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  1. flight2000


    I have no idea how they did it, but it's there. They base it on where the aircraft is located, so if you want to keep it in Maryland or NC, you can do that to avoid the VA taxes. Cheaper to pay up front than to pay the fines for not paying. Had to pay the sales and use tax as well as soon as I brought the plane in (2% of the FMV if you owned for more than 6 months and move into the state). If you paid it to a previous state that required it, they at least give you credit for it. Military is exempt from the vehicle taxes, but not much else.....guess they figure if you can afford a plane, you can pay the taxes for them. https://tax.virginia.gov/aircraft-and-watercraft http://www.doav.virginia.gov/licensing_aircraft.htm I would have loved to avoid D.C. and I'm trying to escape as soon as possible, but at this point in my career, the only option I really have is retirement and that is a minimum of 3 years away. Don't get much say at the O6 level...they gotcha and they know it... Cheers, Brian
  2. flight2000


    Virginia - $5 annual registration fee, but then they zap you with an annual personal property tax based on "their" interpretation of the value of the plane. Roughly $240 for me last year...and I'm not even a VA state resident. No exemptions on aircraft or boats for military, non-residents either..... Brian
  3. Don't ever catch a ride in a Bonanza then....just sayin.... Cheers, Brian
  4. And a whole lot more $$$$$$ for the purchase acquisition on the O .... Cheers, Brian
  5. I'll get smacked for this, but if you want something else to compare with I have a '68 Bonanza at Richmond Executive and used to own an M20E prior to that. I can talk to you about the differences between the two (all factual of course - both good and bad... ). I'm in the final stages of having my freshly overhauled engine put back in, so it'll be a few more weeks before I get to fly again. Being grounded sucks... Cheers, Brian
  6. flight2000

    Paint Shops around Kansas City/Midwest

    You can swing by R&B Aircraft in Topeka if you want to stay local. Mine was painted by them back in 2010 and it still looked new the day I sold her in 2016. Best part, was stopping by the shop to check on the progress as much as I wanted. Greg may or may not still be there. He was hinting at finally retiring back in 2014 when I last talked to him. http://67m20e.com/new-paint.html Contact information: http://www.rbaircrafttopeka.com/id5.html Cheers, Brian
  7. I think his point may be that many pilots just don't fly in the winter, so why pay the monthly fee if you don't need it. I generally fly on CAVU days only due my severe hate of ice. Let's just say I had a mind altering experience in a C182 many, many moons ago when I was much younger and dumber.... I would suspend mine, but I still fly in the deep south 2-3 times a month, so I keep it turned on. T-Storms chances are way down, but precip still happens and I'd prefer to avoid it if I can. Just another tool I can use so mine stays on year round. Cheers, Brian
  8. You're not alone. I just did the same thing about 4 weeks ago when Best Buy ran their latest $299 deal for a new Mini 4 to replace my 2. Cheers, Brian
  9. flight2000

    Dual Yokes

    Well, that's sort of true....fighter pilots do get some dual training in some air frames. F22's, F35's, not so much. They do get plenty of land side practice, but it's still a whole nother ballgame trying to hit a moving landing strip in the middle of an ocean. This is the Navy Auxiliary Airfield just SW of Norfolk, VA. They have it painted on both ends of the runway. Brian
  10. flight2000

    Dual Yokes

    Someone say they wanted a single yoke. Oh wait, wrong type aircraft.... Brian
  11. flight2000

    KC Area - Mooney A&P, CFI, Owners?

    For the CFI, John Schmidt would be a great resource, he did my initial and recurrent training in my former M20E. His details are listed under the Kansas heading: http://www.themooneyflyer.com/cfi.html Dean Ayers at Leavenworth Aviation Services (civilian side of KFLV - Fort Leavenworth Army Airfield) has forgotten more about Mooney's than I'll ever know. He's the owner, has owned the same 1965 M20E since the early 80's and is also an A&P. There's another mechanic there that works on a bunch of Mooney's as well (used to work on mine when I was stationed there). https://www.airnav.com/airport/KFLV/LEAVENWORTH_AV_SVCS Cheers, Brian
  12. flight2000

    Learn how to overhaul your IO360

    And they went 5 more innings after that.... Wow, glad I went to bed after the 6th inning.... Brian
  13. Sure looks like Chris has the same LASAR cowl mod I did in 2009. Just make sure the mechanic does it right and not just over lays the enclosure and rivets away. Saw one like that once and it look really bad. Done right, looks like it was done at the factory. Cheers, Brian
  14. This was the 1967 scheme, or what was left of it on the airplane before being repainted in 2010... I did have one small regret and thought I should have just had it redone in the factory scheme.
  15. This may have been the original 1965 factory paint scheme. Cheers, Brian