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  1. Im not far from M91, If you need help let me know.
  2. Don!!!!! i have a possible customer that asked about an edm 830. What’s the bottom dollar? He is a military guy who owns a piper, hope that done add $$ hahaha please let me know!
  3. And that’s why I posted the question here. I wanted the blunt truth. But those shops weren’t always big, they had to start somewhere. Again, thank you for your HONEST opinion
  4. I was hoping to get this motor, as mentioned above, overhauling it without accessories for 17k. Only because that would be close to what I have in it. It would be a first run. TSN 1950.
  5. There is no way I could match Jewell’s prices. Those numbers would be outright, subtract 3500-4K for core. I do A/P work on the side as a hobby and overhauling motors is something I’ve been wanting to do, just charge less than the avg Shop because I don’t believe GA should cost an arm and a leg
  6. As per the TCDS, 201/J , use the A3B6/A3B6D motor
  7. Fellow mooniacs, I need advice. I have been pondering to buy an IO-360-A3B6D and field overhaul it. My question is what would one feel comfortable in paying for a OH motor w/o accessories? $15-16k ? With Accessories $18500-20k? How many of my fellow mooney owners would be in need of this model of motor? All opinions would be great!
  8. Fellow mooniacs, I need advice. I have been pondering to buy an IO-360-A3B6D and field overhaul it. My question is what would one feel comfortable in paying for a OH motor w/o accessories? $15-16k ? With Accessories $18500-20k?
  9. i am beyond that. i know how to remove corroded hardware, tap/helicoil. this is NRTS
  10. 1978 Mooney.... goes in floor board. underneath pilot with pull sump next to the selector.
  11. Yea thats BAS parts. I don't know why he does offers. I messed with recently and did an offer, which i was very reasonable, sent me a PM, long story short, what he list is what he wants. Called all the big named salvage places, no joy. I got a guy in FL that is looking and supposed to let me know. I saw a post on here from 2014 that John posted having one. Sent him a PM as well.
  12. Mine isn't the rebuild kind. And the valve works fine. Mine had a broken bolt in where the sump attaches. Corroded and snapped off. Couldn't drill and re tap.
  13. Mooniacs: I am in need of a Dukes fuel selector valve P/N 3331-0 or new P/N 940073-507 940073-507
  14. Maybe I'm just really obtuse when it comes to engine overhauls and TBO times. Clearly the time is recommended. An engine is a mechanical object made of parts, parts fail. If you take care of your motor then you will reap the benefits, but if you want to run on low oil, old oil, shock cool, extreme climbs, then obviously you'll lose benefits over time. Everyone gets wraps around the axle about 2000 hours or frankenstein engines. Factory O/H engines are merely parts that meet the design spec, meaning they didn't fail and have the same tolerances as new. So, if you think about it, you buy a REMAN engine, that had a crank from another engine with 3000 hours, that crank didn't shave metal, didn't expose fatigue during NDI, and meets all the specs of a NEW one then these parts are designed to continue until abused. I don't see people freaking out about their cars seeing 100k miles on it. I am also willing to bet most people don't change their timing at 75k (some models). Or water pump at 120k, wheel bearings, ball joints until they FAIL! You can argue, "well you cant pull over on a cloud". You are correct, but you as an owner SHOULD be doing oil analysis and monitoring the health of your engine and conducting preventative maintenance as required.
  15. Hey guys/gals, Im asking for some help. Can you please vote for my picture and help me win !?!?!?!?! All the help is appreciated! N3638H could use some updates! Thank you.
  16. David, Not to late at all. My father was just talking about carpet dye. This is something i Would of never thought of! Thank you for the suggestion!
  17. I looking to go to Hopkinsville, KHVC. Outlaw is a little crowded for me, and KHVC has cheap fuel as well. :-)
  18. Thank you! Im headed to FT Campbell. , where are you headed? This is the first month I've had her outside. She's usually my hangar queen.
  19. The ol' Home Depot special. And its night and day on the carpet and tint