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  1. I don't own this airplane ('67 F) any more, but absolutely loved flying behind this panel. It was done by Muncie Aviation (KMIE)
  2. The airplane was not in flight. Just powered up for the photo. Gyro had not yet erected.
  3. I cannot specifically answer the question because the yoke change was bundled with a much larger panel upgrade. Just bolting on the new yoke is pretty simple. If additional wires need to be run to support various buttons that will take a little time. I also had a hole drilled in the pilot's yoke to accommodate the traditional wind-up clock. I believe that Cygnet also sells a digital clock that fits .
  4. I have a 55X in my '67F. It works great with the GNS430W. I believe it was about 20AMU installed.
  5. I got these from Cygnet Aerospace. Plenty of room for buttons. They also have an adapter if you still have the original control shafts.
  6. @Browncbr1You have me mixed up with someone else. I installed one 430W a year after I did the windshield mod, and one a year after that. I never had water damage. I have skinned my knuckles working behind the panel since the mod.
  7. Yes. The yokes were installed IAW the Cygnet instructions and Mooney maintenance manual.
  8. I waited about a month for a new oil cooler last winter.
  9. I used Cygnet yokes when I redid the panel on my '67F. https://www.cygnet-aero.com/control-wheel-ca60-524080-17 They have an adapter for either the large or the small shaft.
  10. Mike, Thanks for the heads-up. Seeing that I will be 71 next month, it might be time to let it go. I will be happy to PM with an interested party. Glenn
  11. I am planning on flying my M20F from KBLM to KECP for the Summit on Thursday September 27, returning on Sunday, if all goes as planned. if anyone wants a ride (right seat), please PM me.
  12. Cygnet Aerospace has an adapter that allows use of their yokes with the older, smaller shafts.
  13. Maybe. I am in the process of buying a boat, so the plane may go soon, but not until after the Mooney Summit.
  14. Mike Elliott knows Mooneys very well and is a great teacher. Lives in Tarpon Springs. He is very active in the Mooney community and is one of the founders of the Mooney Summit.
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