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  1. WTB: LASAR WingTips for M20J

    The LASAR tips go on the outside of the skins. Cheers, Brian
  2. Picture in the article makes it look like the prop departed the plane after it hit trees (or upon impact) on the approach end of the runway. Glad everyone walked away, but me thinks this might be another candidate for the chop shop. http://www.jsonline.com/story/news/local/door-co/news/2017/07/15/plane-crashes-during-washington-island-fly-fish-boil/481958001/ Brian
  3. Hell, for that I'll buy the after hours beer too.... Brian
  4. Still on the west coast. Definitely watching for the next one. Brian
  5. Going east or west, I followed V6. Stayed at 11.5 for the RNO-RKS segment with it being severe clear. The RKS-OMA IFR leg was KRKS-Arute-V6-Yutan-KOMA. Used O2 for the first hour at 13K then dropped down to 11K when the MEA allowed us to. That was the only time we went on O2 the entire trip. Going west, you could run the entire route lower, but the bumps tend to get worse down low the later in the day it gets. If it's clear out, you can follow I-80 through NV and stay as low as 8.5K. I did follow V6 from FMG to LCU and then went direct KRKS. Kept me out of the SLC Bravo airspace to the North and the controllers had no issue with me being at 11.5K. Cheers, Brian
  6. Cool, thanks Seth. I "officially" arrive on the 24th of July in Richmond. Plane is going into annual before I get here, so that'll be done for another year. Had a headwind on most of the route. Cheers, Brian P.S. I hate the humidity here....
  7. Let me say, I'm wore out after spending two days moving the plane from Reno, NV to Richmond, VA this weekend. ATC was fantastic the entire way and we didn't have to dodge all that much weather. There was a pretty big storm over Omaha that thankfully cleared out to the east before we arrived - we did get to see all the fireworks going off across the city which was pretty cool. Was not a bad ride overall once we got out of the NV/UT/WY areas, which had the typical annoying speed bumps along the route due to the heat - even at 11.5K and 13K feet MSL. Pretty smooth from about Grand Island, NE all the way to Richmond at 9,000 feet. Recap of the move: Friday: 1,116 nm's / Saturday: 913 nm's Total: 2,029 nautical miles.... KRNO -> KRKS (Sweetwater, WY): 3.1 hours, 510 nm (VFR w/flight following/radar advisories) Used Sweetwater Aviation - Nice facility, but nothing to write home about. Prompt service and they had us on our way in under 30 minutes. Fuel was $4.64 a gallon. KRKS -> KOMA (Omaha, NE): 3.7 hours, 606 nm (IFR) Parked at TACAir for the night. Rental car waiting for us and we had them park the plane in their hangar ($115 a night but I felt better knowing she was indoors and not outside with the thunderstorms in the area). Plane was fueled and waiting for us on the ramp at 0830 when we arrived. Only extra charge besides fuel and hangar was the airports $5 infrastructure fee. Normal handling fee was waived since I took on almost 50 gallons of fuel. Fuel price was $5.31 a gallon - $.07 cheaper than Signature. TACAir has a really nice facility. KOMA -> KBMG (Bloomington, IN): 2.5 hours, 456 nm (IFR) Used Cook Aviation for the quick stop. Nice facility, complimentary sodas, water, and cookies. Very nice for a small airport that is only really busy during NCAA sporting events being held over at Indiana University. Fuel was $4.60 a gallon. KBMG -> KFCI (Richmond Executive): 2.5 hours, 457 nm (IFR) Dominion Aviation will be my new FBO heading into the future. Already have my annual scheduled with them starting next week. Good time to do it since we'll be packing out the house in Reno and driving across the country later this month. Gas was the highest at $5.65 a gallon. Nothing like a really long x-country to see this great nation, but I'm done with the super long trips for now.... Some pictures from the trip are below. Cheers, Brian
  8. N number marking size question

