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  1. Off field landing at KSGH

    The weather finally got warm enough and schedules worked out for some basic testing. The ice heaving the threshold of the doors gave us a problem getting the hangar doors opened. Checked the usual suspects, got it started and did some extended ground runs and high speed taxi texts. Ran it for about an hour and nothing obvious showing in the data so far. With the snow falling now, I don’t expect it to be above 30 until late next week. Both tanks are still around half full, still loaded with 100LL, still no water in the sumps. Pumps seem to fine. So, really, no; no news.
  2. Young Eagles

    There are two programs for that. One is called AOPA Rusty Pilots seminar and the other is EAA Eagle Flights. Both are fairly successful but need to be expanded.
  3. Young Eagles

    Here it is:
  4. Young Eagles

    One of our YE volunteers regularly brings his Debonair to our events, another brings his Mooney and a third brings a Cub. The rest are Cessnas of some type or stripe.
  5. Young Eagles

    I’m a YE coordinator so I’d be happy to help you get setup and connected.
  6. Do you have a Stratus 2 or not? If yes, Stratus ESG is the cheapest way to complete your In/Out setup. If not, Lynx NGT-9000 is the cheapest.
  7. Shamelessly stolen, offered in the good humor of the season, and also very grateful for this safe haven of a community that keeps the shenanigans down to a reasonable decibel level. -------------------------------------- How many Facebook Pilots does it take to change a spark plug? - 1 to change the spark plug and to post that spark plug has been changed. - 14 to share similar experiences of changing spark plugs and how the spark plug could have been changed differently. - 7 to caution about the dangers of changing spark plugs. - 27 to point out spelling/grammar errors in posts about changing spark plugs. - 15 know-it-alls who claim *they* were in the industry, and that "spark plug" is an electrical device threaded into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine to ignite the fuel mixture by producing timed sparks between electrodes. - 2 to post that this group is not about spark plugs and to please take this discussion to a spark plug group. - 27 to defend the posting to this group saying that we all use spark plugs and therefore the posts *are* relevant to this group. - 16 to debate which method of changing spark plugs is superior, where to buy the best spark plugs, what brand of spark plugs work best for this technique, and what brands are faulty. - 2 to post URL's where one can see examples of different spark plugs. - 12 to post to the group that they will no longer post because they cannot handle the spark plug controversy. - 4 to suggest that posters request the spark plugs FAQ. - 16 to post "F". - 44 to ask what is a "F"? - 4 to say "didn't we go through this already a short time ago?" - 3 to say "do a Google search on spark plugs before posting questions about spark plugs". - 1 lurker to respond to the original post 6 months from now and start it all over again.... Stolen from Sarah Rover who in turn stole it from Kevin Larks. ----------------------------------------
  8. Off field landing at KSGH

    I know most of us have a “next disposable amu list”, and I’d recommend putting put a 730/830 on that list for someone who doesn't have one. My Christmas was supposed to be a FlightStream 210 ..... Problem is training, AvGas and Mx keeps us away from the list.
  9. Off field landing at KSGH

    Talked to an on-field A&P today, discussed what might be the causes. We're going to start with pulling the fuel screen and checking for debris. The JPI data showed the engine was at idle as I suspected. FF went from 16 GPH to 3 GPH. Pulled the cowlings off and nothing looked out of the ordinary or suspicious at first glance. I have the Lycoming Troubleshooting guide courtesy of another member here and we are going to go through it step by step. Just waiting for vacation to start so I can devote more time to this process. The day job requires most of my attention (rightly so.)
  10. J

    I don't see why Mooney can't have an "entry level" model that competes with the SR20 and serves as an upgrade path to larger, faster, more expensive top of the line aircraft. Not sure what needs to happen to leverage the company's existing intellectual, design and type certificate capital and get an basic Mooney out into the market generating some cash flow. I continue to go back to a factory (or subsidiary) re-manufactured Mooney ... scoop up all the derelicts at airports across the country, turn them around and get them back into the market.
  11. WTB tow bar

    Are you buying or selling?
  12. Off field landing at KSGH

    Yes, that's why I specifically featured that picture. I have many other pictures of the fuselage, but this was the most notable external damage. We haven't had a chance to assess the internal damage (if any) yet, or to determine the root cause. That will happen over the coming two weeks depending on people's vacation schedules. I don't expect it to be quick. Trust me, it is all going to get examined within an 1/8" of it's life. This is the other gear door. Not bent, but probably compressed.
  13. Off field landing at KSGH

    I was trying to come up with a Sherlock Holmes riff on "final solution" but it's too early and I haven't had enough coffee. The planning paid off and we got the aircraft back into the hangar yesterday smoothly, except that while walking backwards I fell into one of the post holes. Apparently nobody took a picture of that. Better me than the main gear, so I was happy to have found the hole first. Even though the posts were advertised to be 10' apart, we only obtained 31' of the needed 36'. With six guys we were able to jockey it through, and I'm glad we had 31' instead of trying to do this on a cold day in 23'. It was very much worth it taking the fence down. I have a call into the on-field A&P and left him a voicemail, so that's the next step.
  14. J

    I would extremely happy if they would find a way to economically resume manufacturing the 78 J with whatever safety related service bulletins applied (ram air removed, fuel selector between the seats). I am perfectly happy with my steam gauges, HSI, dual 430s and ForeFlight for under $95k. Somebody is doing a re-manufacturing program for the 152 and I would like to think there might be a market for remanufactured Moonies.
  15. Off field landing at KSGH

    I agree with you, Mike. In fact, on reflection, this exchange causes me to recall the model specific training program (and the subsequent positive results) designed for the Mitsubishi MU-2B. We have the MAPA Safety Foundation which was started in 1990 to address type specific subjects. After a cluster of accidents in 2012, Cirrus wasn't satisfied with the way that pilots were operating their planes, and they designed the Cirrus Approach program in 2016. A friend of mine recently had the opportunity to fly the replica of the Spirit of St Louis this past July and reported that he found the plane to be "unstable in all three axis." We're also getting very close to the lively discussions around the changes introduced during the PTS to ACS redesign: specifically around stalls, stall recovery and stall warnings. Those things having come to mind, it also generally occurs to me that each of them deserves to be exhaustively explored in their own dedicated threads, and to not suffer the indignity of getting lost and orphaned in this one.