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  1. My vacuum pump failed on my 77 M20J. My plan was to change over to an electric back up when this happened. The obvious choice would have been to replace with the new Garmin G5. My avionics shop has informed me that for Certified aircraft the G5 is only approved as a primary instrument and cannot be used as a backup. Just wondering if anyone in this group has gone all electric and what did you do once the vaccum pump failed. I do have a G500 now, see picture below. Any help and advice is appreciated. Eldon
  2. Having flown in your airplane I can agree with you. The attachment that you get from purchasing the add ons such as the GTN750 and making this your personal airplane are hard to overcome. I do have a wing from a 78 J and if you want pictures I can provide for you. I have full US logs and Canadian logs. Eldon
  3. This is Eldon, I heard of the misfortune to your beautiful J. 780-975-8598

    I know I have your email and phone number some place just cant find it now. please resend and I can send you pictures of the wing from a 78 j that had birdcage corrosion.


    If i can help let me know. Depending on how cold this winter gets I might be convinced to transport it for you.


    thank you.

    1. jezzie


      email is

  4. What is contact number for Acpartswhse ?
  5. Do you still have that one piece belly I have a 77J model How much are you asking? Thank you Eldon call me at 780-975-8598
  6. Has 60 hours on the pair. $7000 for the pair call Eldon 780-975-8598
  7. After reading all the comments above, I went into my pictures of before, during and after. After 170 hours of enjoyment would not want to go back to what it was.
  8. On the way back stop at CZVL villeneuve Alberta call me 780-975-8598 Eldon
  9. Give these folks a chance. With the strong US dollar you might have an advantage money wise. Probably worth a phone call. I know they have a lot of US customers. Acorn Welding ‎ Cached Similar Acorn Welding is your quality One Stop Shop for aircraft exhaust and engine mounts. Serving customers around the world we are Canada's largest aircraft ... 10916 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3P4 (780) 447-5955 Acorn Welding has grown to become Canada's largest aircraft exhaust and engine mount company. Growing even more in 2006 with the purchase of Radial Exhaust from West Virginia, Acorn is now also the largest radial and vintage aircraft exhaust company in the world. Between 1999 and 2009, Acorn Welding successfully performed 30,353 repairs to various aircraft components. In the same time Acorn Welding successfully manufactured 212,206 various general aviation components from small brackets, braces, and struts all the way to large riveted assemblies. Today with a modern 50,000 sq..ft. facility, forty full time staff, almost 100 new manufactured products, aircraft exhaust and engine mounts for over 50 makes and 270 models, 750 fabrication fixtures, Acorn Welding continues to grow.
  10. The Mooney instructor I hired for my insurance check ride says he always locks the baggage door before flight. This is part of my pre flight and prior to boarding I habitually lock the baggage door.
  11. I am going to install a Garmin 330 mode S TX, and hoping that traffic will show up on either my GTN 750 MFD or my G500 MFD. I am not really clear in my mind what will happen. I will need another ADSN-In device to have weather for sure. The radio guy gave me a real good price for trade in on my 327 transponder and that is why i made the change. Here in Canada we are not mandated the 2020 date however I do fly a lot in the US and would like to have what I need to keep the controllers happy. Any advice and help is appreciated.
  12. Kind of curious what rates are? I get mine from JL Davidson and Assoc in Ajax ON. I have a J with 210,000 coverage. Paying 1.1 % full coverage