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  1. Major bummer. Can you share what the "towing mistake" was exactly?
  2. Does anyone know if legacy GPS's like my KLN94 will be able to handle the rollover? I am assuming anything from the major avionic OEMs should be ok...
  3. I'm betting on ice crystals... Is your plane hangared at CCR?
  4. You must be a man of great faith!
  5. Anyone with a clue as to $$ involved for ripping out KFC-150 and installing GFC-500? Labor and parts minus resale value of BK parts?
  6. Does the Ipad Mini with just WiFi have the GPS chip?
  7. Two years on Gills at max for the Bravo (G243S) no matter what. My last Concorde RG24-15s went five years before replacing, used the BatteryMinder trickle charger from time to time. That's better than most car batteries in AZ!
  8. Great question. The issue is that my KI-256 will need an overhaul soon (maybe very soon). It's VAC driven. So two major failure points right there. Unfortunately, I can't install the G5 to drive the KFC-150; I'd have to keep the KI256 and VAC if I want glass AI/HSI. Also, the KFC150 is now 20 years old with original servos. Repair is very costly. BTDT once on the flight computer - and although it still works ok, it doesn't do GPSS and the NAV mode is drifting. So either I overhaul the KI256, maintain the VAC system, and pray nothing more goes wrong with the KFC150 or bite the bullet and bring my plane much great avionics capabilities that are now modern and fully digital. OTOH, the King KI300 could be a solution too...but no ability to drive the A/P yet. Ugh.
  9. Ok, so how much is the cost of the GFC-500 parts and labor time required for the M20M? This would replace the KFC-150 (so include tear out time). What might be the value of the former King a/p computer and servos? In addition, I'd add two G5 units as well.
  10. VFR at 10.5 should be no problem. Best route is to fly to a point south of Colorado into NM around FTI...then towards just south of SAF - ABQ - SJN - direct. Be mindful of the Phoenix Bravo though...the shelf on the eastern edge is quite low relative to the nearby rocks.
  11. I look at this issue the following way. 1) My KFC-150 works pretty well now except that it is "lazy" in NAV tracking; 2) I already spent approx $6000 14 years ago getting a cold solder on the flight computer repaired after two other previous failed attempts to diagnose/correct ($ are total for all shops)' 3) If GPS goes down, I'm back to VOR Nav anyways and hand flying an approach; 4) considering an approach takes all of maybe 10-15 minutes (IP to MAP), the risk of loss GPS is marginal given RAIM calculations in the GPS which would at least give some prediction as to whether or not available; 5) any other replacement A/P will cost the same or more (except perhaps the supposed AeroCruze - remains TBD as to availability); and 6) I can't put in a GFC-600 at any price. So despite the limitations of the GFC-500, my choices are limited to either 1) remain with KFC-150 and pray nothing breaks; 2) hope King isn't just telling tales to keep me and others from going with Brand G; or 3) go with GFC-500 that will most be a positive upgrade from the King except in highly limited circumstances. One question though, will I need a WAAS GPS for the GFC-500 to make it all work?
  12. Well it's a lot cheaper this way...probably fine for Part 91 flying.
  13. Going for mine on Wednesday, 3rd class. Did the MedXPress today and it worked fine.
  14. We have the opposite problem in the winter in Scottsdale/Deer Valley when trying to depart IFR. There's only one departure frequency and they can't let IFRs depart simultaneously from both airports. So we depart VFR and pick up IFR enroute to destination. I'd second what others said, don't file to anywhere near a saturated Tracon like Orlando or Palm Beach; file to a destination like JAX and then go VFR the rest of the way if possible.
  15. I thought once my cowl flaps had failed as well...turned out it wasn't the indicator or the cowl flaps themselves being inop but the little pickup that "senses" cowl flap position and relays the information to the indicator. It got loose somehow and wasn't detecting cowl flap movement. I recall it's on the right side up within the cowl flap. Then again in my case, the indicator never showed a change in cowl flap position on the ground or in the air but the cowl flaps did work. So this may or may not be useful info to you.