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  1. Lance, How does the KFC225 interface with Aspen? Did you have to install an interface? Does it fly much differently with than with the KI256 driving the a/p?
  2. Thanks, this is great info. I just flew from my daughters' camp in North Carolina back to Austin in our T206. Of course, we were able to haul everything including a trunk and duffle that we would have otherwise have been shipped. As I have mentioned on previous posts, we have the 206 for sale (when it will sell, who knows?). My wife and weighed the merits of cargo capacity versus speed and comfort. We both agree that we would give up cargo for speed, comfort and economy (especially making 128 Knots over the ground into a 20 knot head wind burning 17 gph for 4.3 hours on our recent journey). That said, I do have two teenage daughters and there may be times the 4 of us fly cross country. So I need to at a bear minimum be able to haul enough for two or three days for each of us. This would be rare, but it could happen. The rough calculation would be 120 lbs luggage, 500 lbs people. This would leave us with the ability to carry 50 gallons of fuel roughly. Running in an efficiency mode (not to digress on LOP operations here, I am sure there are other threads for that), I believe I could go further than 4 bladders could hold out.
  3. Can anyone tell me the standard size luggage that will fit through the cargo door of an Ovation? Better yet, the dimensions of the door space? Also am interested in loading strategies when there are two folks, but quite a bit of cargo. Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks. This exactly what I was looking for. All my time is in fixed gear, and I am interested in learning all possible regarding the landing gear. I will probably check the indicators multiple times on approach. Of course, the plane is so fast with the gear up, it baffles me how someone could land with the gear up (please airplane Gods, don't let the last statement tempt you into teaching me a lesson). I know it happens.
  5. Can you please explain the procedure for emergency gear extension on a later model Ovation? I have been looking at Mooneys since November and have not heard or thought to ask what is involved. Is it a strength or weakness of the system? Has anyone ever had to use the emergency extension in a real situation? Thanks, Scott
  6. Thanks for input. I have a t-hangar at KAUS, so the plane would not be heat soaked. Let me know the next time you will be in Llano, would love to check out your plane and enjoy the BBQ at Coopers.
  7. I really like the Bravo, but a/c is a must. It is simply too hot in central Texas to fly with the family without a/c. From time to to time I go on business in a dress shirt, and even early in the morning the heat builds in the summer time. Does anyone have a comment on how well the a/c actually works? I realize it will not be like the car a/c, but hope it will be functional. With the T206 I don't remember ever needing to go above 160 feet to get above weather. More than that and my inclination would be to divert. The airplane I am looking at does not have o2. I my first plane, a DA40, I carried a portable o2 bottle, but that went with the plane. Is there a decent mounting option for semi-portable o2 in the long bodies? Thanks,
  8. New to the forum, and appreciate your insights. I am a Texan and have always had a soft spot for Mooneys. Currently I drive a G1000 T206, am IFR rated, and have 325 hours (200 in the 206). My mission is 500 plus miles. Current consideration is the Ovation with a/c. I have my eye on a 2002 with 800 hours tt. My biggest concern is the utility of the Mooney. I have a family of four (we weigh 550 pounds together, I am the tallest at 5'9", and my wife and two teenage daughters are petite). What is not petite is how they pack. I worry that the Mooney will be too small. How do you all generally pack? How many suitcases can you fit in the luggage compartment? I have done w&b calculations and think that we can do 60 gal and fly pretty fully loaded. Also have considered the 310hp STC to lower the weight up front and add a little extra power on takeoff. I am also considering the A36, but would have to buy a 1990-1992 vintage to get a 1999-2002 vintage Mooney. I really appreciate any insights from those that from time to time will load their Mooneys to gw.
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