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  1. Mike Ropers

    Wire Source Needed

    All the searching - and where do I find it ????? E-bay sheez
  2. Mike Ropers

    Tempest fine wire - issues

    You may want to bore-scope that cylinder - albeit small, that electrode had to go somewhere - hopefully it was a graceful exit out the exhaust
  3. Mike Ropers

    Wire Source Needed

    Yes - My AP and I haven't looked at the current routing or potential junction points - I'd rather run the new wire than run additional wires - alternatively I may run two new doubles - thinking it's going to be easier to source. That's my idea and will have to bounce it against the AP
  4. Mike Ropers

    Wire Source Needed

    Yea... so I may not be deep enough into the documentation yet - I just have the position lights on the wingtips - looking at doing the Orion's (LED) from what I saw on Aircraft spruce it calls for 18awg - I'm guessing shielded.......
  5. Mike Ropers

    Wire Source Needed

    Looking for a source to get Tefzel 18 awg 4 conductor shielded wire - all I can seem to find is 3 conductor from the usual sources....
  6. Mike Ropers

    Interesting Ice formation

    Any fuel Mist at Mooney speed should evaporate the liquid (fuel) - that evaporation would lower the ambient temp - think MEK on your shop rag - that lower ambient temp would be the tipping point of actually freezing the moisture in the air..... just some thoughts...
  7. Mike Ropers

    Low RPM Misfire M20F

    Intake Leak? The offending cylinder(s) will have a lower egt at idle than the rest, and will drop faster from high idle to idle.
  8. Mike Ropers

    Cowl Fasteners

    Dont forget the installaiton tool !! http://www.milspecproducts.com/inc/sdetail/ms_t26/2280
  9. Mike Ropers

    Exhaust Stack Nut (E, IO-360)

    +1 And when reinstalling - snug the inside nuts first - then the outside - and read long extension to mean past the bottom curve of the exhaust Pipe
  10. Mike Ropers

    How do you mount your ipad

    Hate is such a harsh word....... so I'll settle on I have an envious dislike for you! That is awesome!
  11. If I recall, if the axle center gets too far ahead of the plumb line you will experience a "shopping cart wheel wobble" - hang onto the spacer!
  12. Mike Ropers

    Missing Fuel Cap M20F

    Forgot the wheel chocks....
  13. Mike Ropers

    rotate the tires?

    Exactly - that and your moving the rotor to a different set of pads - not a really good idea. I've got an awful lot of landings on a set of Air Hawk tires stuffed with Michelin airstop tubes - my thinking is that I'm not going to risk an expensive tube to extend the life of an inexpensive tire by flipping the tire each year. The CBC has to have some limits LOL
  14. Mike Ropers

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hey Paul put me on there and send me a link!! thanks
  15. Mike Ropers

    Shop breaks a part

    I respectfully disagree with that statement. There is an expectation of expertise when you go to a shop - especially when it comes to repairing aircraft. The mechanic's ongoing training or oversight is not the responsibility of the customer.