to fly my girlfriend to Oshkosh this year in his DC3. Funny, he did not make the same offer to me.
  8. I do a lot of work around detailing my plane and cars (calms my OCD tendencies, ha!). After paint correction, I did a compare between a very high end wax ($60+ per bottle) on the top of one wing and glass coating on the other. After a month or two, I flew in one night in heavy rain and compared the two wings. No difference noted. Where the glass coating wins in spades is durability. On the belly, the glass coating makes cleaning the nose gear doors and belly a breeze including that hard to get off and corrosive white exhaust residue. Any oil drips right off. Any small amount remaining can be wiped with a wet microfiber towel. The glass coating really holds up. However, if you don't know what your doing in the glass application process, you can really screw it up where it will be a huge amount of work to correct (not impossible, just a huge amount of work). Like many days buffing it off for a car. Can't imagine how long it would be for a plane to fix. Oh, and $750 to $1500 for a car is about right. I don't think I could find anyone reputable that would do a car for less than $1,000 here in Atlanta. William
  9. My schedule suddenly freed up. So, if you can fit one more Sat., I would love to come. Plus, I need to tanker some cheap fuel. I also promise to be on my best behavior. William
  10. Oh, and +1 on the Airstops. They also have a right angle stem. Thinking of it, I'm not sure what type of stem is on mine. But, assuredly, they are not long and bent like yours. William
  11. Pretty confident Hawthorne at RYY has open space in their gang hangar. The rate isn't terrible for the area. I was talking to someone last week that mentioned there was hangar space available at Henry County (HMP). Although Henry County is not Atlanta, it's way south of the city, about 50 min-1 hour with no traffic from midtown. From midtown on a Friday afternoon, you can't get there from here. If interested in HMP and you strike out with the airport authority (or whomever rents hangars there) there, let me know. I might know someone who has an empty hangar for rent. You can try Air Harbour at Lawrenceville (LZU), they may have something. It's probably pretty tight, though. I think their rates are not too bad either. William
  12. Paul, sorry. You're right, I should have been clearer. I really butchered my thought in the 2nd paragraph. The pump in question is the TCM Engine mechanical pump. Thanks for the direction on AA versus QAA. I will also make sure about compliance with the SB. I think it was done already, but will double check and correct if necessary. Best, William
  13. At annual we discovered the fuel pump on my TSIO-360-MB is leaking from the shaft. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I may have missed this when completing my last oil change as staining was found. I understand this is common and obviously needs to be corrected. We were only able to find one place in OK that would overhaul said fuel pump for about $950. The promised turn around time was good. Other TSIO-360 owners, what has been your experience having the pump overhauled? Where did you have it done? What did it cost you? Any recommendations are appreciated. Note, this is a fuel pump on a Conti TSIO-360 engine. So, the pump is not a Weldon or Dukes like that used on the popular Lycoming 360s. Alternatively, we looked to buy an overhauled pump with no luck. Thanks in advance William
  14. Despite being someone who mainly lurks here, I (and my +1) are looking forward to being there Sat a.m. William