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  1. Finally!!!

    C'mon Garmin!! Get that G5 ok'd for FD/AI to work with King KFC-150!!
  2. speed brake problem- quirky?!

    What Paul M said. I did one of mine last year...same worked until it didn't. Sent it in for repair. 1 AMU IIRC. Btw, mine is a 98 Bravo as well. I think this is the third or fourth time for sending a speedbrake to Precise Flight.
  3. Mooney down in Washington

    N123JN per Kathryn's Report...M20K 231 RIP
  4. FWIW - For 15 years, the VOR guidance on my KI-525 was off by ~15 degrees...despite several shops "tuning" the KX-165 which drives it. My 2nd VOR - (I think it's a KI-206?) - driven by the KX-155 worked perfectly. So I gave up trying to fix the #1...figured it worked for ILS/LOC approaches (as Jerry5TJ described above as it's driven directly) and the #2 VOR worked fine in case the GPS went out. Then the #2 VOR got weird. Called Bevan-Rabell in Wichita. They had me send in the -525 (for the #1 VOR) and the KX-155 (for the #2 VOR). Came back a week later and both worked perfectly!! My guess is you need to get your -525 fixed.
  5. Clouds

    Over Scottsdale, AZ:
  6. Clouds

    Mustang2 at FL380 as I recall...
  7. VFR in Class C...just keep going after you followed the initial instruction, you weren't told anything different and you're not IFR. If the controller used the word "cleared," he probably just had a brain spasm thinking about another aircraft. It's like when a controller once gave me an altimeter setting when I was at FL 190...
  8. Folks forget about Piper's Matrix, the non-pressurized variant in the PA46 line... A buddy had one for a few years...this plane carries the load and goes the distance! Only downside is that you need O2 to get to speak!
  9. Headed to Vegas - Recommendations

    +1 on HND. Btw, anyone here remember the shorter 5,000' 19L runway at KLAS...back in the days when you could land there VFR no problem....??
  10. oops

    Story suggests strong downdrafts and inability to climb...pilot purposely put the plane down....
  11. Ready for new batteries...again...

    Arizona heat kills, planes, boats, etc. Just a fact of life out needing replacement glass insurance coverage for your car. Too many rocks on the roads.
  12. Ready for new batteries...again...

    Get the right BatteryMinder for the brand/type of battery you decided on. Seeing you have an M20R, that's two AGM 24 volts so either Concorde RG24-15 or the latest version of the Gill 243S (I don't know what the new Gill version is...but since I won't go back to Gills after years of replacing them every 18-20 months or so...I don't care about Gills).
  13. Powertow EZ40 for sale - $500

    Mine still runs great after 16 years...probably should change the oil again now...I think it's been five years!
  14. Method 7 Sunglasses

    I had both eyes done about 18 months ago. As I recall, the FAA says the multi-focal lenses are not approved for flying...however my information is 18 months old and perhaps the regs have changed. Second, the docs only do one eye at a was two weeks before the second eye got the IOL after the first. Third, I could see perfectly out of each eye the minute I woke up the day after the surgery. Probably not a good idea to do anything strenuous for a week or two after the eye surgery....the doc said not to bend over and pick up anything or do any physical labor or play sports for that period. There is an FAA form that you need to get the eye doc to fill out after he finishes with both eyes and checks out your vision...just take that form to your next medical and have the AME submit it with your exam (not even sure that happens...he might just keep it in his files). I don't recall that the 3rd class medical requires clearance to return to flight after the surgery...I just went ahead and went flying when my eyes had healed. I hadn't seen that well in about 40 years!
  15. Finally!!!

    Is the adapter required for the KI-300 to talk to a King KFC autopilot?