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  1. Paul, I wish that were true, but Virginia law requires it if the plane is based and licensed in VA. It's going to be a state by state thing. Most don't but some do. "Current Virginia law requires proof of financial responsibility. (See Virginia Code sections 5.1-88.1 and ยง5.1-88.2, Ex-300). This is a prerequisite to licensure of aircraft, which translates into limits of $50,000/$100,000/$25,000; or a single limit policy providing $250,000 coverage, including passenger liability of $50,000 per passenger seat." Brian
  2. https://dailytimes.com/promotions/article_f44f402c-153a-11ea-960f-3b4021e27776.html Wonder who the additional investor is?
  3. No more rebates are available: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/rebate/ "Thank you for participating in the FAA's rebate program. We are no longer accepting new reservations. All of the 20,000 rebates have been reserved." Brian
  4. It wasn't the wings that got me, it was attempting to look out the side window....keep smacking my forehead on the side panels above the door...definitely prefer the Beech and Mooney windows....
  5. Okay Doc, your Comanche is on a totally different playing field, maybe even planet...that monster is in a league all to itself. The Cessna 172, 182, 210, etc don't get along with me to well. I call them the forehead smashers. Got the marks to prove it too.... Brian
  6. Exactly, take those take-off and landing numbers that were posted in the links by the OP with a huge grain of salt. They are not real world.... As for comfort, that will be a personal choice and preference. I seemed to always get a butt cramp after about 2 hours while flying my previous M20E. I look at it this way, if you like sitting on the floor eating with a tray table while watching TV, that's the M20 line (i.e. legs straight out). If you prefer to sit at a dining table, that's the Beechcraft line (i.e. legs bent 80-90 degrees with feet flat on the floor). I personally find the Beech's to be much more comfortable for me. My wife and boys found the backseats to be more comfortable in the Bonanza and Travel Air as well. My seats also recline and lay almost flat unless I have a crap ton of luggage back there, but that would apply to the M20 series too. I haven't sat in an A36 in a long time, but I'd be shocked if the rear, forward facing seats didn't recline. The backward facing rear seats would have limited recline for obvious reasons. As for this nugget: Every time I've rented cars at airports, I've had the option of upgrading to a larger SUV if needed. This sounds like a personal limitation to me? Cheers, Brian
  7. Pay a local teenager $20 bucks and sit in a lawn chair supervising.... I at least give them the supplies and then turn them loose. Brian
  8. I'm heading that general direction Saturday morning if the plan for tomorrow falls through for some reason. Cheers, Brian
  9. We've owned our Travel Air since January and we've flown all over the East Coast and into the Midwest. After almost 175 hours in the plane, I just noticed this today on my way back from Sporty's in Ohio.... I have a VSI with the Mooney Logo in my Panel.... I love it. Brian
  10. Nice!! When did you move into the new hangar or did the airport finally decide to complete the one you were in that had no walls? Cheers, Brian
  11. I reversed a few numbers and found an aircraft with a lot of flights in New York...N9526M...and it's also an M20F...go figure... Brian
  12. Someone fat fingered your tail number when they did flight following. If you look at the track log it shows the actual TRACON and Center (photo 1). Compare that to a VFR flight I did on Monday that shows ADSB tracking (photo 2). Cheers, Brian Photo 1: Photo 2:
  13. Given your location, I wouldn't hesitate going with Western Skyways again (they did my IO520). Their three year warranty beats both Lycoming and Continental's and they have been known to drive out to customers locations if needed to repair something under warranty. Victor has the same type warranty (can pay for up to a 10 year warranty too I believe) and makes a great engine, but think they are a bit on the high side for what you get (just my opinion). Brian
  14. Not Don, but that's just for the engine overhaul/rebuild. My total for the R&R portion by the maintenance shop that pulled and reinstalled the engine (plus new engine mounts, misc hardware, etc) was close to $10K. I was sitting at $46K all in for the total cost of overhauling the IO520 in my previous Bonanza. Brian
  15. Same thing I posted over in the other thread.... Start with Air Power, Inc. They are one of the distributors for Lycoming and then you can compare that against the other boutique builders out there. Only the factory can label it as New or Rebuilt, all others will be an overhaul. https://www.airpowerinc.com/productcart/pc/engines.asp?searchParm=TIO-540-AF1B&catID=33 Cheers, Brian