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  1. I had to look up what GLWS stands for... I’m just not up to speed on the Internet slang... Yeah, I noticed your M20B had that neighboring reg number. Too bad it wound up in the field. That was sad and I would have snagged that up in a heartbeat to fix it up if things were in better times for myself...
  2. Check your mic ground at all headset jacks. There is a DEDICATED ground pin on your radio and intercom system that is a "floating ground" for the mic. THIS IS A DIFFERENT GROUND than the aircraft frame. Look at your install manual and you should see the connector pin on the radio and intercom specific to the mic. Make sure you have the fiber or plastic insulator ring for the mic jack in place and that ground is not touching the same ground as the earphones. I deal with this constantly with customers and invariably it turns out to be an improper mic ground.
  3. 1961 Mooney M20B - Serial 1853 N74542 Total Time on airframe = 3,589 hours Prop Time = 158.84 hours TSMO= 151.0 ECI cyls (polished and ported) Power Flow Exhaust Plane Power Alternator and regulator Challenger Air filter Carb overhaul w/ M modification (Marvel Schebler 2014) McCauley 2D36C14-XEG prop - (No AD's!) Paint = 5-6 Interior = 5-6 no tears + Recent carpet (3-4 years) Hangared most of lifespan uAvionix SkyBeacon ADSB (out) JPI 900 engine analyzer with Fuel Flow Narco 12D TSO Com DC500 Stereo intercom UPS Apollo GX55 GPS Narco A150 Transponder
  4. My brother is a med pilot based in Boise and transports sick patients in the company's Pilatus to SLC hospitals and beyond. About 30% of his patient passengers are Covid positive, and are IN THE HOSPITAL DUE TO COVID! Unbelievably, he and his transport nursing staff have NOT yet contracted the disease, but it is just a matter of time. This FAA policy against the VAX is absolutely asinine especially for this pilot population.
  5. The joke about the PA 20/22...If you ever lose your engine in flight and you want to find a suitable landing site, just throw your keys out the window and you won't have to walk 30 feet to pick them up when you get down.
  6. Best plane I have ever had! I traded it in for the Mooney and about half the time, I wish I hadn't. Piper is more fun...It JUST IS! You don't have to be "going anywhere" to go fly it around and buzz the treetops and look for dirt strips. Mine was modified with two doors, and toe brakes. Best mods ever for the tripacer. Contrary to the dings stated by users above, it is nearly spec for spec the same as a vintage Cessna 172. Except for a poorer glide ratio, it is exactly as fast, carries the exact same payload, has the same fuel efficiency, same landing and takeoff performance is nearly i
  7. Compression test. If normal, leave it alone and go fly.
  8. I ground looped my Tri-Pacer/Pacer conversion with extensive damage to the landing gear engine and frame. I rebuilt the plane and in the process, the tailwheel got put right back on where God intended it...on the FRONT END where it belongs!
  9. I have a BIG dog that goes flying with me. Sits in the back seat, no restraints. Completely cool with that. He sits up to watch me land just to make sure I am doing it right.
  10. IIRC, for every 2 knots of tail wind component, you add 10% to the takeoff value. For every 1% downhill slope you subtract 7%. So if you had a 6 knot tailwind component, you would have to budget around 30% to the takeoff distance, but the downhill portion only benefits about 14% for a 2 % slope. So 30%-14% = a 16% overall PENALTY, or increase in takeoff distance using the tailwind headwind with a 2% downhill slope combination. Add this to the KOCH chart above, and near gross weight and you were LUCKY to have made it off in 2,500 feet. Really good thing you didn’t choose the 2,000 foot run
  11. All this discussion and no one mentions a Koch chart?!! You don’t need ANYTHING in the POH describing take off data as long as you have your pressure altitude and temperature. This chart works for ANY aircraft. So, estimating pressure altitude for a 1,450 MSL airport at 95 deg F day, your takeoff distance increases 1.5x, and rate of climb drops by 0.65. Given your report of 2,500 feet needed for takeoff is not far off the calculated number, and worse, your climb rate should drop from around 850 fpm to 520 fpm.
  12. Purchase an E already done to your liking. A MUCH better route than doing it yourself.
  13. While we are on the subject, my *new* Plane Power alternator (<100 Hours) started throwing a fit, similar to the problem described in the OP. My INOP light flashed on and off randomly for seconds at a time about 50% on and off. Did EVERYTHING in the troubleshooting manual, checked the alternator, ALL the wires, regulator, belt, master switch, breakers, and EVERYTHING, but couldn't find ANYTHING wrong... it still kept flashing on and off. Fast forward about three months later...I found the ground post at the back of the alternator to be loose where it mounts at the alternator. Hidden
  14. I did. Found it to be 65-70% of the total cost of insurance. I operate out of a small airport having only 2 -3 operations a day. Hangar doesn't require liability. I don't fly anywhere except for local joy rides, and I don't carry anyone for rides. Sounds like liability is not necessary and certainly not worth the 65-70% of the $1,800 bill.
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