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  1. I have no idea what it's worth. I was just thinking about putting it on ebay tomorrow.
  2. I just replaced my Whelen Parmetheus 28v Par-46 (PLED462L) with a AeroLEDs SunSpot 4580. Significantly more wattage (170 watts vs 36 watts). Definitely brighter. I just can't promise if it's worth the AMU. Taxiing at night is easier for these 50+ year old eyes, and that's why I bought it. I'll have no pics for comparison, but did do some night flying at airports with minimal lighting at night (e.g. N40) and found taxiing much easier. So I guess it was worth it. Not sure what to do with the Parmetheus...maybe ebay. No point keeping it as a spare, as LEDs supposed to last 10,000 hours....Due to increased wattage not clear if I should leave this one on from startup to shutdown like I did with the old one...
  3. Crazy story, but CO detector saved my life (or maybe our nannies). I bought a new CO detector. Took it out of package, some Velcro on back, all set up for plane. Threw flight bag into laundry (HVAC) room. Damn thing started alarming. "Damn it ! I just bought it and it's going crazy." Brought it into my office, it stopped alarming, I saw nothing wrong with it. Back in flight bag...flight bag into laundry room. Alarm say "High", meaning super high levels. Repeated process. Long story short...chimney totally clogged. Now that's a good test !!! I read everything I could about CO poisoning (I had studied it in school and given a few lectures on it and how it relates to pulse oximetry etc). Don't get too bent out of shape about an accurate CO monitor. Just get one that can detect low levels. Keep in mind OSHA lets people put in a 40 hr work week with levels somewhere in the 80 ppm level. In my plane I'm not scared of those levels IF I know where it's coming from (e.g. jet taxiing in front of me) and that it's getting better. Shouldn't happen in flight. Low levels during taxi with door open...ok...etc.
  4. I'm reviewing emergency procedures for my '89 J. Coincidentally (because the ventilation system plays into the "fire in flight" emergency) for the first time in a long time, when I went flying over the weekend I got hot and opened the overhead wemac vents and was surprised when hardly any air came out. The lower vents (pilot's left knee position) worked fine. I was trying to figure out why no significant air came outoverhead. When I got home, I had a radical idea and read the POH ! Somehow I forgot about the "master air vent control" overhead. In reading about the ventilation system, I realized it's a fairly complex system in the Mooney with 3 separate (kinda) systems. I think I understand the overhead system--a master control and 4 overhead wemacs- one for each occupant. The air enters from dorsal fin. (seems like you would NOT want to close this with an engine fire/smoke--more on this later) I do NOT quite understand the cabin heat and vent controlled by the knobs by pilot's right knees. It seems like the heat and the vent work independently and the mixed air (hot from heat, ambient from vent) get mixed and go to front side vents and defroster. This sort of makes sense except when I pull the heat in the winter the hottest place seems to be by the floor between pilot and copilot-not coming out of lower vents. Am I misunderstanding something here ?
  5. Hey, I'm not advocating this--I'm just asking if anyone is familiar with this maneuver in a Mooney ! I was, until a few days ago, unfamiliar with this as a maneuver. I saw this video and then read about this. Apparently a useful maneuver in gliders. In sailplanes sometime the problem is you can't come down, you're getting sucked up into a cumulus or some other such situations. The gliders I have flown had no power source and little in the way of instrumentation-ASI, compass, altimeter and a piece of yarn on the windscreen--to help you in IMC. So maybe this works in gliders. Heck, in airplanes certified to spin, spinning is a stable, relatively benign maneuver which can get you down in a hurry with the wings firmly attached !!!
  6. I was watching a video (below) describing a means of descending in IMC with no instruments. Basically power at idle, trim all the way up, full flaps and hands off the controls until you enter VMC (hopefully well above terrain). I went up to altitude slowed down with power at idle, put full flaps down, trimmed way up (not quite full), I didn't like the way things felt, chickened out and ended up practicing garden-variety stalls. I'm a glider pilot and never learned this maneuver when I got the rating many years ago. I believe it's called a benign spiral. Anyone every try this in a Mooney (201 or other model) ?
  7. epsalant

    Oil Consumption Question

    I believe him (and You !), wondering about the "Why ?".
  8. When I get my oil changed in my 1989 M20J, I have the mechanic put in 7 qt oil. (One for the filter, the dipstick reads "6") For the next ten or so hours, my engine seems to use no oil. Then it starts to require (in order to keep the level at 6 qts, where I like it) about 1/2 qt every 2.5-3 hr. My mechanic said it's not unusual for engines to use less oil right after an oil change. Why is this ? Why should the engine burn less oil right after an oil change ?
  9. Any idea if the Aero LEDs will be discounted for Sun N Fun ? Were they last year ? I'm thinking that's the route I want to go...
  10. I have an 1989 J which is 24V, so that would be no problem. I agree pretty impressive specs. http://aeroleds.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Datasheet_01-2230-4580_Sunspot-46-4580_RevA.pdf I assume installation is no big deal if the cowling is already off for an oil change--something I could do while mechanic changes oil ??? But $765 !!! Wow !
  11. Thanks for clearing that up !
  12. My understanding is that HID is WAY brighter. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  13. I have spoken to them, but I suspect they are biased[emoji3] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  14. I have been thinking about getting a Boom Beam landing light in my J for a long time. I just feel I would like more light when I land, especially after rolling out, coming to a stop and seeing big ol' antlers 20 yards away at night ! My mechanic stated some concerns as he had REMOVED a Boom Beam from an unhappy Boom Beam owner many years ago and was wondering if these concerns are valid. 1) The connector for the lamp is not a secure snap on type – it is a push on and so the owners was having a problem with the connection frequently slipping out. 2) Less of an issue is the wire harness from the box to the lamp. Whereas the original factory harness is embedded in the cowling and protected from exhaust heat, the new harness is not and so comes close to the exhaust at the lamp end. This could be ameliorated with a fire sleeve. Thoughts ? Any pireps ? Anyone have major problems.
  15. epsalant

    Best Place to Put Customs Sticker

    If that works and is legal, perfect. No chance if buggering up ok paint using that option!!!