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  1. I was curious on the installation cost for the EDM900 with tank sensors, Did you get a quote on the installation? IS it a 35 or 40 hr install or 60 to 70 hr install?
  2. Here's a pretty decent News video
  3. I was talking with another Mooney driver - 30 year owner - at my home airport when this blog came up, first time he had heard of it - another to join the ranks? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. jay bar FIKI Geo position gear puck empennage
  5. It was a cheap issue, bad eyelet on the sending unit,, Woo Hoo
  6. I'll chase down the cheap stuff then do the mechanical fuel pump if necessary,, Is this the leak down test that was mentioned on another thread ?
  7. Travers day in Saratoga, so me and my wife decided to go to Marthas Vinyard for the day, After an uneventful run-up we lined up and took off, on climb out the fuel pressure started to bounce between 5psi and 15psi (I think I said something like we got a problem,, not the most comforting thing I've said ) the engine wasn't bobbling or running rough and I turned back, we had the mechanic look at the plane and it was bouncing while running but steady when just the electric fuel pump running. Just had them change out the EGT and 2 week prior the oil pressure sending unit, those items worked fine, could this be a ground issue? She's on the ramp till they build some additional hangers so I hope not to chase gremlins till then...
  8. Well, after the first flight of the year I found one of my stall strips missing. My A&P calling the manufacturer of the TKS system, they said that the part is three months out!! I don't want my bird out of commission for that period of time so I am going to try the aluminum block CNC'ed to the exact dimensions of the other strip and see if the repair is acceptable to the inspector. I bought my J with the TKS system already installed and I don't really need it for the flying that I do, It is test it at annual but that's about it. Is there any additional info on the use of an aluminum piece machined for a stall strip? The part number for the new Ovation is the same as what is on my J so I would think that the part is more accessible for replacement
  9. What about vibration? Are the airplanes that have long battery life dynamically balanced? I'm a new 201 driver and was curious if vibration is hard on all part or mainly the electronics.
  10. Hi all. being new to the mooney " family " I had received my 10 hr transitional training from a very wise pilot that reminded me that the aircraft becomes a survival tool kit when an emergency comes up no matter how much we like the airplane . With that said I am a fairly low time pilot, and I don't think I would be able to stop the propeller during an emergency and aviate, so I intend to pitch for best glide and locate the most suitable landing area that I can glide to. I hope to never test this theory but I think if I can't get to the nearest airport that this should be a viable second option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi i am interested in your 201 if you still have it