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  1. Best Buy has the Mini 4 on sale for $299 right now. Wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for a Mini 5 to come out. Cheers, Brian
  2. flight2000

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    Everyone keeps throwing out the Turbo models, but seem to have missed this statement in his original post. This may or may not be important since we don't have an operating or purchase budget mentioned that he'd be comfortable with. So with that in mind, here's what Air Power, Inc is showing for overhaul costs on the engines. Other boutique engine builders may be a little cheaper or more expensive, but I use this as a bench mark when comparing. This is only for the engine itself and not the work to remove, R&R, and replace in the aircraft. That will vary by location around the country because of varying labor costs. 231 TSIO360LB: New $59,200 Rebuilt $49,700 252 TSIO360MB: New $71,765 Rebuilt $58,776 Encore TSIO360SB: New $76,675 Rebuilt $62,925 M20E IO360: New $56,182 Rebuilt $33,449 Overhauled $28,949 M20J IO360: New $57,812 Rebuilt $34,763 Overhauled $30,263 Ovation IO550G: New $50,918 Rebuilt $43,775 Beech E33A/F33A IO520BA: Rebuilt $39,595 My recommendation and some other ideas: Start with a list of your must haves and nice to haves on a spreadsheet and then figure out the operating costs for each model you're looking at. Look at the useful loads and how much you want to play with fuel loads to keep you within CG. I can send a W&B spreadsheet to play with numbers for both the aircraft I've owned. Look at your typical load with the family and how many times you'll be balancing the fuel load. The newer the M20J's got, the worse the useful load. Look at the anticipated growth of your kids and the space you have (kind of hard as I wasn't expecting my son to go from a 4'5" 9 year old to a 6'5" 19 yo....). Look at the typical fuel burns and compute the yearly expected usage and factor average cost of gas per hour And most important - find a local aircraft to have your wife and kids sit in. She's already familiar with the bigger aircraft, so need to find a Mooney for her to sit in along with the kids if they haven't been in one before. When we were shopping in 2017, I found an M20J (SW's owners plane) and a Rocket ($132K) at Skywagons over in Placerville, CA because I wanted to stay in the Mooney family while upgrading to a "bigger" plane. Then I found a C210N ($159K) and F33A ($145K) for sale down in Carson City to look at. When they sat in the F33A, I got smacked for not going with this one in the first place.... (an E33A is one year removed from being an F33A). Cheers and happy hunting. Brian
  3. flight2000

    201/231/252 for family/commute

    If it’s just you 75% of the time and you still have access to a Bonanza or Sarratoga when needed, I’d get a modified M20E. I flew out of Reno for 2 years, 12 months with my previous Mooney and 12 with the Bonanza I have now. No issues with either bird getting over the Sierra’s, only upgraded because I needed more room for my boys and the 270 pound baggage capacity in the Bo. Yes, I burn more gas (8.5 gph vs 12.7), but also carry more with 1184 useful load versus my previous M20E’s 934 useful. I always followed I80 between Reno and Sacramento. More places to land if the fan quit on me. Usually cruised over between 10 and 11,500. Not sure who said an older Bonanza was more expensive to maintain, but that has not been the case for me. Yes, the overhauls are more compared to the 4 cylinder IO360, but your feeding 2 additional cylinders. Last time I checked 6 cylinder turbo’d TSIO360 engines cost more than my IO520 to overhaul. Everything will depend on the aircraft you buy and the recent maintenance. Pick the wrong aircraft and it’ll eat your wallet - Mooney, Piper, Cessna, etc. Makes no difference. Whatever you buy, make sure it’s the best one out there for sale and have a Mooney knowledgeable mechanic do the pre-buy. There are some good shops in California that know the Mooney inside and out. Cheers, Brian
  4. flight2000

    Interesting Ice formation

    It could be just the picture, but the cap looks like it's canted forward slightly, meaning it's not seated properly. That would cause the gas to flow out exactly where the ice formed. Been there, done that.... Brian
  5. flight2000