    Nope, you're fine. When I repainted my 67E back in 2010, I went with 3" N Numbers and they are authorized under 14 CFR 45.22. Basically, any certified aircraft over 30 years old (measured from today's date) may retain 2" numbers (or larger) as the minimum size. The date the aircraft was/is painted is irrelevant in any discussion as an argument for saying only 12" numbers are legal. Cheers, Brian
  9. Touch screens are they good

    All I have to say is protect your radios that have any type of bezel/knob from loose iPads in the cockpit. Had a buddy that was cruising along in smooth air and hit a spot of CAT and the iPad went up off the co-pilots seat and karate chopped the entire lower knob off his 430W. That was an expensive trip to the shop... I've had no issues with the touch screens in flight on my GTN750, but it can be a little frustrating if the turbulence goes on long enough and you're making a lot of changes. Just takes a little patience and a steady hold on the lower support ledge that is built into the unit. Cheers, Brian
  10. Don't they waive that if the plane is out of California for the first 6 months? I can't make heads or tails of their laws sometimes.... Brian
  11. Virginia has a 2% sales and use tax of the "fair market value" of the plane if you move the plane into VA for more than 60 days (even if you are a non-resident ). I have no idea what source they use, but I'm not arguing with the tax department gal that gave me the FVM number to use... It's $5 a year after that for the registration. Brian
  12. Panel Pre-Buy Check - Do One....

    Yes. Only gained a couple pounds of useful load back since not a lot of wiring was removed - just reorganized, had poor/questionable connections repaired, and all wiring labeled better for future upgrades. Cheers, Brian
  13. Panel Pre-Buy Check - Do One....

    Nope, I believe the minion was the one holding it all together back there.... Cheers, Brian
  14. Panel Pre-Buy Check - Do One....

    For now, yes. I have an EDM-900 penciled in for the future once I recover from this upgrade...probably two years out for that. The Shadin FF, Insight G1, and mechanical gauges will do until then. Cheers, Brian
  15. I've started this topic even though I now own a Beech because it doesn't matter what type of plane you are looking at buying - the same thing would apply. How many of the shops out there look at the plane's panel and electrical work (especially if there have been recent upgrades done) during a pre-buy or even during an annual inspection? I know we check for functionality, but as I found out, just because it works now doesn't mean it was done right. The guy that did my pre-buy didn't and I haven't come across many that do. I don't think the ABS Service Clinics take a peek back there either on the Beechcraft side of the house. So where am I going with this. Well, I sent off my plane on May 12th to get some work done - i.e. ADSB transponder, new audio panel, GTN750, and a few old things removed. Thought the process was going to take two weeks. What I got back from the chief inspector upon opening the panel up almost made my heart stop. Wiring everywhere......and to make matters worse, the biggest bundle of wires was not secured to the upper firewall and was literally riding up and down on the vertical yoke scissor when you pull on the yoke....not good in a center yoke Beech... Pictures from day 1 are below. They spent 4 full days so far trying to figure out what the last shop did and fix it. I'm furious that a shop would do this kind of work and sign off on it. They found wires crimped with pliers and not a crimping tool (most were barely hanging on), wires not secured to the proper channels on the fire wall, and the biggest issue - the HSI, GTN650, and KX165 were all tied to the same 20 amp circuit breaker instead of doing 5 separate ones like the STC calls for. One fails, they all fail.... So, and be honest, did anyone look behind the panel to see what was going on back there during your pre-buy? I would love to fly back to the shop that did this on the east coast and ask them WTH they were thinking!!! Better yet, if the shop was told to do it on the cheap, I'd like to slap the CSOB owner because this could have killed someone. To easy for something like this to start an electrical fire from loose or frayed wires or get caught on the control yoke. To be fair, the previous owner was flying under the same conditions because it was the previous owner to him that had the upgrades done. If I showed him these pictures, he'd probably have a heart attack. Overall, it took 4 weeks to fix everything, but at least I'll have confidence going forward now. Bottom line, make sure you take a peek behind the pretty panel before buying.... Cheers, Brian