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  1. Great, I just drooled a little on my keyboard...very nice!! Only thing I can see that might need some work are the yokes. Maybe upgrade to the '67 style or go full monty and the later "J" model yokes. I know it's not easy to convert, but it has been done in the past by some on the board. Should be a fun trip flying back across the country. Cheers, Brian
  2. That's an apples and oranges comparison. Phil won't let you order a Halo unless he has them built and in stock. Yes, you have to be patient and wait for him to post them on the website, but your money isn't tied up like GeeBee's case and then left to wonder when the product will ship.
  3. Shoot, fly over the Great Salt Lake to get some really weird views and colors coming off the lake. Lot's of cool stuff to see out west. Cheers, Brian
  4. This is a great place to start: I flew my 67E out of Reno for about 15 months and had a blast doing it. My routes back east involved going Reno to Salt Lake City then through Wyoming basically following I-80. Fly early in the morning to avoid the thermals and bumps until you are clear into Nebraska or heading across eastern Colorado. Furthest north I ever got was Yellowstone, so not familiar with flying up there unfortunately. The M20E did fine, all the way up to 14,500 which is where I stopped. Didn't have a reason to go any higher, but I'm sure she'd have climbed all the way up to the service ceiling if I asked her to... Cheers, Brian
  5. I agree it's not marked well, but the one time I used rwy 7 they had me taxi from the ramp via D -> E -> G -> F -> rwy 7. You just stay on G if going all the way out to rwy 32. Only ones I ever saw using D in front of the Air Guard ramp was the military. Everybody else went via taxiway G. May have been a new controller as well. i was always told to make sure I turn at E. That was a couple of years ago though. You can barely see it in the photo I posted on page 1 (I was on taxiway E going towards the ramp), but there were portable barriers placed across D to keep you from going that way. When the fighters are doing their thing, a crew truck comes out and moves them. Sounds like that policy may have changed or they were getting ready to start operations. Cheers, Brian
  6. Forgot to add that you can also see the big yellow box that TSA uses to mark their security area that @cliffy mentioned earlier in the thread. It's the smaller concrete pad right next to the squadrons ramp. Brian
  7. Most dual use airports will have a red line separating the military and civilian ramps - where the ramp changes from asphalt to concrete is the "line" at KLMT. If you've never been to one before, this can be a severe gotcha type moment. If ground sends you the wrong way by accident and it's a dead end into the mil ramp, it makes it even worse. Took these shots at Klamath Falls, OR a few years ago and you can see the entire squadron of F15's sitting there on the ramp as you taxi by. Could you walk right over to them....yep. But I'd bet there are eyes on those aircraft 24/7/365...and then you'll wish you didn't want to play touch the F15.... I disagree with one of the posts above that said you can't learn from this type of post. Yes, it was painful for Bob to go through, hopefully he just got a talking to and after some back and forth was let go, but there is a teaching moment there for those that have never been to an airport like this before. Fortunately, most Air Guard and Army NG bases have their military ramps squirreled away from the GA side so these types of incidents fairly infrequent. Just know where your going ahead of time is the lesson and have those airport diagrams handy. KLMT's restricted area is pretty well marked on the apt diagram. Cheers, Brian
  8. Wow, super jealous. Very nice! Have fun and the journey begins again. Brian
  9. LASAR is where I got mine back in 2012 and they weren't cheap - $4300 installed and then add another $1K for the Whelen Orion LED lights about a year later. I didn't need to do that mod, but I liked the look better than the chopped ends. I was also in the 156-158 KTAS at altitude - usually 6-8K was my sweet spot. http://67m20e.com/mooney-m20e.html Cheers, Brian
  10. If I remember correctly, it was 3-4 business days from when I submitted to when I got a call and they posted it. They'll try to give their best sales pitch to get $$$ out of you, but just tell them you want the standard free listing, nothing more. It was posted online about an hour after that. Only bad thing is I couldn't make changes (i.e. updating the hours since I was still flying it) after posting unless I called and did the same dance with the sales rep. It was a bit irritating and hope they fixed that since then to allow you to keep it up to date. Brian
  11. Jon is - he's 6'4" and still growing...so yes, blew right past me....lol! He's a Blackhawk crew chief/mechanic now and currently chasing bad guys somewhere in Afghanistan via air... Ben is 16 now and well, almost catching up. Not sure if he'll pass me, but it'll be close. Cheers, Brian
  12. That is correct. This will replace my KX155 once it dies. Brian
  13. I never thought I'd see this day....of course I said the same thing when I sold my E. Congrats on getting a Missile! Well maintained...check. Flies often...check. ADSB-Out...check. What's not to love about this E....nothing. Someone is going to get a nice aircraft. Brian
  14. A simple checkout in Atlanta won't do. He needs a checkride (and minimum set of fixed wing hours first) to get the Airplane add on to his rotor-wing rating. Not sure what the time requirement is, but that would be longer than a day or two in Atlanta. Brian