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  1. This is the tool that I purchased and I am happy with. (We share the same problem with the Cessna Cardinal series.)
  2. autopatch

    Alternative to rivets in radio trays?

    Rick - When I had my avionics racks replaced, the A&P doing the work insisted that they had to be redone with rivets because “that is how it came from the factory”. I don’t have any way to verify his position or not; I’m just relaying what happened to me. YMMV. Chris
  3. autopatch

    Font Size

    Agreed on needing to use the zoom feature on your browser ... as Dual says, usually hold the CTRL key and tap the plus key until it’s big enough.
  4. autopatch

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    Yeah, but I can store it for you here over the winter if you want.
  5. autopatch

    Teens going to Oshkosh?

    We had Hailey’s cousin last year and he enjoyed himself after a few days of getting acclimated. It was also his first time as well. The big thing he wanted to do is ride bicycles, and the Goodwill store has some pretty cheap. Just can’t ride them inside the core zone, but you can all around the North 40.
  6. Officially you are supposed to ship to GES Services and they are typically located behind Hangar A. You cannot ship to Camp Scholler.
  7. You can ship it to my house which is just off the North 40. I’ll PM the address. I’ll be there from today through the duration.
  8. autopatch

    Options for removing the Vacuum Pump w/ KAP 150

    Thanks for the clarification. I suspect I’m going to run into a similar problem with my Century 2000. It seems odd that Garmin wouldn’t have designed for complete compatibility. Pretty big marketing miss, unless they were assuming people would want to keep existing AI as back up.
  9. autopatch

    Options for removing the Vacuum Pump w/ KAP 150

    Garmin says it is compatible unless I’m reading this wrong:
  10. I understand they haven’t perfected cloning yet, so it’s a bit difficult being in two places at the same time. Even so, I’m not sure the world is quite braced for the combined energy output that multiple copies of the dynamic Jolie and Jan duo would produce. I’m with Jolie. Let’s spread the love (and the travel expenses) and recruit some additional presenters. I haven’t had my coffee yet, so YMMV.
  11. autopatch

    Holy Yikes!

    Great job, and thank you for the write up. Glad you're safe.
  12. autopatch

    Off field landing at KSGH

    The weather finally got warm enough and schedules worked out for some basic testing. The ice heaving the threshold of the doors gave us a problem getting the hangar doors opened. Checked the usual suspects, got it started and did some extended ground runs and high speed taxi texts. Ran it for about an hour and nothing obvious showing in the data so far. With the snow falling now, I don’t expect it to be above 30 until late next week. Both tanks are still around half full, still loaded with 100LL, still no water in the sumps. Pumps seem to fine. So, really, no; no news.
  13. autopatch

    Young Eagles

    There are two programs for that. One is called AOPA Rusty Pilots seminar and the other is EAA Eagle Flights. Both are fairly successful but need to be expanded.
  14. autopatch

    Young Eagles

    Here it is: