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  1. Don, Have you asked the airport management if you can use the 'Business/Conference Center'? It's the stand-alone building across from the terminal. It has about 75 chairs in it so might work well to sit and visit for everyone. I've used it for an event or 2 and it's nice enough. That's a poor call by the restaurant in my opinion. I'm surprised.
  2. ATC isn't going to have to change the way they do business because of one manufacturer's autopilot installed in a very small number of airplanes. If you're assigned a heading by ATC, you shall fly that heading - not a track. Just adjust your track so your heading is what is assigned. I think it will still be simple - but it will involve more than just setting an assigned heading into your track selection on the autopilot and acting like it's somebody else's problem you're not in compliance.
  3. That seems like an incredible deal for someone. I'm surprised at the low prices on some Bravos, this one in particular.
  4. I'll agree with the unicorn comment. I think your expectations are somewhat unrealistic. Buy the airframe you want with your basic necessities covered and then don't be scared to do some of those things yourself. It might not be perfect when you close on the purchase, but after it's built the way you want it, you'll have better peace of mind I think if you choose the shop and the components to do the upgrades yourself. It also sounds like you have the finances to handle an upgrade or repair if something comes up. For example, I'd rather pick the engine overhaul shop myself and choose the components to be replaced/rebuilt and know exactly what I've got instead of not knowing the previous owner's budget when we went through it and maybe cut a few corners. If you want GPSS, you might have to add an Aspen. Now you'll have a brand new model rather than whatever the owner put in 5 years ago. I don't think tanks are a deal-breaker and they're not a preventative maintenance item. Having them done within 10 years? Sure, it might make you feel better but might also be a complete waste of money if the originals or the 15 year ago reseal is still great. If they leak, price accordingly. If they don't...go fly it for years and years without any need of reseal!
  5. A FIKI/TKS Bravo will do exactly what you want. That's what I was looking for when I moved up from the last airplane and found it. The Bravo has been extremely dependable and very capable. It'll do 1000nm non-stop if you want, through an icing layer legally, and at a great speed comfortably. It's a tough airplane to beat I think in a lot of areas.
  6. FYI, We had our MSC replace the probe, they used part number 86309 - the $400ish one.
  7. Replace the tach. The cable is probably going bad as they mentioned. I had this exact problem 6 months ago. New tach = problem solved.
  8. So we pulled the cowl, and I've got a single probe. Here's what looks to be the right part according to previous replacement part number in the logbook. I find it for about $400. I wonder if it's different than the one mentioned for $130...I see that's about JPI's specific part price.
  9. Like a lot of your Bravos, I have the factory TIT guage and an EDM-700. Do you guys know if they are both fed by the same probe or is it possible each has its own? My EDM TIT has been reading low, so I'm thinking that it's time for replacement probe. Tracking down the right probe is what I'm working on....and unfortunately there is no clear answer yet since there are several potential replacement parts, from JPI or Alcor. I see the expected life is anywhere from 400 to 1200 hours, so this isn't uncommon. Thanks
  10. Glad to hear another happy Bravo owner. It's interesting what you say about the check valve manifolds, as I don't think it is very well known. We replaced the part in our Bravo recently after having a vacuum issue and I found a few articles from Parker Hannifin (I think) about the useful life of this piece. There was a nasty crash or two in other makes because of this failure...having two pumps does no good if the check valve fails, so it's pretty critical for those flying IFR!
  11. Congrats. That car will be a blast...and probably a good investment if you can keep it off the streets! haha That's Mooney's got some good looking hangar-mates.
  12. I'll echo just about everything that John said. Great post. Mine is a '98, and it's a great, great machine. I too, really like the extra size over the K models. It's a beautiful,, solid, capable airplane. Annuals aren't cheap, but they shouldn't average anywhere near the numbers you were throwing out. An airplane with this many systems, duals, and capabilities is going to have things to maintain and potentially go wrong. However, when kept up properly, it is not all that expensive and very reliable.
  13. I'm pretty curious to see what everybody else uses for power settings too. I was taught 30" 2400 rpm is a safe, you-will-reach TBO setting by several of the well known 'guru's. They also said just run 1550 TIT and don't worry, be happy. However, sometimes that's a lot closer to peak TIT than I would think it should be run for long engine life, despite the POH allowing for MUCH higher temps. I'm more than willing to burn the extra fuel to save on the high dollar engine...anybody seen the exchange prices on the engine lately? WOW. What's everybody else running?
  14. John- Could you upload that service manual to GoogleDocs or something else so I could have it too? I can't find a link either and would like to have it. My killfrost has an expiration date on the container I think. Maybe 2 years from purchase?
  15. Add me to the list of completely satisfied AAA customers, as I've mentioned before - purchased a Bravo in 2010.