    Recommendations on Selling Mooney

    Controller.com is another option (and it's free ). That's how I sold mine and absolutely concur with John on having lot's of picture and scans of the logs handy. Cheers, Brian
  6. flight2000

    Name that Plane - Army

    The Army is no longer using these. We retired the last group about twenty years ago. My guess, it belongs to one of the air museums that still has operational Mohawk's: American Wings Air Museum, Blaine, Minnesota operates three Mohawks Carolinas Aviation Museum flies two Mohawks to airshows Cavanaugh Flight Museum flies one Mohawk American Warplane Museum in Wisconsin flies 2 or 3 Mohawks Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, Hampton, Georgia Flies 631 "B" Model and 005 "d" Model[4] Air Heritage Museum, Beaver County Airport, Pennsylvania currently flying 1 Mohawk Cheers, Brian
  7. flight2000


    Well, after being over there for about six years, there have been a handful, but not more than two hands worth that I can remember. Not sure what's up with all of the gear ups lately. It's got to be killing our insurance rates though. Brian
  8. flight2000


    Man they look tiny when sitting on the ground with their legs crossed.... Brian
  9. flight2000

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    P.S. There isn't one standard that is correct - use whatever method works for you during your flights to stay safe. Cheers, Brian
  10. flight2000

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    Flying IFR in IMC or VMC, I still leave FlyQ on the sectional map because of the details I want to see that are below me. Easier for me to pick out a location to put the plane down if there is a problem (in theory anyway since I haven't had to test it yet). However, it is only two touches (~2 seconds) on the iPad to flip between the low altitude chart and sectional which I do regularly in flight anyway - mostly because I'm bored and start fiddling with the iPad...I could also flip to an aerial photo map if I wanted too. Brian
  11. flight2000

    Yoke refurbishment

    I used these guys in Ohio when I had my yokes redone and powder coated. Cost $750 for the pair, but they were perfect. I didn't have anyone local to compare pricing against, so went with them. They'll do any color (extra) or glossy, satin, or wrinkle black. http://67m20e.com/avionics-upgrades.html Cheers, Brian
  12. flight2000

    Fewer Mooneys For Sale

    Pick a higher performance airframe and you'll notice the same pretty much across the board. Comanche's, C210's, any variety of Bonanza, the entire Mooney lineup, etc are all down in numbers (for sale that is). Two years ago there were over 200 Mooney's for sale, now just over a 100. Bonanza's went from around 250 to 130. Good models are definitely selling fast, so you have to be quick. I committed to my E33A two days after it hit controller and there was a line behind me 5 deep less than 48 hours later. Sold my M20E in 2 weeks after listing on Controller. Brian
  13. flight2000

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    Don't get stuck in the mud pit, I'm bailing on this discussion before I get any dirtier. Peace out.... Brian
  14. flight2000

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    It's not unneeded hate and discontent - it was wrong information or a very poorly worded comment at best. You stirred the pot, I was just correcting your bad attempt. And since I own a Bonanza, I think I know how bolts keep the wings mated to the fuselage. Same for the tail section. You said wing (see below), which last time I checked does not equal or reside in the same place as a Ruddervator on the V tail Bonanza's. As @jetdriven already mentioned, the AD solved this problem. Please point me to the most recent inflight failure that was aircraft induced versus PILOT induced. Fly any aircraft into a thunderstorm or put the plane into a dive/spin beyond its design limits and things will come apart pretty quickly, regardless of design. Cheers, Brian
  15. flight2000

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    Let me correct this bit of misinformation. There are eight bolts (4 per wing - 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom) and they are inspected at every annual for corrosion (I could check them before every flight if I wanted to - simple panel cover to remove). There has never been a documented case of a single bolt, let alone 2 or more, sheering off on any BE33/35/36 Bonanza. We also have a set of spars that run through the fuselage into the wings. Non issue from my perspective. Cheers, Brian