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  1. carqwik

    Holy Yikes!

    Wow...that's some story you never really want to relive! Definitely a concern for us out west where runways can be far and few between...and the desert isn't flat! Question many hours on the turbo? What was the point of failure? Bearings seized?
  2. carqwik

    TLS engine run without cowling?

    I do it with the cowl off. Just secure the "loose bits" with safety wire. Been doing it this way for 15 years or so...not once a problem.
  3. carqwik

    IPad in the flight levels?

    My Nexus 7 works fine at FL190.
  4. Like KLRDMD says...El Paso to Tucson, no worries. VFR or IFR doesn't matter. That's pretty much the only way to go. And yes, be on the ground by 10AM. The bumps from heating off the desert floor can be quite jarring...and they're guaranteed to happen.
  5. carqwik

    New Garmin installed

    Keep us posted with pros/cons, etc. I am thinking GTN 650 GTX 345 as well...but perhaps an L-3 Lynx and live with my legacy GPS. Ugh...decisions.
  6. If you can wait until summer, I could part with my KT-76C then.
  7. carqwik

    Battery Minder

    FWIW, I think the Battery Minder works...I have the one for the Concorde AGM 24V battery. I'd make the investment.
  8. carqwik

    Disappearing Fuel M20M

    Either the fuel is stolen (unlikely since why only drain one tank all the time?) or there's a leak (for sure). The leak is internal and the fuel is running out of the tank, down the spar and possibly down the the belly of the plane where it's evaporating so it never reaches the ground. It is summer there now right? Open the battery access panel on the port side and look in at the belly...see if there are traces of fuel dye there. Although there should be an odor of gas in the plane, perhaps your plane is venting itself due to wind and hence no smell?
  9. carqwik


    C'mon Garmin!! Get that G5 ok'd for FD/AI to work with King KFC-150!!
  10. carqwik

    speed brake problem- quirky?!

    What Paul M said. I did one of mine last year...same worked until it didn't. Sent it in for repair. 1 AMU IIRC. Btw, mine is a 98 Bravo as well. I think this is the third or fourth time for sending a speedbrake to Precise Flight.
  11. carqwik

    Mooney down in Washington

    N123JN per Kathryn's Report...M20K 231 RIP
  12. FWIW - For 15 years, the VOR guidance on my KI-525 was off by ~15 degrees...despite several shops "tuning" the KX-165 which drives it. My 2nd VOR - (I think it's a KI-206?) - driven by the KX-155 worked perfectly. So I gave up trying to fix the #1...figured it worked for ILS/LOC approaches (as Jerry5TJ described above as it's driven directly) and the #2 VOR worked fine in case the GPS went out. Then the #2 VOR got weird. Called Bevan-Rabell in Wichita. They had me send in the -525 (for the #1 VOR) and the KX-155 (for the #2 VOR). Came back a week later and both worked perfectly!! My guess is you need to get your -525 fixed.
  13. carqwik


    Over Scottsdale, AZ:
  14. carqwik


    Mustang2 at FL380 as I recall...
  15. VFR in Class C...just keep going after you followed the initial instruction, you weren't told anything different and you're not IFR. If the controller used the word "cleared," he probably just had a brain spasm thinking about another aircraft. It's like when a controller once gave me an altimeter setting when I was at FL 190...