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  1. Wow, as stated quite a difference in bracketry. I’ve got a century trim with S-Tec 30 roll and pitch and looks identical to the last pic. Looks like quite the install to retrofit to the Garmin. I got a quote of 12k plus 30 hours install to add roll pitch and trim to an early J. I thought that was pretty reasonable. What are your guys thoughts on adding the yaw damper while at it. Looks like it might be an easy addition down the road if required but at the same time if your tearing wall panels out and to run new cables it might make sense to do the 4 servos all at once and be done. Just not sure yaw damper is required in a 201?
  2. Hey I’m looking at pulling the trigger for a GFC 500 install in my M20J. Has anyone got any installation pictures with roll/pitch/trim? I’ve got an stec30 now and talking to the avionics shop they will discount the installation if I assist in the process. Thanks all.
  3. Dreams are officially crushed. Sounds like I might be back to the drawing board on this on lol. Thanks Guillaume for the info.
  4. I looked at the physical dimensions of the g1000 displays vs 10.6” G3x displays and they are almost identical. I think your getting newer tech and touch for 1/100 of the cost of a g1000
  5. I was eyeing this option but it’s not remote mount. If you see the pic I posted not any room for a display gnx/gtn. I don’t need the annunciatior panel as my J has just the lights but I thought that would be a great spot for the GFC500 control head down the road. I wonder what some exp guys have done or if all settled on a gtn etc
  6. Ya I wondered about that and it appears the newer birds lowered their panel height. Back to the old height of the j/k. If you look at the 3 round gauges it appears to be similar in height including the glareshield bump up like I’ve got. Width wise it will be fine and the yoke mounts never changed. What’s your thoughts about why it wouldn’t fit?
  7. Hey guys. I recently bought a G1000 panel for my J and am thinking about installing dual G3X touch 10’6” displays (now certified) in place of where the 2 G1000 are now. Currently have a CGR-30P I would remove for the Garmin G3x built in engine monitor. I would add: -remote comm -remote ads-b with WAAS gps in/out -pitot AoA sensor -remote audio panel -Gad29b for now and keep s-tec 30 until I can afford gfc500 -my issue is do I need a Nav source anymore. Garmin doesn’t seem to make a remote Nav source that I found. It seems that most airports have gps approaches. I won’t really have the real estate for a gtn-650. And personally would like everything driven through the 2 10” displays I also picked up the matching cct breaker panel What are all your thoughts on my panel modernization idea? Crazy, cool? I’d like some feedback
  8. Hey guys I was having a discussion with my A&P about the G5 and he seems to think the STC paperwork is airframe specific with a fresh stamp and signature per install. Does anyone have a copy of the stc. Is it just the standard SA01818WI document (9pages I think) or does the code you send Garmin generate a specific doc with reference to your units serial etc?
  9. thats exactly what I did, asked for a manager with spruce as the aircraft was needed for tomorrow for a trip and now its scrubbed, the manager read me lines from their invoice policy and AVEO will only work with them if its returned to the manufacturer and spruce basically won't accept the return and said that if i did they would just send it back to AVEO for a replacement and send me that so I am SOL. She was very apologetic but didn't resolve my issues now I am out a trip and probably over $150 in shipping costs on top of the lights that I hadnt even installed yet. I guess I just wanted to share my experience so far. I'll see how the rest goes.
  10. Been a while since I posted on here, had some personal challenges to deal with but recently had my hoskin strobe assembly go on my 201. So I decided to order some AVEO ultra LED lights for the plane. Well I got them Friday and the port side green assembly showed up DOA, ordered from Spruce, called them and they advised me to contact AVEO directly for a warranty claim, I explained they hadn't even been installed yet and were bench tested before installation. Didn't matter was told to deal directly with AVEO. So I said I would just send them back and ask for my money back and they said they would have to send them back to AVEO for warranty and then would verify if I could get my money back. SO the only thing to do is send them back to AVEO for a replacement light. They would not cover the shipping down to Florida for warranty and would charge me shipping to return, so after spending over $1000 on lights, 1 showed up dead I now have to pay my own cost of $70 shipping from Canada to Florida to get my light. Any thoughts from you guys would be great, beyond disappointed and frustrated with both companies at this time.
  11. Well i gave it a try myself, followed the beech talk website link and ordered some leather from Tandy. a punch tool some needles and thread and all was easy, did the pilot side yoke in-situ as to not mess with wiring and copilot was removed and done at home, total time both yokes was 8 hours. If you are even remotely artistic or have an eye for detail its very easy job. While I had the mooney logo digitized for the yoke center cap stitching I had my headrests done at the same time. Total cost to leather wrap yokes $140 cdn. including the tools, materials, supplies.
  12. From the album: Final Flying

    DIY leather wrapped yoke
  13. From the album: Final Flying

    DIY leather wrapped yoke
  14. Thanks for all the advice. Got my dad to measure the tube size for me, its 1" OD. through the nose wheel and 7.5" wide. Thought I would throw that in here incase anyone else decides to build one down the road. My uncle has a welding and fabrication shop so off I go today to build a tow bar and front bumper/tow hitch for my tractor, I'll post some pics on here when I get a chance. Thanks again Chris
  15. I bought a new garden tractor recently for towing a 201 and ovation 3 in my hangar. because I am not towing any other brand or style i thought I would have a tow bar built specifically for the 2. first of all Im wondering the width of the shaft the towbar slide into on the nose gear and the diameter of the tubing needed. Anyone have any suggestions on the bar itself, Im thinking offset the square stock so it comes out centre with the tire. at least 6 feet long maybe out of 1-3/4 thin wall square steel with a loop to just slip over a 2" hitch ball? Any thoughts or design ideas? I want to slide the round bar through the nose wheel far enough to come out the other side to put a clevis pin in so it doesn't slip out during towing. I would appreciate any feedback on this idea. I am across the country and don't have access to the planes right now to get the measurements needed. Thanks all. chris.
  16. I picked my cgr-30p at osh last year from AC spruce for $3300 out the door with all the options. I went to the show to buy a jpi but they couldn't touch the cgr for price and were rude. I found the display resolution much nicier on the cgr very high pixels and easy on the eyes. Absolutely love it and it works flawlessly.
  17. my vote is for this location, after 50 hours of using it, perfect location for view. i installed the LED caution lights above the airspeed indicator which is also a good spot.
  18. my wife hates seeing Aircraft spruce boxes show up, it just means I spent more of her shopping money. lol. or maybe because i get atleast 1 or 2 of them a month, meh, who knows.
  19. And to note my prop was overhauled in 2008 and has 180 hours in service the McCauley paddle prop
  20. Same issue on my 201 pulled the prop twice this summer thinking the hub oring was leaking strange it only started during hot summer conditions although I am getting the odd speckles on the windshield too. Little streaks about 3 " up at the base of the blades on both blades. Confirmed it's not the prop oring so it's the warm grease in the blade hub?
  21. Thanks for all the replies. We ended up passing on the end table because I was worried I would get back to the airport at 10pm and it wouldn't fit. It's solid wood and would have no give. I think where the main door starts to slope back would have made It impossible to fit
  22. Hi urgently need to know if I can fit a 22x25x24" box through the main door on a mooney Thanks Chris