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  1. I would chime in as I bought one, but I have been indefinitely banned from the site because I am perceived as a bully. Good luck solving your mystery. Adios Mooneyspace. I didn’t quit Anthony. You and the thought police expelled me... -MyNameISNobody
  2. O.K. We got different stories. They provided me with a step servo... ???
  3. It's going to be for sale soon, make him an offer.
  4. Majority or minority censorship is censorship. I never block anyone. Those that do and then lament missing content....Really? I respect your decision to want it gone, but just chuckle at how aggravated this makes you all.
  5. -a- You are a control freak. You do not like NOT being in control. This will be the last post I make on Mooneyspace. Dig a hole deeper? What are you a self-appointed parental figure? Get over yourself. This is the real world. There is vulgar language, insanity and oppression. You are just one more unaccepting, self appointed Guardian of MooneySpace. You find me vulgar? I find you controlling and vindictive in a passive-aggressive manner that is very unsettling. I hope your "teenagers" are getting exposed to the "real-world" a bit, likely through web-sites a heck of a lot more blun
  6. -a- You are the perfect killer of the Timmy thread. Like Big Government you mandate your sensibilities and morality at the expense of others. You justify what you do. You say it is for the "collective good of the many". "It is to protect society and THE CHILDREN" A perfect end to Timmy. What started as an anti-Big Government/Big Brother thread is killed by a microcosm of same. The sad thing is that like Big Government you really do think you what you are doing is good. THAT is how freedom dies. Next time you masturbate, think of me. Later. That is what's called a parting sho
  7. My dad always said "The gentelman always finishes last"...That's you John. Hope to get beaten up by you on the lynx some day. Take care, Scott I'm out.
  8. Thanks for that bro... I pay a fee for my freedom of expression...within the confines of the "owner". I let Craig know that while I disagree with his action I respect it. Thank you again tho bro, for weighing in. Always a pleasure. Those "rules"...really more like guidelines...Some like to stay in the box. Good for them. Some like to dabble outside the edges of the box...also swell. Some like to push the boundaries. O.K. Some like to blow up all boundaries and be Free to express themselves... NOPE
  9. That WAS the beauty of the thread. If someone got out of line...Take it to that thread was the reply. Don't "be like that thread".... Totally understand that many would avoid it. I don't like seeing "it" in other threads either. Isn't that a wonderful thing? Choice. Freedom to choose. Gone. Thanks for that. All Mooney's all the time. Got it. Thanks complainers. You "won". Feeling good about taking away pleasure and freedom of expression from others... PRICELESS.
  10. That WAS the point of the thread...to consolidate the rants of a few...that enjoy it...to one thread vs. having multiple threads involving politics or widely debated topics that many find offensive. It was ONE thread...
  11. Thank you for your reply defining guidelines and why a thread that was active was locked. Scott Thompson
  12. I am still laughing over Byron whining to me about the inability to wage war in the middle east due to not having enough money due to sequestration. I don't want to wage war in the Middle East. GET OUT. There was a time for occupation. That time has past, ship has sailed. The end. Meanwhile Vlad is talking with Ukraine. Is Peace in the air? Maybe they sprayed each other with Axe and made it all better.
  13. Can I put the steps back in the basement or what...
  14. Ya think? Keep us posted on your satisfaction with result. A strip and re-seal for that price is really cheap...Hope it works out well.
  15. Anyone watch the show "The Americans"? Quite the scene on fitting a dead spy into a suitcase.... Graphic. Still hearing the sounds of those joints. She fits!
  16. I'm just practicing my spelling. That appropriate use of words thing is just, you know, hard.
  17. Losing the appeal...Sounding "whiney" again. Right back at you on the BHO love. Laughing AT YOU...Not with you.
  18. +1 on not feeling like a bufoon. I just learned (another thread) that I need to be pulling down on the sleeve not back toward me to confirm gear is locked...DOH! Only been doing that wrong for over a decade...Bufoon club? Yup, I am a member. ALWAYS learning. The great about MooneySpace.
  19. You two are the one's that are acting all superior...John has stated that he has no issue with homosexuals. The bible does. It is a religious school. Parents didn't know their child was gay? If they didn't, they do now. If the boy didn't, he does now. Nothing wrong with being gay. Nothing wrong with following a religious doctrine that does not accept it. IT IS A PRIVATE RELIGIOUS SCHOOL. You tell me I wouldn't know freedom if it hit me in the face and that you want a separation of church and state. This is a perfect example...I would NOT want to go to a religious school. If he does
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