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  1. pmccand

    Holy Yikes!

    Been there, done that...TWICE! Welcome to the club. Hope it doesn't happen again. (First one was on my first unsupervised solo...blew a cylinder at 500 feet AGL after takeoff in a Cessna 152. I was shaking as well.)
  2. pmccand


    I don't know what the big deal is. I see this plane as an opportunity for someone willing to put a little sweat equity into it. Got mine in exactly the same condition, repaired all the scuff marks, o hauled the engine and it now flies like a dream.
  3. pmccand

    Ovation down north of San Antonio

    Interrupt any time!
  4. pmccand

    Ovation down north of San Antonio

    According to the yellow tape, this is a "crime scene"... now just exactly what crime was committed? Just askin'
  5. Don, BINGO! SOLD! That is the correct one. Stopped by Jeppesen's booth at SnF and they told me that the only one that will work is the one pictured above... Sent you a PM.. Phil
  6. I have seen them on ebay on occasion in the $30-$50 range. I can wait till one pops up on ebay, but I thought it might be useful to seek one out here first. Phil
  7. Does anyone have a Jeppesen Skyound v1 for the UPS/ Apollo, gamin GX55 they are willing to part with? Phil
  8. pmccand

    8 day clock

    not TSO'ed
  9. pmccand

    8 day clock

    Just much did they charge for the o'haul?
  10. pmccand

    SB's and AD's

    Yeah, I know of the AD's on the FAA website, but they lack SB's and SI's. The Mooney website has SB's and SI's but dropped the AD's. It sure was convenient to have ALL the AD's, SB's and SI's all in one location as the older Mooney site had. I guess I can get all the SB's and SI's in one place and AD's on another. Cheers
  11. pmccand

    SB's and AD's

    The previous Mooney Corp owners had on their website a full library of service bulletins and Airworthiness Directives archived on their web site, linked to Mooney make, model and year. Are these pdf's located (hidden) on the new Mooney website, or may I find them archived elsewhere?
  12. pmccand

    O-360-A1A in M20C?

    Find a good A&P and talk about the possibility of doing a user-assist tear-down and overhaul. I have done it MANY times and enjoyed the process. Last overhaul was done for a very reasonable price... FAR less than the big shops and just as good end product. I have ZERO reservations doing field overhauls.
  13. pmccand

    M20B Weight And Balance Manual

    well, whadda ya know. Just because I am OCD, I went back to triple check my work, and indeed did find a small error of my envelope at 42 inches which changes things slightly. I pulled the links from my previous post and will replace them with updates soon. Sorry for the error. EDIT: Updated (corrected) files below Weight and Balance M20B .pdf Weight and Balance M20B .odt
  14. pmccand

    M20B Weight And Balance Manual

    Caruso, did you find some errors in my w/b sheet?
  15. pmccand

    M20B Weight And Balance Manual

    Here is my W/B worksheet for the M20B with graph envelope. I derived the chart from the text description in the TCDS. Your aircraft empty weight and CG will be different than the example provided, so it is up to you to make sure that it works for your particular aircraft. Also, it is up to you to make sure I didn't mess up the calculations or the entire concept for that matter, but it should be a good reference for you to start from. EDIT: Updated (corrected) files below Weight and Balance M20B .odt Weight and Balance M20B .pdf