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  1. Off field landing at KSGH

    Yes, that's why I specifically featured that picture. I have many other pictures of the fuselage, but this was the most notable external damage. We haven't had a chance to assess the internal damage (if any) yet, or to determine the root cause. That will happen over the coming two weeks depending on people's vacation schedules. I don't expect it to be quick. Trust me, it is all going to get examined within an 1/8" of it's life. This is the other gear door. Not bent, but probably compressed.
  2. Off field landing at KSGH

    I was trying to come up with a Sherlock Holmes riff on "final solution" but it's too early and I haven't had enough coffee. The planning paid off and we got the aircraft back into the hangar yesterday smoothly, except that while walking backwards I fell into one of the post holes. Apparently nobody took a picture of that. Better me than the main gear, so I was happy to have found the hole first. Even though the posts were advertised to be 10' apart, we only obtained 31' of the needed 36'. With six guys we were able to jockey it through, and I'm glad we had 31' instead of trying to do this on a cold day in 23'. It was very much worth it taking the fence down. I have a call into the on-field A&P and left him a voicemail, so that's the next step.
  3. J

    I would extremely happy if they would find a way to economically resume manufacturing the 78 J with whatever safety related service bulletins applied (ram air removed, fuel selector between the seats). I am perfectly happy with my steam gauges, HSI, dual 430s and ForeFlight for under $95k. Somebody is doing a re-manufacturing program for the 152 and I would like to think there might be a market for remanufactured Moonies.
  4. Off field landing at KSGH

    I agree with you, Mike. In fact, on reflection, this exchange causes me to recall the model specific training program (and the subsequent positive results) designed for the Mitsubishi MU-2B. We have the MAPA Safety Foundation which was started in 1990 to address type specific subjects. After a cluster of accidents in 2012, Cirrus wasn't satisfied with the way that pilots were operating their planes, and they designed the Cirrus Approach program in 2016. A friend of mine recently had the opportunity to fly the replica of the Spirit of St Louis this past July and reported that he found the plane to be "unstable in all three axis." We're also getting very close to the lively discussions around the changes introduced during the PTS to ACS redesign: specifically around stalls, stall recovery and stall warnings. Those things having come to mind, it also generally occurs to me that each of them deserves to be exhaustively explored in their own dedicated threads, and to not suffer the indignity of getting lost and orphaned in this one.
  5. Off field landing at KSGH

    José - I'm grateful that I had the benefit of exceptional training even if I was not aware enough at the time to recognize it for what it was. Also, in my case, there was no crash. I executed a power off landing on an unimproved surface. Nothing was bent and nobody was injured. Many people have been less fortunate than FlyChicke and I, and we acknowledge that. I'm not in a position to speculate or comment on the circumstances of others.
  6. Off field landing at KSGH

    Thank you, I appreciate that. Gulfstream - Ha! I *wish*. No. Really. It's on the bucket list. We probably walked right past each other because I remember three different people at the desk in the FBO when @FlyChickie and Richard were hanging out in the conference room between photo missions.
  7. Off field landing at KSGH

    The north-south roads to the west and the east are both State Routes and at that point ODOT (permits, flagmen, wide load contractors) and the State Police gets involved. I measured each of the gates on the rural road between the State Routes along the south boundary and they are all between 23' 6" and 24' 1". Somebody made the *fine* design decision that the road leading into the Business Airpark (with a direct shot to the FBO maintenance hangar) required a center median with planted trees bounded by decorative brick walls flanking the entrance. We did some testing with orange cones set 23' apart yesterday and think we figured out how to implement Yooper and mooniac15u's advice.
  8. Off field landing at KSGH

    We're definitely not going to go over the top. We're either taking it sideways through the gate on casters or taking the fence down. No point in the expense and risk of craning it; in any event there are no trusted crane providers within 200 miles.
  9. Off field landing at KSGH

    I remember that video. I think it was a 1960-something with a Johnson bar for the gear, and I think it was in England. I think we'll be ok with the dollies.
  10. Off field landing at KSGH

    Just met with the City. They want a member of their staff to be there. No-go on Saturday. Stay tuned folks. Thanks for the ideas and the support.
  11. One Last Food Fight?

    Money = fuel = advancing the throttle: trading chemical energy into potential energy.
  12. Off field landing at KSGH

    You've got to have a little bit of fun during this process.
  13. Off field landing at KSGH

    We are looking at the dolly idea, both at car dollies or building our own. Sheets of aluminum have been floated but it is going to be freezing or below freezing this weekend, so I doubt that it will get to that point. The concern is not putting too much side load on the gear during the process.
  14. Off field landing at KSGH

    I cut out the same drawing out of my POH too. How does your Saturday look?
  15. Off field landing at KSGH

    Has there been a "reaction spammer" in the past? I haven't been around enough to witness bad behavior on this board.