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  1. Mooney never closed....It was just shut down for a special Chinese Holiday!
  2. I had a similar issue A few years ago.. I would say 480 settings!
  3. Wouldn't using the auto version be replacing the valve springs with a wrong part in the FAA's eyes? Porsche offered a engine swap to current PFM owners at the time. This was done to allow Porsche to get out and remove their liability. It was split 70K to Porsche and 30K to the owner and the owners basically ended up with an Ovation with a lower maximum gross weigh. When hurricane Charlie hit and destroyed all but 9 US and 2 Australian unconverted PFM's, Porsche destroyed all the spares to remove the rest of their liability. As far as using springs from Porsche for a 3.2 or 3.3 Turbo engine......I personally would pass and go to a aftermarket company. Porsche may sell you comparable springs, however I would bet that they would not assist you in owner manufactured springs. Additionally I would not be interested in replacing the springs with the exact same spring, with a different part number, only to have the same weak link in the engine that caused the 500 replacement mandate to begin with.
  4. I thought about this in the past. Porsche destroyed all the spare parts including valve springs. So if I owned one, I would check into who makes valve springs for Porsche Race engines. Then have them supply what I need, for "owner manufactured" parts. However, another situation may, or may not surface. Can an A&P repair an engine, or replace valve springs, that they have never received training for?
  5. After buying a zero time rebuild engine from Continental, I flew to Alabama to have Continental diagnose a issue. Part of the testing included bypassing the diverter valve, but only for a ground runup. I asked them if I could fly it while bypassed, for a test flight, and they refused to allow me. Now they are insisting that it be removed. AS USUAL NICE AND CLASSY CONTINENTAL!
  6. I have a set of factory tools that I can lend out. I can send them out at the end of next week. PM sent.
  7. You move so fast that ATC needed extra time to figure it out?
  8. Looks like a cheap automotive clamp. Unfortunately after 35 years & many owners most our planes have a bit of wrong hardware.
  9. The engineers and test pilots also have provided power settings for running the TSIO-360 at Peak in the POH. As we all know running at peak is not good! In the 231, if the engine is run above 55-60% at peak, according to the recommended POH power settings, the CHT temps will go well above 400. So I would have to say that the 1980 POH recommends running it in a way that reduces longevity. Remember the POH also suggest running the engine with a maximum CHT of 450. The POH was influenced by marketing rather than longevity, in my opinion! Remember 231MPH is 201Kts, breaking the 200 barrier, under ideal conditions. If I was attempting to "reinvent the wheel", I would think, I may have done that in the first 7 years of ownership of my "K", rather than just after the engine was rebuilt and for the last 2 years. FYI Continental is teaching to run LOP thru their webinars and OSH seminars.
  10. If I knew you were doing a airplane selfi, I would have left the cover off. Tom, nice chatting today, hope to see you at OSH!
  11. Glad the switch failed at a good time! It is my understanding that the low boost switch should provide cruise GPH (about 10 gph) and the High boost switch should provide climb out or full power fuel flow (22-25 gph).
  12. Paul, You can use the QC-20's with the mask. Just have to use an adapter like this. See my previous post, problem is no volume and the QC-20 is a lot louder than aviation headsets. But works well for solo flights with mask!
  13. For non-aviation I have used the corded QC-20 and also the bluetooth QC-30's. I work in an active and noisy environment and love the QC-30's! For aviation I have a Halo that works well for my wife, but is not for me. Also a Zulu, Bose X & QC-15 with uflymike. I found that when using the oxygen mask, with mic, the full size headsets added to the system is just way too much going on. So I got an adapter and use my QC-20 earbuds combined with the mask w/mic. The drawback is no headset volume control, so only works well when flying solo, since the QC-20 volume is much higher than the aviation headsets. I always thought that it would be pretty cool if uflymike would make a mic that worked with the QC-20 earbuds rather than the QC-15 or QC-25 headsets. This thread is the first that I am hearing about the new Bose earbud headset. If I was due for another headset, I would be pretty comfortable buying the new Bose without trying them.
  14. Yes, I removed the Merlyn to remove one variable to troubleshoot the problem. When the Merlyn was installed, the problem was amplified. Happened more often and also the MP & FF climbed much faster. FYI the Merlyn that was installed was new, rather than a worn unit in need of service or maintenance.
  15. Cardinal767- Thanks for the link! jlunseth- Some engines have a external fuel pressure regulator. My engine does not. I understand that the MP and FF will dance around a little, .2-.4in and .2-.3gph. As you said, mine is way beyond that. The 2gph and 3in problem happens about 10-12 times per hour. The fuel manifold (spyder) is one possibility. jackn- I do not have an automatic wastegate. It is a ground adjustable, fixed bolt wastegate. It does not change at all until a mechanic physically changes it. I appreciate the help and suggestions that everyone has offered here!