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  1. Buying an Airplane

    Ken, I hate you... One of these days, I'm going to trade up to a nice Baron. Let me know when you're done with this one and we can talk... When I retire from the military in about 4 years, that will be the time to do it so I can fly more mission like you're doing on the side - but with furry critters instead. Cheers, Brian
  2. Get the rating.

    For those that may have missed it, an SR22T flew out into the Gulf of Mexico with an unresponsive pilot (verified by the USAF chase planes). Flightaware had him at FL190 for most of the trip. I think FlightRadar had the plane down to 15,000 before losing it. He was an anesthesiologist, so I'm going out on a limb and saying he was fully aware of the risk of Hypoxia. His previous flights a couple days earlier were also high altitude, so a theory is maybe he ran out of O2 and didn't realize it. Lot's of discussion on BeechTalk about the 2016 SR22's having an auto decent feature built into the autopilot, but seems to have failed for some reason. I do agree with Paul (GSXRPILOT) that this was probably a medical condition that incapacitated the pilot. Flightaware track: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N325JK/history/20180103/1940Z/KPWA/KGTU http://kfor.com/2018/01/04/search-continues-for-oklahoma-pilot-after-plane-disappears-over-gulf-of-mexico/ Sad situation. Brian
  3. Get the rating.

    What’s the full rate for running a Mooney, even if you own it? You’re hiding the costs if you’re not factoring in everything, not just playing with the variables. I’d venture somewhere around $140-150 an hour for a short body, higher for the turbo versions. I’ll admit, the cost I quoted were for rentals, but aircraft aren’t cheap to run. Would love to find a freelance CFII around these parts for $50 an hour. Everbody I’ve asked is $75 and up. The flight school on my field is charging $250 an hour for a 2015 SR20 and $75+ an hour for the instuctor ($285 an hour for an 06 SR22). Gas isn’t cheap around here either. Home field is $5.65 a gallon, so I tanker as much as I can from airports in the Carolina’s where it runs $3.90 and up.
  4. Get the rating.

    Sorry, I disagree with that notion. You don't need a $7-9K rating to make yourself a better pilot - you need experience operating in whatever limitations you have set for yourself. The pilot that started this whole discussion did something stupid outside his skill set and paid for it by getting trapped above a solid layer. Now we are lumping all VFR pilots into a category that they must have an IR to be a better pilot. Really! Brian
  5. Get the rating.

    Mike, that right there is why some take it the way they do. Make you a better pilot against what? Those that have an IR/Commercial/ATP??? I got the rest of what you're saying, but that in a nut shell is what leads VFR only pilots to feel like they are being looked down upon from some ivory tower. Just sayin... Cheers, Brian
  6. Amazing backcountry flying video

    Bryan's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/piperpainter/videos He did things that I'd never try, but he certainly has mastered back country flying. Cheers, Brian
  7. Which system fails the most?

    M20E over 7 years: Replaced voltage regulator 2x, alternator 1x. Vacuum Pump was fine, no issues. E33A over 18 months: Replaced voltage regulator 1x, fixed broken wires 2x. Pressure pump still kicking along with no issues. So, in my experience, something in the electrical system has failed more times than the vacuum side. Brian
  8. Best Aviation Christmas Gifts

    Sure looks like it. That's the same store I got the sign above from. Brian
  9. Best Aviation Christmas Gifts

    Sorry, couldn't resist....just got it today.... I'm going to have another one made for my former Mooney though. Brian
  10. Best Headset?

    Pacific Coast Avionics in Aurora, OR has a pilot headset station with everything they sell. They also have demo stations for all the big avionics and instruments too. Way to easy to break the bank in there.... Imagine a lot of the big avionics shops would be the same. Cheers, Brian
  11. Fly Q

    Yes, Appareo deliberately closed the hole that Seattle Avionics was able to figure out. Bad business model if you just limit yourself to one App if you ask me. I had a Stratus 2 that worked with FlyQ and then sold it when cheaper stuff came out and I put in the Lynx NGT-9000 transponder that works with just about anything out there. Garmin's GTX series does not work with anything accept Garmin Pilot - at least nothing else that I'm aware of anyway. Cheers, Brian
  12. Fly Q

    Wow. Just learned something new by watching that video and I've been using FlyQ for almost 4 years now.... I need to go watch the rest of that series.... Brian
  13. Fly Q

    There are two ways to delete flight plans. For each of these, you have to be on the first plans page (where you create a flight plan). If you are on the second page that shows all of the way points for your flight, hit the ">Plans" button in the upper left corner to get back to the base page. The page you want will have a "New Flight Plan" on the left and "Recent Flight Plans" on the right. This is where you get delete plans in accordance with #1 and 2 below. #1 is to hit the edit button in the upper right hand corner. Doing this should show a red circle with a line through it to the left of each plan. Hit the circle and it will ask you if you want to delete it. #2 is to simply swipe the plan you want to delete with your finger from right to left. This will show a delete button to hit. After creating your flight plan, go to the maps page. On the left hand side you'll see 5 buttons. Push the top button to bring up the overlays. You need to toggle the flight plan so it's highlighted. You can only toggle one Base map - but all of the others can be turned on/off so you can see what you want displayed and how much you want displayed. Lots of good tutorials on YouTube! Cheers, Brian
  14. Best Headset?

    I've never had any issues with my fake mustache....and I can still wear glasses and a hat comfortably... As I mentioned in my post above, totally get the fact that some folks just don't like having things in their ears. As for Bob's comment, all the cool kids are wearing the Halo's now... Brian
  15. Best Headset?

    Halo's hands down for comfort, clarity, weight, etc, etc. did I mention comfort? Only downside is they sell out quickly when he has them in stock (as late as last Thursday for the last batch). I use the black foam tips and they are super comfortable and the reduction in noise is as good as any expensive ANR headset out there. Add in the fact that I've never gotten a headache after wearing them for more than an hour like I did with my old DC's and the pair of Bose I wore in a friends Cirrus. However, do you like sticking things in your ears is the big question. If you can wear ear buds, the Halo's shouldn't be a problem. Some folks just aren't comfortable with the inserts over long periods of time and I totally get that. You can buy 2.25 Halo's ($389) for the price of the Bose and Zulu's, so there's that to consider. Buy them to try out and if you don't like them, they sell quickly when advertised here or on any other forum - even at full MSRP to get your money back Cheers, Brian