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  1. Just Asking, Does anyone have a comment about the Battery Minder (( de➖Sulfunator )) feature. I have been using the Concorde compatable Battery Minder for last ten years on what has now become a Concorde $600.00 24 volt AGM batterY. MY last battery I retired at six years..not that it gave up thee ghost..just that didn’t want a failure On the road. i seldom EXPERINCE more than 10 ~ 14 days without a 1 hour flight. The question is: Is desulfation a myth or a good method to increase battery life ??
  2. M20JFlyer


    The M20T Predator lived at Lakeland Florida for some period. Perhaps some Mooney space members in the Florida Mooneys group can expand the story of how and why this one of a kind Mooney was in Florida. The Home to Sun N Fun has several Military and Civilian planes in static display..most are suffering display in the Sun as in out door display. I'm glad to learn this Mooney has returned to its maker and will enter a period of preservation. The Predator cleans up nicely, The photos I have of it at Lakeland and my memories of it at Lakeland were sad. ( I believe the names that appear on the Landing gear cover were members of the team involved with Predator History)
  3. Don, Pat Lyons is IN...and thanks for your efforts planning what sounds like a nice evening.
  4. I have posted this comment before. I have a Dr. friend of size ( P C description of 285#--295# winter) I fly him non stop from Houston to Branson, MO in a J MSE . I remove the RF seat an secure a small cooler with bevs n snacks in its place. Yeah I'm a bit OCD.. so both rear seat cushions are also removed and an aviation approved large wheel chair 26 inch X 4 inch pad with a reinforced substrate is installed. ( yeah i'm ready for the ?? is the seat belt restraint adequate and legal) IT does allow much easier entry and egress . I also frequently fly with spouse with normal rear seat config..she prefers rear seat for the additional space provided with RF seat removed easier in and out and access to cooler for drinks and snacks. The PLB is Velcro top the 12 inch cooler ..the cooler also secured with extreme Velcro to be unlatched and quickly kicked forward to allow an emergency egress. I also enjoy the benefit of being able to load PAX in back first . All this banter and two light weight bicycle helmets loose and easily do able should the pony choose departure to quit. Hear ye Hear ye ...any comments or similar seating arrangements for two or three Pax CC trips??
  5. M20JFlyer will be present and contribute ( Pat Lyons ) I second the comment offered that " REALL NAMES" be included on the badge. Yves, if you have already prepared the template or begun processing the badges a few black Sharpie marker pens would allow an option for those who choose to have NAME I realize with the number of guests reaching 70 and growing .... the NAME option ... cud be an alternate destination ....hand written by those who want it Yves, we thank you and salute your time and effort in support of a good cause.
  6. I have a question: when talking Mooney wing .. who is the custodian of history for the twisted wing. What little I know is the 180 HP G and 200 HP F both shared this wing, as a compromise to speed up certification if Mooney included the Positive Control Some say the twisted wing was only built in 1967 and slowed the plane 3-4 knots. I owned and flew a 67 F model (Executive) for 31 years. The logs show 3,844 Hrs unbalanced Lyc.IO-360 A1A twice field overhauled . Always hangared when home. 1. Left Kerrville w electric gear and what has been named the twisted wing ...operated with Ram Air above 5K, ROP,... 14 years of grass balance paved runway. 2.I experienced NO problems with dukes fast elec gear and treated one lower inspection panel on left tank in 31 yrs. ( Top ur tank at every stop) wet tanks live longer Why do i bother with this story 3. The unbalanced IO-360 with the round tip mccauley prop will outperform any normal aspirated J The 1967 F is the Better Short field or soft field numbers ..better slow flight and easier to land than the J ...when loaded with equal weight. Let the games and naysayers begin I Love my 91-J IT"S a fantastic plane
  7. Rocket Aviator If as you move forward with your King/Honeywell autopilot and you need to repair a pittman motor The servo motor can be repaired with integrity and experienced people . Just saying if it is the motor the (servo ) that needs attention try http://www.bigwoodselectric.com/ They repaired mine in 2012 and it has worked perfect for 700 + hours The gentleman in charge at that time was Zach... his phone # was 701.642.3145. Let all of us on MS know how you proceed ..because these legacy AP's need affordable people like bigwoods to service our needs Don't mess with Texas N9135W 201 MSE Houston
  9. Iam voting with Byron. I got my push button wizard GTN750 and damn glad I have my dependable (for me anyway) King KX 165 with its Glide slope & talks to those things called VOR's & LOC's I'm also voting think it was Bob on the one rugged handheld G696 and a multifunctional hand held radio. Saved some $$ for my PLB on a lanyard around my neck in the event my plane wants a rest off field or gets hot and wants to swim
  10. I seldom butt in on political discussions ...However will support with a loud vote for the 100LL option for fuel. Find a method to preheat in cold weather THEIR IS NO DISPUTE ABOUT THE NEED TO PREHEAT IN TEMP BELOW __________ i know what my figure is. and multi grade oils are not a substitute for my 60K 4 banger Lyc Heated hangars are extremely hard to find and overnight vs an hour to defrost airframe is another topic for another thread for Northern travel.
