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  1. carqwik

    Bravo TIO-540 oil consumption

    Would there be any harm in switching to the Phillips XC20W-50 plus Camguard after 20 years of continuous use of Aeroshell 15W-50?
  2. Why Laughlin? Just keep in mind to take drinking water in the plane with you. Long stretches of desert with no airfields nearby in case of emergency. Btw, the airport for Laughlin is actually in AZ (KIFP) in Bullhead City. The winds there are usually aligned with the runway but can get very gusty at times.
  3. +1 on aggressive leaning for the Bravo (on the ground that is). I also do not turn on the boost pump for landing... As for approach, I enrichen the mixture but don't go full rich.
  4. carqwik

    Mooney Bravo m20m 1998 temps

    Plenty of experience in hot Arizona with the Bravo. Yes it runs hotter in the summer. Definitely need the cowl flaps in trail to keep temps in acceptable ranges in cruise at those power settings. Or just reduce the MP another 2" or more...
  5. carqwik

    Repair of a KI 206

    Bevan Rabell...Wichita KS. Fixed mine (KI-205) although it was a problem of being off more than 6 degrees...
  6. carqwik

    Planning for en-route ATC frequencies?

    To the OP - the enroute frequencies are the least of any item you need to know in advance, if at all. Controllers are very good at telling you the next freq, and if you miss it or don't respond, they'll say it again. The most important thing on long x/c's is understanding wx, fuel, and alternates. Even being off freq is no big deal...simply monitor 121.5 and they'll call you if you've been talking to them before and squawking a discrete code.
  7. Come to in the morning and do afternoon work in the Redbird simulator. You can get it done in 3 weeks no problem. PM me and I'll set you up. Hotels much cheaper in the summer here for good reason. But doubtful you'll get any actual that's flyable in a single!
  8. carqwik

    High Oil Temps and Baffling

    Btw, are you sure there's not a problem with the probe or the gauge?
  9. carqwik

    High Oil Temps and Baffling

    Check the vernatherm. Perhaps oil is not going through the oil cooler? Not an A&P...just a hunch on my part.
  10. carqwik

    Bravo TIO-540 oil consumption

    Interesting that some of you are using the Philips XC 20/50. IIRC, Lycoming insists that their special "additive" (LW16702) must be in the oil used in the Bravo engine...and I thought that the Philips oil was lacking it so therefore was not an acceptable oil for our TIO540s...?? So as I wrote this..I did a Google search and found the following: "The use of LW-16702 is required in certain engine models. These models are the 0-320-H, O-360-E, LO-360-E, TO-360-E, LTO- 360-E, TIO and TIGO-541. " This is straight from Lycoming at So I guess we can use the Philips would save about $30/oil change.
  11. carqwik

    Holy Yikes!

    Wow...that's some story you never really want to relive! Definitely a concern for us out west where runways can be far and few between...and the desert isn't flat! Question many hours on the turbo? What was the point of failure? Bearings seized?
  12. carqwik

    TLS engine run without cowling?

    I do it with the cowl off. Just secure the "loose bits" with safety wire. Been doing it this way for 15 years or so...not once a problem.
  13. carqwik

    IPad in the flight levels?

    My Nexus 7 works fine at FL190.
  14. Like KLRDMD says...El Paso to Tucson, no worries. VFR or IFR doesn't matter. That's pretty much the only way to go. And yes, be on the ground by 10AM. The bumps from heating off the desert floor can be quite jarring...and they're guaranteed to happen.
  15. carqwik

    New Garmin installed

    Keep us posted with pros/cons, etc. I am thinking GTN 650 GTX 345 as well...but perhaps an L-3 Lynx and live with my legacy GPS. Ugh...decisions.