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  1. Yep. That's the stuff. Best thing for sticky fuel valves ever!
  2. No, no, no and NO!! This is the magic stuff.
  3. Planepower left a workaround on choosing which belt can be used legally. It’s not in the text of the STC, but if you look at the drawings for the installation instructions, you will see a Gates part number along with one of those high dollar PMA numbered belts. I chose to save the $50 and installed the Gates version from National Aircraft Parts Association (NAPA).
  4. uAvionix just announced the receipt of the TSOA approval for the SkyBeacon. Game ON, Garmin!
  5. My instructor knows of the potential fire hazard on the O-360's and told me to pump the throttle at the same time as you crank the engine...not before. This way, fuel from the accelerator pump is sucked upward toward the cylinders instead of draining downward and pooling into the air intake where a small backfire could ignite the accumulated fuel. Pump and crank at the same time.
  6. 1 Manual clock adjustment cover or 2 Battery cap for volatile memory on radio.
  7. Yep, looks a lot different. Mine is a lot more serpentine and packed tighter than yours. I’ll try to get a photo of mine to show you the difference.
  8. Strange question, but has anyone tried one of those plastic LED lights with the power flow exhaust in a B or C model? The thing is that the Power Flow exhaust is routed in such a way that it comes within 1 1/2” from the back of the landing light. I am afraid that the plastic LED light housing will melt being so close to the pipe, whereas the Fred Flintstone incandescent glass bulb will not be bothered by the heat. Any preps or experience with these two products used together?
  9. IMHO, I have read BOTH the Garmin and uAvionix patents (patent-pending in uAvionix' case) and have formed my own humble ( and non-expert) opinion that uAvionix has a real chance at beating Gorilla Garmin. If I read it right, company "G" specifically specifies the requirement of the interception of a transmitted portion of the transponder via RF and repackaging the data for ADSB integration, while uAvionix does not use RF to intercept the Transponder data required for ADSB. Instead, they came up with a really nifty way of collecting the transponder data without hard-wiring plugs to the transponder or capturing the transponder broadcast. That method essentially captures parastitic pulses of the transponder embeded in the power line of the aircraft electronic system...completely different approaches to collect the data than collecting RF signals specified in the Garmin Patent. Crossing fingers here, but I am with uAvionix here. Here is uAvionix' patent application:
  10. Saw this on a Facebook forum. Couldn't find this topic on Mooneyspace, so I don't know if it is real or not... " Guess Skybeacon was a bit too cheap. Got someone mad. Here is the litigation: Here is the patent : "
  11. I have rehabilitated several planes like this and had a BLAST doing it every time. It's only money (and time) after all.
  12. Been there, done that...TWICE! Welcome to the club. Hope it doesn't happen again. (First one was on my first unsupervised solo...blew a cylinder at 500 feet AGL after takeoff in a Cessna 152. I was shaking as well.)
  13. I don't know what the big deal is. I see this plane as an opportunity for someone willing to put a little sweat equity into it. Got mine in exactly the same condition, repaired all the scuff marks, o hauled the engine and it now flies like a dream.
  14. According to the yellow tape, this is a "crime scene"... now just exactly what crime was committed? Just askin'