  11. Bob and all on MS SOME TIMES WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS I'm not going into the pros and cons of YAESU vs any other hand held any body on the list want an FTA- 750L in the box (zero time) with return it if your not happy PM me i did a localiser into Bush KIAH AS A REQUEST OF Houston A CONTROLER FRIEND..?THE UNIT PUTS YOU ON LOC PLUS 15 Nm using the 5 watt radio switching between YAESU, GTN 750 and KX155, .....it simply does what sportys says it will do with the pigtail whip antena Interested make an offer one buck more than $250.00 USD and you can have it b4 Christmas ..if ya been good PM ME AT : PLYONS820@YAHOO.CO MY KIDS DONT COMMUNICATE WELL AND I RECEIVED TWO YEP TWO OF THE YAESU FTA-750L FOR BIRTHDAY AUGUST 2017 can not imagine needing a redundant back up hand held...
  12. Xziggy I have a JPI830 soo my comments may be mute..but I was not aware the JPI products used a volume in the tank sensor With the JPI 830 your fuel is dependent on a value you program less that USED as provided by a very accurate flow meter . Bring me up to speed on features of the 900 series . Does JPI compute fuel remaining from tank senders or flow meters for each tank?!
  13. Antares, thanks for sharing your concern. I installed a LYCOMING factory OH engine May of 2017. My fuel pressure is also at the extreme of 30lbs from the moment of start-up, and stays pegged at 30-31 irregardless of RPM. my mechanic shared this with MOONEY at install and Mooney sez 30 is unique but at top of allowed spec. we even cross-checked with test equipment to assure the OEM and my JPI 830 Reading were the same. OEM JPI and test epuipment were same ( the same being less than 2 lbs variance ) then i enjoyed a ho hum response from Lycoming " "....Lycoming offered no comment other than complying with POH / manufacturers range" I pursued with lycoming that the last two IO-360's with same Set up that I owned operated in 16 lbs range...{{{more importantly most other injected lycoming powered planes I experienced...fuel pressure was closer to 14-18..what explanation could they offer for a 2X pressure for a fresh OH IN year 2017.} Next conversation with BENDIX RSA. The servo techs seemed reluctant to debate lycoming..but offered a ho hum response was not sufficient..as servo diaphragms and injection nozels performance could be affected by extremes and lack of RPM fluctuations in pressure ..both could also be a concern in the long term. reading the prior posts on a method to remedy the high pressure...the options to cure the high pressure are expensive and extreme ..does anyone else share MY concern that RPM and some fuel pressure fluctuations is something necessary and some parameters could be established. further comments will be appreciated
  14. Thanks GENTLEMEN, for the HELPFUL ENCOURAGEMENT Sometimes the most obvious mundane task needs a cooler day and a restart. Andy ,, Yep got the articulating seat jacked up.. and thought I had applied all the necessary cuss words..but just remembered a few more Thanks again team
  15. No such thing as a dumb question . Have owned a Mooney since 1967 so why am I looking for tips and help NOW . Frequently fly with front passenger seat removed so figured I knew it all when removing a seat on the rails in a Mooney. Mooney 91 201 MSE See MY process below Remove ALL the stop bolts in the rails push it back far as possible ..lift up on back till seat is free of both rails .. move it forward until front is free of rails.. Like everything Mooney they are built sturdy 1. Folks What process have others used to remove L.front seat. Im all ears Nothing is binding , all four rollers free, NO debris , seat moves freely through full excursion 2. Feel dumb as hell asking..but don't want to get rough and rowdy and harm something removing a seat.