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  1. Mike Ropers

    Seat Rollers

    Either way you WILL need the below
  2. Mike Ropers

    monster electrical gremlins

    Not sure - I've got a 14V system
  3. Mike Ropers

    monster electrical gremlins

    Be cautious disengaging and more importantly re engaging the alternator. I suggest turning off your avionics prior to popping the breaker back in, then turning the avionics back on. I had both of my comms - a 430 and a KX-155 go dark on me and it cost north of 4K to make em light up again. According to the avionics repair shop - they were subjected to a power spike when I did something similar.
  4. Mike Ropers

    Electric Tug and Tow Bar Recommendations

    I’ve got the sidewinder works awesome. Recently updated the manual standby as well!!
  5. Mike Ropers

    Annual Questions

    I think that is called out in the POH - it's called "Auto-Rough" My Plane has the does the same, additionally my noise cancellers start picking up weird noises as well!
  6. Mike Ropers

    Annual Questions

    As with all recommendations - look for the objective not subjective, there are tolerances for such items. 1 - If you feel uncomfortable with the tire - source one - this site has lots of varied tire recommendations but the common denominator is a high quality tube. 2 - I would ask to see where the links were rubbing that indicated the need for this item 3 - I would ask for the specificaiton and have it demonstrated that it is out of tolerance 4 - I think that this is one of the achillies heels of the Mooney landing gear - My F had 2200 ish hours on it when I had mine redone. Again have the play demonstrated for you to see. 5 - Have the play demonstrated - the ends may be worn - or more than likely the little spacing washers may be missiing. Just my thoughts and how I would approach it.
  7. Mike Ropers

    Oshkosh Prop Strike

    I agree. They were very keen on where they led you through.
  8. Some think of it as frustration, some as a challenging therapy.
  9. Looks like I have a new tool project - I like it!!!!
  10. Mike Ropers

    pics of bent m20a

    Man.... I feel for you - but I sure would put some numbers to it before I made a hasty decision.
  11. I just made the tool myself - 1 old wrench 1 vice and 1 propane torch. More important is how to get the nut back on.... My A&P and I did the following 1. Properly clean the studs, without the pump in place make sure the nuts run freely. 2. Put the pump in place, place all washers and star washers in place. 3. You should find that the length of the stud is just enough to "capture" the nuts between the pump and the end of the stud. 4. Pull the pump back enough to put the nut in place with a hemostat, push the pump forward to "capture" the nut 5, Carefully spin the nut with either you fingers (or screwdriver for the nut originally in question) 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 till done...
  12. Mike Ropers

    Working in the tail

    Young children or grandchildren work well - somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10 are best.
  13. Mike Ropers

    Spinner damage

    I'd pull the rest of the screws and inspect the spinner, it looks like the screws have worn into the spinner a bit, are there Teflon washers between the regular washers and the spinner??