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  1. flight2000

    Reserving old, expired N numbers

    They do, it's $10 a year - same as the initial fee. The reservation is only good for one year and if you don't renew, it goes back into the pool. I've got one, but the question is when am I going to finally get around to changing it on my plane. Cheers, Brian
  2. flight2000

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Don't blame you one bit. I'm going to wait and see on the 3100. Maybe when I retire or the 60-2 pukes itself (whichever comes first) and I add the Aspen to the panel. Cheers, Brian
  3. flight2000

    GPSS & Waypoints

    Ken, My thoughts are that the 60-2 control head may need to be sent to STEC to get re-calibrated if it's that far out of whack. I can't think of any reasons why it shouldn't do standard rate turns other than calibration. Mine will do standard rate turns all day, but it's also driven by an ST-901 GPSS with data coming from a GTN-750. You're correct on the 60-2 not having built in GPSS. Cheers, Brian
  4. flight2000

    My PMA 450A died

    Did the fail safe mode fail as well? If wired correctly, you should still have had communication through com 1. No intercom, but the pilot should still be able to talk through the radio. I've tried this on the ground (shut my unit off) and called the airport UNICOM with a comms check. All was good. From the owners manual: In the off or "EMG" position, the pilot headset is connected directly to Com 1 as well as unswitched input #1. This allows communication capability regardless of unit condition. Any time power is removed or turned off, the audio selector will revert to fail safe mode. Will be interested to hear what happened. Cheers, Brian
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Sure would be entertaining though... Brian
  6. flight2000

    Line up and wait

    It would probably help if you get the organization correct first.... ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization. Just sayin....
  7. I did forget to mention that this was done with our "play" money. We don't have any other major hobbies outside of this, so my wife and I travel with our boys. Way better than the cattle cars used by the airlines. That alone was my ROI - and so worth the memories and adventures we had in it and still continue to have with our current plane. Brian
  8. Bought my ugly duckling 67E in 2009 for $36K Upgrades = $54K (paint, autopilot, avionics, and some air frame mods) Sold it in 2016 = $69K You can see what I did here: http://67m20e.com/mooney-m20e.html Cheers, Brian P.S. I do miss her at times. She was a great bird, but we ended up out growing her in the long run. Perfect for one or two people!
  9. flight2000

    Best Headset?

    P.S. I prefer the black silicone ones in the package versus the yellow foam ones. Much more comfortable and easier to put on. Brian
  10. flight2000

    Best Headset?

    Yes. They don't have to be all the way on, just enough to be secure and not fall off with a slight bump. Cheers, Brian
  11. flight2000

    Line up and wait

    What airport? Curious to see if this is a contract or FAA tower (either way, they shouldn't be using that phrase anymore). I haven't heard the "P&H" phrase since the change in 2010 and I fly mostly to controlled airports. Cheers, Brian
  12. flight2000

    things you do when your plane is in for annual #1.......

    Must be nice. Mine are a little, um, beat up... Thanks, Brian
  13. flight2000

    things you do when your plane is in for annual #1.......

    @eman1200 Did you DIY those hangar floors or were they like that when you moved in? Brian
  14. What plan are you on with FF at that cost and does it include Geo Referenced approach plates and charts? Brian