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  1. Mike Ropers

    Window replacement

    Yep 14 CFR 43 calls out side windows - but the windshield is an A&P / IA job. "(13) Replacing side windows where that work does not interfere with the structure or any operating system such as controls, electrical equipment, etc."
  2. Mike Ropers

    Questions about M20F and Mooney's in general

    I step in right foot on the floor - grasp the grab handle and swing in the left leg to the pilot side , lowering the derrière into the seat. Getting out is less graceful
  3. Mike Ropers

    What's with posting videos of violating regs...?

    We had a friend who would, without fail, fall asleep at 7,000 feet.
  4. Mike Ropers

    Travel Boards

    I'd vote aluminum - plasti dip coat the edge for scratch protection - it can be sprayed for an even coating.
  5. Mike Ropers

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    I'm gonna take my ball and bat and glove and go home...... thin skin don't get you anywhere. I'm gonna take my ball and bat and glove and go home...... thin skin don't get you anywhere.
  6. A little holiday cheer- looks like Santa has started his rounds
  7. Mike Ropers

    New Interior!! M-20F

    Nothing better than the smell of leather !! One thing to consider is a sheepskin seat cushion / protector for the front seats - try as I may I still have passengers who tend to step on the lower cushion of the passenger seat and it gets dirty quick
  8. Mike Ropers

    How to cover hole from ADF Antenna?

  9. Mike Ropers

    How to cover hole from ADF Antenna?

    Looks like your going to have to drop the headliner anyways - When I removed one of the strobes from the belly I actually took a flat piece of aluminum and "press formed" it to give it an 1/16 inch embossment - put nut plates on it and utilized the existing screw holes for attachment. You could probably do the same but with the use of some sealant and countersunk rivets.
  10. One quart in 30 hours - I'm thinking that the plug isn't oil soaked unless the quart drop came in a short time - like in the last two hours of use.... if not I'm thinking more than likely just a bad/weak plug
  11. Whats your oil consumption, if it's not excessive I'd wait on the cylinder replacement unless you have other indicators. At the risk of starting a plug debate, I run UREM37BY exclusively in my IO360a1a - started when I began to have some oil fouling at startup - completely removed the problem https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/temptestplugs8.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrsWj4fir3wIVC0BpCh2F1wBXEAQYASABEgLgrfD_BwE
  12. Mike Ropers

    How to install LED Strobes?

    When mine got installed (I had no wingtip strobes as built) we ran a four lead wire. Ground Navigation power Strobe power Sync You need to pull the front seats and side panels at a minimum, open all the front inspection panels on the wing - find your existing wires - you will need to cut the strings that secure all the current wiring together. The left wing has more wires in the bundle than the right to account for the stall switch and pitot heat, both wings have a wire to a fuel sender. I found a small razor knife to be the best, find the binding string and lightly work to cut the string. Using both of the existing wing tip wires, pull a long strand of safety wire through from the wingtip to the cabin. Secure the new wire and pull through to the wingtip. Zip tie the wires where appropriate - pulling wires works a lot easier with a helper to ensure things don't get bound up from the feed side. The tail stöbe takes ALOT of patience. Our unique empennage design means the wires snake this way and that to facilitate the tail movement. This project was done in concert with the install of my GDL-82 at annual so my interior was out for both to allow running coax and wiring.
  13. Mike Ropers

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Position lights, also known as navigation lights, include a green light on the right wing, a red light on the left wing and a white light on the tail of the airplane. These lights work together to illuminate an airplane during nighttime operations, indicating to pilots in the vicinity not only the location of the lighted airplane but its relative direction of flight. Pilots can identify whether an airplane is flying toward or away from them at night based on these lights. Per CFR Part 91.209, position lights are required during night operations - from sunset to sunrise. Anti-collision light systems include the aircraft’s beacon and/or strobe lights. Some aircraft have both a beacon and a strobe light system, and other airplanes just have one or the other. Per CFR Part 91.209, an aircraft that has an anti-collision light system installed must not operate without the anti-collision lights on, unless the pilots deems it necessary to turn off the anti-collision lights in the interest of safety (while taxiing on the ramp, for example, a pilot might wish to taxi with the aircraft’s strobe lights off so as not to impair the vision of other pilots or ground personnel). And this is where the issue of aircraft lights often becomes unclear. Many pilots operate with the strobe lights and the beacon on all the time because they interpret the FAR to mean that they must. Other pilots interpret the regulation to mean that as long as at least one of the anti-collision lights - either the beacon or the strobe lights - is on, then they’re operating within the guidelines of the regulation. Who is right? Either one, or both. A pilot should operate with the anti-collision light system on unless he deems that, in the interest of safety, a portion of the anti-collision light system should be turned off to prevent vertigo or spatial disorientation, or as a courtesy to other pilots in the vicinity. This means that while it is not necessarily illegal to operate with just the beacon on, it is prudent to use the entire system when able. For this reason, you’ll see that the common practice is to turn on the beacon before startup and to turn on the strobes right before takeoff, as a courtesy to others in the ramp area. The use of landing and/or taxi lights, installed on most airplanes, is optional. If operating an aircraft for hire at night, a landing light is required to be installed on the airplane, but there is no regulation that states that the landing light must be on or illuminated in order to operate an aircraft at night. If a pilot thinks that a landing light is necessary, either to illuminate the runway environment or for collision avoidance, he should use it. If not, he can leave it off. AIM Guidance and Operation Lights On In addition to the existing regulations, the FAA has implemented a program called “Operation Lights On,” which encourages pilots to use lights for collision avoidance and offers the following guidance (AIM, 4-3-23). “Prior to commencing taxi, it is recommended to turn on navigation, position, anti-collision, and logo lights (if equipped). To signal intent to other pilots, consider turning on the taxi light when the aircraft is moving or intending to move on the ground, and turning it off when stopped or yielding to other ground traffic. Strobe lights should not be illuminated during taxi if they will adversely affect the vision of other pilots or ground personnel.”
  14. Mike Ropers

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Thats my thinking - It was on the plane from the factory there's a switch in the dash there would be times that the wingtip strobes would not be in use but the anti-collsion is required So - my belly light remains I've added nav and strobes to the wings and tail in my dash as delivered I have three switches and dedicated circuits for all three
  15. Mike Ropers

    Wedding news

    Nor comments on political things other than those affecting aviation, nor stands on abortion, nor a whole lot of other divisive topics.