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  1. I purchased the full size version for my iPad Air, but it won't fit where I wanted it to go without losing my flight desk. I ended up buying the same thing for the iPad mini, so this one is for sale. It's never been used. The unit runs on 8 AA batteries or a micro USB cable can be used (not included). Sporty's sells these new for $199, but I'm willing to let it go at $155 plus shipping since I don't have the plastic bag/box it came in anymore. It does a great job keeping the iPad's nice and cool (at least it does with my mini). This will also include the Ram Mounting ball on the back (not normally included if you buy a new one). http://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/x-naut-cooling-case-for-ipad-air-1-2-and-pro-9-7.html Cheers, Brian
  2. I've never been an early adopter for new software or the latest updates for this very reason (I'm still on v8.5.3). Thanks for blazing the trail for us Chris. Cheers, Brian
  3. You are not mistaken. A lot of knob turning to add all of the VORs and intersections (when needed) that define the route. I save a ton of time now with the 650 by being able to load the airways, especially on long trips out west that cannot go direct due to those big, granite pointy things getting in the way... If I had the 430W still, I'd be looking at the FS210 to make transfers and route changes easier. Not a consideration for me now as others above said. Cheers, Brian
  4. Oh come on, he's only the grim reaper for those that can't be saved.....he's not that mean, even if he's from Jersey... Cheers, Brian
  5. Okay, maybe not a boat-load, more like a small row boat.... Cheers, Brian
  6. Not so fast my friend....it can be done and surprisingly quick, even at that price point. Well apportioned and well maintained aircraft will sell at higher prices. Either that or I just got really lucky finding the right buyer at the right time.... Having said all that, I really did think my 67E would be the last airplane I would own and I upgraded it to my liking over three years. New Paint = check... http://www.67m20e.com/new-paint.html New Interior x2 = check... (I can help you out with this one as I still have my old, upgraded seats before I went with all leather) Avionics upgrades x2 = check... http://www.67m20e.com/avionics-upgrades.html New Prop = check...3 days....(would have stayed with the AD req'd hub, but other issues caused a decision to upgrade to the newer Top Prop) http://www.67m20e.com/other-mods.html Lose a boat load of $$ when selling = check....but I never planned to sell it, so my bad... Here were the major selling points when I bought mine for $36K back in 2009. Solid frame, solid engine (>120 hrs SMOH), no corrosion, recent tank reseal, all AD's complied with to include Service Bulletin 208A/B. Longest downtime was for the paint at 5 weeks. If you need/want more info on cost of all those upgrades, just shoot me a PM or email. Cheers, Brian
  7. How'd you come up with that question from Alan's ad? FAA registry shows serial number as 2397, which is a 1963 C model... D Model serial numbers were 100-260. AFAIK, the serial number didn't change if/when it was converted to retracts. Cheers, Brian
  8. I don't remember the dimensions of the channel so can't verify if this one would work. The dimensions are listed on the website, so a quick measurement would be needed before buying. It's designed for mounting on a glareshield, but should work when positioned vertically. http://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-177U Cheers, Brian
  9. Might try them tomorrow if I can get the plane out of the hangar with all the snow we got last night. One of the drawbacks of the foam version is they aren't as pliable when it's really cold in the hangar and you have to warm them up before putting them in. Cheers, Brian
  10. If you ever decide to sell them, let me know. Being in the military for 23 years, I'm very comfortable with the simple yellow foam inserts. Thanks! Brian
  11. Do newer Mooney's have a low fuel warning light? I've never seen one, but would certainly be something that is handy. We have them in new cars, but something simple like this would take years to get through our FAA certification process... Kelty, great job getting it down and sharing the experience with us. With 10 gallons in the tank and not being able to go 30 miles, wonder if you had an unknown tank leak somewhere that robbed more fuel than you were burning through the engine. That should have been plenty of gas to make that short of a trip. Cheers, Brian
  12. Sounds to me like you need a new muffler....the Clarity Alofts were just letting you know... Cheers, Brian P.S. I will NEVER go back to the head clamps....coming from a happy Halo user....
  13. Go to the upper right and click on your name. The ignored users will be in the drop down menu. Click on that and then add the name. Cheers, Brian
  14. Cool, thanks Seth. Target date to move the plane is June 30, arriving July 1st at KFCI where I'll be based. We start the drive across the country from Reno on July 14th. Not looking forward to that 5 day adventure.... Cheers, Brian
  15. Astra, Have you ever flown out this way before in a GA plane? Don't be afraid of the Sierras in the winter months. Just pick the days you cross based on the weather and winds aloft (anything above 35 knots at 11,000 and above is setting yourself up for a bad day). I prefer the I-80/Donner Pass corridor because there are airports along the way (TRK, BLU, GOO, E35, AUN, etc). Cross anywhere else in the area and nothing but rocks, trees, and lakes. I use 10,500 westbound and 11,500 eastbound unless there is no wind, then I'll cross westbound at 9,500. I fly this route almost every weekend and never been surprised with a pop up storm during the winter months. I've found Reno and the northern NV area to be a lot more bumpy in the summer than the winter, I can tell you that from experience.... I flew the valley from Hawthorne, NV to Bishop, CA to China Lake (Inyokern Airport) at 10,500' last week and these are the Mountains between Bishop and the San Fernando Valley. Almost like the mountains to the east of Salt Lake City.....very tall and pointy... Cheers, Brian