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  1. Ocracoke, Nc

    Knock off what dust, I've been flying all winter... My wife wants to head over to Kitty Hawk, NC (KFFA) tomorrow to walk around or would have been interested in flying down there. Cheers, Brian
  2. You could also bounce the Service Bulletins off the logbooks while your combing through the logbooks. http://www.mooney.com/en/Support.html Brian
  3. That's the place to start, but don't forget to look for any AD's that are tied to the engine, propeller, and any other after-market accessories that are installed on the particular plane you are looking at. The airframe is the easy part, finding the others takes a little longer. Cheers, Brian
  4. Hub Eddy Current Testing Locations

    Ryan, When I had my 67E the Eddy Current Inspection took less than 2 hours for the test and paperwork to be completed. They only need to remove the spinner to accomplish the inspection. I'd call and schedule it with LASAR since you are flying right by them. Any number of shops along your route can get it done for you though. Cheers, Brian
  5. Pacific Coast Avionics

    Sorry, I was being a bit snarky with the response...I'm a FlyQ person myself, so no need for FF.... Never liked FF much, but that's just my personal feelings, nothing more, nothing less.
  6. Pacific Coast Avionics

    What's ForeFlight.....?? Used to live in Reno, so know all about the western mountains, I do miss flying out there....
  7. Pacific Coast Avionics

    Nah, I just use a trick my Bo transition CFI taught me. Imaginary ring around the airplane - an arc that goes from wing tip to nose to wing tip. Anything within that circle is within gliding distance. Tried it a few times from different altitudes and it works. Did the simulated engine failure from 6,000 agl and 12 miles from an airport for my commercial ticket and landed it right on the numbers. I almost always have an airport or suitable field within that imaginary circle. Only thing that messes that up is flying IMC or above a layer, then I plan my routes a little more carefully. Brian
  8. Pacific Coast Avionics

    Holy old thread batman.... I had a GTN750, PMA450A, NGT-9000, and some other stuff installed in my...gasp....Bonanza....last May. Not only did they clean up the mess that was behind the panel, but they did me one better by setting up the wiring for the future upgrade to either Aspen or Garmin glass. I've had zero issues in the 100+ hours since the install. There may be cheaper options, but you have to ask yourself, do you want cheap or do you want it done right? I'd argue, cheaper is not really cheaper if you have issues and have to keep going back for "fixes". PCA would not release the aircraft back to me unless I was 100% satisfied and the flight test passed with everything working. If I lived closer, I'd go back to them in a heartbeat for more work. You can see the mess they started with in picture #4. I'm amazed I didn't have any major failures with the way the wiring was previously done. http://67m20e.com/avionics-upgrade.html Cheers, Brian
  9. Clouds

    Plenty of cool clouds. Kids favorite game for a while was finding the "animals" in the clouds... Couldn't help the last one... Cheers, Brian
  10. We were joking with him on BeechTalk that he needs to create another video, but do it in German while wearing a white lab coat and then use English sub-titles. Martin is awesome, especially his other videos on going into Class B airports. Great viewing for new pilots that may fear the bigger airports. Cheers, Brian
  11. Help with gift needed!

    Try these guys as well. Not sure what you're looking for, but they are fairly quick for customized work. https://flyboytoys.com Cheers, Brian
  12. Sunday Flying

    Anybody own N201DF on here? You passed behind me at 2,500 going to Hanover County Virginia this afternoon... Cheers, Brian
  13. Buying an Airplane

    Ken, I hate you... One of these days, I'm going to trade up to a nice Baron. Let me know when you're done with this one and we can talk... When I retire from the military in about 4 years, that will be the time to do it so I can fly more mission like you're doing on the side - but with furry critters instead. Cheers, Brian
  14. Get the rating.

    For those that may have missed it, an SR22T flew out into the Gulf of Mexico with an unresponsive pilot (verified by the USAF chase planes). Flightaware had him at FL190 for most of the trip. I think FlightRadar had the plane down to 15,000 before losing it. He was an anesthesiologist, so I'm going out on a limb and saying he was fully aware of the risk of Hypoxia. His previous flights a couple days earlier were also high altitude, so a theory is maybe he ran out of O2 and didn't realize it. Lot's of discussion on BeechTalk about the 2016 SR22's having an auto decent feature built into the autopilot, but seems to have failed for some reason. I do agree with Paul (GSXRPILOT) that this was probably a medical condition that incapacitated the pilot. Flightaware track: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N325JK/history/20180103/1940Z/KPWA/KGTU http://kfor.com/2018/01/04/search-continues-for-oklahoma-pilot-after-plane-disappears-over-gulf-of-mexico/ Sad situation. Brian
  15. Get the rating.

    What’s the full rate for running a Mooney, even if you own it? You’re hiding the costs if you’re not factoring in everything, not just playing with the variables. I’d venture somewhere around $140-150 an hour for a short body, higher for the turbo versions. I’ll admit, the cost I quoted were for rentals, but aircraft aren’t cheap to run. Would love to find a freelance CFII around these parts for $50 an hour. Everbody I’ve asked is $75 and up. The flight school on my field is charging $250 an hour for a 2015 SR20 and $75+ an hour for the instuctor ($285 an hour for an 06 SR22). Gas isn’t cheap around here either. Home field is $5.65 a gallon, so I tanker as much as I can from airports in the Carolina’s where it runs $3.90 and up.