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  1. carqwik

    New M20K Panel

    Can we get a pirep on the G5's? Thinking of doing the same...
  2. carqwik

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Wow...much faster than I thought on getting certification. Will the certification cover all long bodies or just the M20M?
  3. carqwik

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Can't wait for a PIREP on the GFC500 and G5s once you get your plane back. Any idea how long it will take Garmin to get the certifications?
  4. If you don't have a yaw damper in your can reduce that cost by $2200 (1 servo + 1 install kit).
  5. carqwik

    Mooney down KSAF

    Very sad to listen to that biggest signal that there's trouble ahead was when he said he was going to Denver at 5,500', which simply isn't doable. In fact, in that direction going to Denver, it requires at least 7,500' out of Phx VFR in daylight...and even higher going towards Denver. Then there's the question if he ever raised the gear....RIP.
  6. Hmmm...the A/P (KFC-150) is 20+ years old, barely works in NAV mode, and parts/repair are very dual G5s plus the GFC-500 (and servos) brings the plane up to date, removes the vacuum system, and gives me GPSS...for what price though? 20 AMUs?
  7. Hate to resurrect this...but I'm thinking of doing dual G5 units (flush mount I hope) to replace the old King legacy KI-256 and -525. A shop I talked with said that the KI-256 had to stay in place...and this was his comment as of last week. I believe that now with dual G5s, there is no longer a need to keep the KI-256 and the vacuum system can be removed entirely. Is this correct?
  8. carqwik

    M20M LOP Discussion

    Cruise climb at 34/2400 doing 140 kias - I set the TIT at 1550 and forget about until level in cruise when MAP is set (usually 27-29" at 2400 rpm) and mixture leaned to 100 ROP. Easy peasy.
  9. I have a non-FIKI I don't fly in cold (below +2C) wet clouds. My guess is that it is possible to have SLD in clouds that are producing snow. Did I win anything?
  10. carqwik

    Bluebook, VREF and Mooney Values

    Whether the guidebooks are right or wrong, it's what the bankers need to "justify" a loan amount (everything else being within underwriting criteria) so the auditors don't freak out. Even with a great appraisal, if it's out of whack from the guidebooks, the lender is stuck at the lesser value. The problem with the a/c guidebooks is that there's no wholesale auction market like in the car business. That's about as real time to pricing data as one can get...the big auto auction houses have that data online (for certain people - not the public so don't ask). Of course, there's some "art" involved too as to the actual value on any one specific vehicle - but there's enough data so that the values are pretty close to reality. This isn't the case in a thinly-traded airplane market so there is much more "art" than anything else to determine values. Having said that, as a broker specializing in Mooney's, you're probably the best authority as to real values. But you're not the lender.
  11. carqwik

    Bravo TIO-540 oil consumption

    Would there be any harm in switching to the Phillips XC20W-50 plus Camguard after 20 years of continuous use of Aeroshell 15W-50?
  12. Why Laughlin? Just keep in mind to take drinking water in the plane with you. Long stretches of desert with no airfields nearby in case of emergency. Btw, the airport for Laughlin is actually in AZ (KIFP) in Bullhead City. The winds there are usually aligned with the runway but can get very gusty at times.
  13. +1 on aggressive leaning for the Bravo (on the ground that is). I also do not turn on the boost pump for landing... As for approach, I enrichen the mixture but don't go full rich.
  14. carqwik

    Mooney Bravo m20m 1998 temps

    Plenty of experience in hot Arizona with the Bravo. Yes it runs hotter in the summer. Definitely need the cowl flaps in trail to keep temps in acceptable ranges in cruise at those power settings. Or just reduce the MP another 2" or more...
  15. carqwik

    Repair of a KI 206

    Bevan Rabell...Wichita KS. Fixed mine (KI-205) although it was a problem of being off more than 6 degrees...