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  1. Mike Ropers

    Does an F Nose Bounce more than a C?

    Yep lots o trim. https://youtu.be/7lS81PJdmao
  2. Mike Ropers

    Awesome power to weight ratio!!

    How'd he get that one certified for acrobatics???? Bet he even spins it!
  3. Mike Ropers

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    I've maintained after going the flight school route paying 145 an hour dry for my instruction that I would go a different route. I'd buy a basic vfr fixed gear plane (low wing of course if you are eventually going the Mooney route) do all the things to it that a pilot in training will do - bounce, land hard, side load the gear etc. Become a proficient student and whilst learning about flying and airplane ownership in what ever time frame it takes to get your ticket, start to look for your eventual next plane. You'd have to do the fixed cost comparison in your area against using a school plane but I'd wager you'd come out ahead of the game on a total cost to get the license, but the older planes tend to hold their value - the 150 hours or so really shouldn't affect the price one could ask in resale.
  4. Mike Ropers

    Fuel Caps - dilemma

    Before and after. Dilemma solved!!!!
  5. Mike Ropers

    Artic Air

  6. Mike Ropers

    I need to sit in an M20F

    My wife will opt for the back seat over the front every time. She tells me that it's like first class without the uncharge, She buys the little bottles of wine and she good to go
  7. Additionally if the belt is off check the pulley for side to side / in and out play - Mine was working well well but when I had the engine down for cylinders I checked it and it REALLY needed to be addressed.
  8. Mike Ropers

    Fuel Caps - dilemma

    Start of the first cap! Not a mirror finish but workable.
  9. Mike Ropers

    New Orleans recommendations?

    Absolutely KNEW - if you call ahead flightline will follow you and call the taxi to be there about the time you arrive. The haze was fields being burned off.
  10. Mike Ropers

    Promotional give away

  11. Mike Ropers

    Mooney Stall/Spins

    Yep - and all my preflight instructions with first timers includes - " If at anytime you want to end the flight let me know and we'll return and land" I've had two 10 minute flights as a result, even though it was a little bumpy for me it was hell for the pax.
  12. Mike Ropers

    Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-ring Kits

    Payment sent for 2 Shaw 431/531 fuel cap kit - $11.50 each
  13. Mike Ropers

    Fuel Caps - dilemma

    Definitely going to polish (or anodize) the caps - course I still want to fly while in the process - can't find any Shaw caps but there's a bunch o Gabb caps out there, would anyone know if there is a cross reference to the Gabb?
  14. Mike Ropers

    Fuel Caps - dilemma

    Now there’s a thought!!! Did you polish them or did you have it done??
  15. The paint on my fuel caps is peeling in a couple spots - I'm going to blast and repaint - however there's no chance I'm going to be able to match the current paint. Thinking that i'd be best to just intentionally go with another offsetting color (red,yellow) The wings are currently blue with white tips.... Any Thoughts out there?