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  1. I am planning on flying my M20F from KBLM to KECP for the Summit on Thursday September 27, returning on Sunday, if all goes as planned. if anyone wants a ride (right seat), please PM me.
  2. Cygnet Aerospace has an adapter that allows use of their yokes with the older, smaller shafts.
  3. Glenn

    Demo or rental near Boston

    Maybe. I am in the process of buying a boat, so the plane may go soon, but not until after the Mooney Summit.
  4. Glenn

    M20F complex endorsement needed

    Mike Elliott knows Mooneys very well and is a great teacher. Lives in Tarpon Springs. He is very active in the Mooney community and is one of the founders of the Mooney Summit.
  5. Glenn

    CFII Recommendations in Fl

    Mike Elliott knows Mooneys very well and is a great teacher. Lives in Tarpon Springs. He is very active in the Mooney community and is one of the founders of the Mooney Summit.
  6. Glenn

    Are you attending the Mooney Summit VI

    I will be flying down from KBLM.
  7. As the owner of an M20F of approximately the same vintage, I salute you.  What a beautiful and comprehensive update on an already capable airframe.

    1. M20F-1968


      Thanks.  It was a good deal of work but now is a nice aircraft.  It sat in a hangar for 26 years in Dallas.  The engine had been overhauled in 1982 and sat until 2003 when I sent it to Penn Yan and changed everything that needed changing.  Everything else in the plane is either new or rebuilt.  It is a nice flying plane. I like the manual gear.  The avionics are great and it has speed brakes, long range tanks, built in O2 and a capable autopilot.   More comfortable than most airline trips for 7-8 hour legs.


    2. Glenn


      I have had my 1967 F since 1984 and still could not be happier flying it.  I updated mine a number of years ago, but you have done me one better.  Great job!




    3. M20F-1968


      Given that almost everything from the baggage compartment forward except for the steel cage, wing and engine is non-structural, these are very modifiable airplanes.  You did a nice job cleaning up your F.  Mine would have been similar but I got my hands on a crashed 1998 Ovation, bought parts from it  and found a DER.  That is when I started designing a new model.

      John Breda

  8. Glenn

    Rotate (F model)

    If you are not using 1/2 flaps on take off, try it. It makes a difference.
  9. KSMooniac Thank you for posting the audio.
  10. Glenn

    Sun n Fun

    KTPA (Sheltair) & Sheraton on Cypress. Also there is a Hertz desk at Sheltaire.
  11. Muncie Aviation in Muncie, IN used to maintain my Brittain system. Bill Roundtree runs the avionics shop. Ken Talhelm was the tech who worked on it. Both are very helpful.
  12. Glenn

    Between two Fs

    The block that the J bar locks into for gear-down (under the throttle) should be replaced every 20 years or so.
  13. My MG mechanic, back in the day, advised me not to think of it as a car, but as “an interesting mechanical device”
  14. Glenn

    Between two Fs

    In the 33 years that I have owned my ‘67F, the flaps have been trouble free. I had o-rings replaced once for a little seepage. Two pumps for take-off, two more for full-flaps to land. I have also had a similar, trouble free, experience with the step. Although when I had the plane at Britain many years ago for an altitude hold install, I believe they replaced the tape around the step-bellows.