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  1. I too just moved to an Acclaim from a K. So far I’m flying it by the book. Flying + 100 ROP when high and fast. - 75 LOP when not so fast. Still learning all the profiles. So far the Acclaim is like having all the Mooney’s rolled into one. I can fly it like a J at 145 knots on 10 GPH, like the K at 165 knots on 13.5 GPH , like the Ovation at 175 at 17 GPH, or like the Acclaim at 220 at 20 GPH. Really flexible and capable.
  2. Being ready for the go around is a good plan. Even if lighted and permitted I can’t imagine a night landing there.
  3. That’s because you did. It gets harder in a long body I hear Did you you talk to any locals before attempting? The tip I got that helped me was don’t land at the top of the hill.
  4. New items: pistons, gaskets, all hoses FWF, gaskets, etc Overhauled items: crank, case, turbo, Merlin controller, exhaust, fuel system, mags Reused items: alternator, vacuum pump, other small accessories Don Maxwell did the R&R. All of the above plus shipping and taxes ~$60K
  5. FWIW I had my TSIO 360 LB overhauled at Jewel about 100 hours ago and have been very pleased. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. If you use GJT be aware of DA. The Grand Mesa is just east of there and in my 231 on a hot summer afternoon all I could manage was 200 fpm. Not enough to prevent some pretty weird vectors on climb out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. And to the original poster.. a big thank you to you and all the Brits. Without your country (and it’s pension for taxation) we wouldn’t have a country. And good old luck with you own mini EU treason!
  8. Looking for Texas (preferably Central or SE) for a complete panel redo. Anyone have good experiences?
  9. What is the small round hole in the upper left for? Clock?
  10. Thanks Don. My cell is (713) 321-9026. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’m headed down Thursday after work. ETA HYI approximately 8 pm. I would be interested in dinner and a ride share to the hotel.
  12. Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I wil let you know how it turns out.
  13. Where is the field wire located and what does it connect to? I assume off the regulator somewhere?
  14. Hey guys, I just scrubbed a flight due to a low voltage indication in my 82 12 volt 231. Both the annunciation panel and the JPI 900 were warning low voltage. The JPI showed 11.7 volts and 0 amps. This was after a ground run and engine run up. Any thoughts as to what it could be? I flew the plane 1.6 hours the previous day which was the first flight since an oil change and all was well.
  15. I’ll take the other side. The 750 doesn’t add any capability over the 530W but the aspen adds gpss and synthetic vision as well. I vote for the Aspen.