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  1. Keep it in the family..... Mooney Mite!!!
  2. My 2007 G1000 Acclaim has the Monroy 130 gal tanks. I don't have it handy but buried in the STC paperwork it states that: Standard fuel gauges 22 gal = 22 gal actual Standard fuel gauges 33 gal = 44 gal actual Standard fuel gauges 45 gal = ?? can't remember The standard gauges get more accurate the less fuel you have remaining. When you are at the bottom of the range they are very accurate. So there is some truth to the gauges needing "calibrating" whether that is manual or done in the G1000 config file is up to you.
  3. TBM just bought Kodiac. Anyone think they would be interested in Mooney? They could probably get it for a song. They could call it Tarbes Mooney again! I bet its cheaper to make parts in Kerrville than France. Easy marketing, call everything TBM (horsepower), TBM 280, TBM 310, TBM 700, TBM 850. A more complete line of product. All they need then is to finish the M10 (TBM 180), and they have a trainer to a turboprop.
  4. Dog flight or DOG FIGHT? Sometimes I read too quickly ;)
  5. I recently upgraded from a 231 to an Acclaim. What I tell people about it is that flying the Acclaim is like having the entire Mooney M20 stable in my hangar. I can fly it a 11 GPH like a J and get 145 KTS, at 13 GPH at 170 KTS like a K or like a TN at 20 GPH and 200+ KTS at any altitude I choose. It is the ultimate in flexibility. That flexibility allows me to negate any perceived shortcomings of useful load. I can fly far and fast with a light load, far and somewhat slower with a heavier load, or even farther and slower still with a really heavy load.
  6. The real Spits had lousy time on station as well in the early models. The climb rate looks eye opening. I wonder what the deck angle is at that rate.
  7. Some kit builders in Cisco Texas claim to have a custom PSRU for the LS2 that is without failure...
  8. It’s not Mooney specific but it’s definitely humorous... Found in the FBO in Pecos, TX. Best tamales at any airport.
  9. I too just moved to an Acclaim from a K. So far I’m flying it by the book. Flying + 100 ROP when high and fast. - 75 LOP when not so fast. Still learning all the profiles. So far the Acclaim is like having all the Mooney’s rolled into one. I can fly it like a J at 145 knots on 10 GPH, like the K at 165 knots on 13.5 GPH , like the Ovation at 175 at 17 GPH, or like the Acclaim at 220 at 20 GPH. Really flexible and capable.
  10. Being ready for the go around is a good plan. Even if lighted and permitted I can’t imagine a night landing there.
  11. That’s because you did. It gets harder in a long body I hear Did you you talk to any locals before attempting? The tip I got that helped me was don’t land at the top of the hill.
  12. New items: pistons, gaskets, all hoses FWF, gaskets, etc Overhauled items: crank, case, turbo, Merlin controller, exhaust, fuel system, mags Reused items: alternator, vacuum pump, other small accessories Don Maxwell did the R&R. All of the above plus shipping and taxes ~$60K
  13. FWIW I had my TSIO 360 LB overhauled at Jewel about 100 hours ago and have been very pleased. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. If you use GJT be aware of DA. The Grand Mesa is just east of there and in my 231 on a hot summer afternoon all I could manage was 200 fpm. Not enough to prevent some pretty weird vectors on climb out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. And to the original poster.. a big thank you to you and all the Brits. Without your country (and it’s pension for taxation) we wouldn’t have a country. And good old luck with you own mini EU treason!