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  1. That's good to have, where did you find that at? Thanks! Brian
  2. Hats, O2 mustaches, sunglasses, works well with all. No laughing....this one was taken in the M20E at 14,000 feet... The cub yellow is my set, this black set was "claimed" by my son....lol....
  3. Did you get the full amount for them and how long did it take to sell them? The last three sets that have gone up on BeechTalk lasted less than 30 minutes before being sold. One pair sold in 6 minutes.... Absolutely understand they aren't for everyone though. One other benefit, I get a little more clearance from the ceiling...
  4. Halo's if you can snag a pair either on the used market or new from QT when they show up on the website. Never had a thought to augment the Halo's with another pair of over the ear type ear muff. No reason to since the noise reduction is just as good as ANR headsets that are 3x more expensive and still give you the clamp headache, bad hair, and sweaty ears in the summer. I will NEVER wear another set of head clamps. Having said that, I'm used to wearing earplugs due to work, so it was a very easy transition. Some folks can't get used to the earplugs, so that is another aspect to think about. If you don't like them, you can usually sell them again and get your full amount. They are that good to some folks.... I'm currently using the black supersoft foam inserts and they feel better to me and do not need to be replaced nearly as often as the yellow ones. Cheers, Brian
  5. Cool, may look you up when I get to VA in July. What are you guys charging for simple N number changes? Got a custom number reserved, just need to get the paperwork and have it painted on. What would be the timeline on something like that? Cheers, Brian
  6. No real issues and pretty friendly. Made closing the IFR flight plan easier and will make getting the clearance going out easier too.... Lot of jet traffic in there yesterday.
  7. Should have included a link to the Gila Static Cling window tinting I used. Fairly easy to apply once you get over the first window learning curve.... https://www.lowes.com/pd/GILA-36-in-W-x-78-in-L-Black-Privacy-Control-Static-Cling-Window-Film/1065343 No reason to think it won't work on the Mooney's windows. Brian
  8. Yep, just dropped the plane off yesterday for the new Lynx NGT-9000 and PMA450 audio panel install.
  9. I tinted the rear passenger and baggage area windows with Gila Peel and Cling (bought at Lowe's) and it made a huge difference. I also use the IceBox Portable A/C unit (http://switchboxcontrol.com/icebox/). That's the only way to fly in the summer out here if you can handle the bumps from all of the thermal's. Most of the time, I'm targeting getting airborne no later than 8 am. http://csobeech.com/windowtint.html Brian
  10. Ain't that the truth. I'm looking forward to moving back to the east coast next month, if I can get around those pesky midwest storms... At least you have a turbo to help get above some of the crud. I was running out of steam getting up to FL160 yesterday, but that was out of the clouds (tops were at 150) and I was almost 450 pounds under gross, so that helped. That's the highest I've flown so far and probably where I'll top out in the future as well. Cheers, Brian
  11. So how are you staying current? My preference is to fly in actual IMC conditions versus under the hood to meet the currency requirements. That can be a little dicey in Reno given it's either severe clear or just off the charts type WX with wind shear/icing/turbulence....that's why I was disappointed in myself for not flying the approach yesterday just south of Portland, OR. I imagine that the WX on the front range is just about the same for the most part, but you guys tend to get the big boomers more than we do out here. Can't remember the last time we saw a T-Storm blow through Reno. Cheers, Brian
  12. Congrats! I don't know about you, but I'm always disappointed when I can't end an IFR flight with an approach...same thing happened to me yesterday, broke out at 2,000 and flew the visual the rest of the way in. Should have just said I'm still IMC and done the approach anyway... Brian
  13. Gee, thanks....you just brought back some really bad memories from basic training. Couple hours in the pool until we were prunes, but very proficient at removing clothing while in the water and making our own flotation devices. That was a great workout though... Better yet, just carry life vests if going over water for extended periods and a life raft if over really big bodies of water. This one was close to shore, so thankfully a jet ski operator was close by to help. Going against the tide is bad stuff as a swimmer, even the strongest swimmers will fail that test eventually. Brian
  14. Wash Wax All Degreaser for me. Works like a charm. Brian
  15. And you were going that fast in the airport environment because.....? Poor SR20 driver was just trying to land....sheesh. Making assumptions based on a single "generic" radio call is fun, isn't it.... Brian