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  1. What good GA airports are around the Tampa area - and what's the going availability and rate for hangars??
  2. Mike Ropers

    $100 Burger

    Actually T51 is Dan Jones International airport...landed there - once are you thinking of T82 ?
  3. Mike Ropers

    $100 Burger

    Black Walnut Cafe - great breakfast as well!
  4. Mike Ropers

    Speaking of cold weather.....

    Probably just needs some TLC - I've not had much use for it in Texas - and last time I did try to "crack" it for a little heat I got a LOT of heat - tried to shut it off but no Joy. I know it's the flap version with the heat in and another short hose hanging for the heat out. Just thought there might be something out there that had a more robust and positive shut off.
  5. Mike Ropers

    M20F Alternator Conversion - Belt Part#

    safety wire a spare belt behind the prop - just saying.
  6. Is there an upgrade or replacement to the existing cabin heat box for a 67 F?
  7. Mike Ropers

    Changing Tires based on age

    Those aren't flat spots - they are tactile speed feed back indicators.
  8. Mike Ropers

    “Stall” warning on rollout, very annoying..

    Ah sorry mine’s not that fancy. Just an annoying buzzer that can be confused one for the other.
  9. Mike Ropers

    “Stall” warning on rollout, very annoying..

    we sure it's not the gear warning?
  10. Mike Ropers

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    Sorry. Long day....,
  11. Mike Ropers

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    Thinking the trim remark was for the shade not the suction cup
  12. Mike Ropers

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    I had them but they would fall off unexpectedly in the lap.
  13. Need to replace that coffee grinder? Pulled the white strobe from the belly - includes the white lens and a combination white / red lens, along with the mounting ring - came off my 67 F.
  14. Mike Ropers

    67’ M20F Airwolf Remote Oil Filter

    Does that require a captive oil filter or can standard filters be used?
  15. Mike Ropers

    Landing gear problem

    Do you have a link to that one? Thanks - Mike