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  1. Please include photo details. Camera, lens, f-stop, etc
  2. Flight home from MAPA PPP a couple weeks ago. I had the great fortune of having a couple of experienced co-pilot's that made the trip home pleasant and informative. Thanks Mark, thanks Jerry.
  3. Thank you, and thanks for letting me know about the double post. I think I have that resolved now. Do you have one of those cool hangar homes out at Hicks? Carl
  4. We went over this subject a bit at the MAPA PPP in Chattanooga last weekend. It was an interesting part of the course and checking the mounting nuts is something I am adding to my list of things to do at oil changes. I am considering locknuts also. It is my understanding that all rebuilds done by Lycoming will be converted to the dual mag case.
  5. I just dropped my J off with Don Maxwell on Monday and expect it will be out in a couple weeks. I am looking for someone that may be dropping their Mooney off for service or annual so that I can share a ride out and give a ride back. Home base is KGKY (Arlington TX).
  6. Even if one makes visors, one still needs to mount them. I am now in the same predicament as the OP because the factory attachments have hardened, degraded, and finally broken. I too like the adel clamp idea.
  7. Yet another picture of an iPad mini with yoke setup. I just got this set up in the last couple of weeks. My onlyest problem with this setup is that the glare from outside light makes the iPad almost unusable. I'll be experimenting with glare shields to remedy that. However, the mount itself is no problem seems to work well.
  8. In researching an LLC here in Texas, it looks like a registered agent (ra) may be the way to go as far as a business address and point of contact. Anyone in the DFW area have experience with and reccomendations for an ra contact? I'd like to interview a few to get a feel for how they handle business. Someone earlier mentioned using an attorney as the ra. The point made sounds good but how necessary would this be?
  9. When I was young and invincible had a Long EZ and flew it VFR around the western desert regions (mostly) avoiding places where I'd hit anyone or anything. I went for a number of years without insurance on the premise that an accident that broke something that was repairable, I could repair for about the cost of a years premium. If it wasn't repairable then I was probably beyond caring. Well it worked for me and gave me plenty of "retract" time. Stepping into the Mooney after that was not a problem. Too, first year's insurance wasn't too bad. It has gone down in the last three renewals but I think the retract hours, even though they were not complex hours helped. It also gave me experience in a fast airframe that does not like to slow down and will float a mile if approach speeds are high. (Sound familiar?) On the other hand, the EZ is simple to fly, gives a great view of the world, and a nice one can be had cheap. Get in good with an experienced mechanic at a local EAA club and you will learn lots about maintainence too. Then again, most life insurance policies don't cover experimental aircraft and if you have family then stepping straight into a well maintained Mooney after you get your PPL is also a good option. You might check to see if you can find or form a partnership. While I am rambling, two other things I suggest to new pilots are to check into getting emergency manuver training (can usually be done with a tailwheel checkout at the same time) and get a glider rating.
  10. Crappy tools are a pain!

  11. Lela sent me the “HOMECOMING &AL MOONEY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION” registration form and said that I could upload that here. I'm not sure if including it inline in a reply, or uploading it as a document would be best. My wife has also given me a pass but expressed an interest in NOT going herself. I'll be staying at the "Inn of the Hills" and have booked the 10th and 11th. Carl 2014 Kerrville guest registration convention.doc