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  1. About 4-5 years ago, I replaced my engine on my E Model. I went with a Factory Reman on an IO-360 A3B6. The engine came from the factory, no issues whatsoever. A factory reman is every bit as good as factory new. From what I understand, they do NOT use anything but NEW on any moving part. Let me make a suggestion, while you're at it. Power Flow Tuned Exhaust. I did mine years before I replaced my engine. That tuned exhaust will provide you with no less than 10% more power coming off that 360. As you climb in altitude, it shines. Far better than going with a 390. It was one o
  2. J-D- Mooney's are great platforms. But you need to manage your expectations. An Ovation is the very top of the line; I fly one. I flew a couple thousand hours in an E Model, and the transition to the Ovation was a lot for me to handle after 20 years flying Mooney aircraft. I have flown an E Model, 231, PFM, M20S and Ovation (M20R). My flight school from years ago had an E Model. I flew it during my primary training. Personally I think it is realistic to fly an E, F or J for primary flight training and your instrument rating. Anything else is very unrealistic. I have known a n
  3. I flew an IO-360 for 2 decades in my E-Model, two different engines over that timeframe. There are two very plausible possibilities. Easy check - intake tubes; look carefully for cracks, and ensure that the intakes are secure on the engine. You could have a torn gasket there; look for oil coming down onto the intake tubes. That said, the IO-360 is notorious for it's weak link - the fuel servo. If you have never replaced it, and it has more than 1,000 hours on it, you might want to check there. The way to see if the fuel servo is starting to fail is to see what sort of RPM rise you
  4. I have an Ovation 2GX with the 310HP upgrade. It is equipped with a "legacy" G1000 non-WAAS and an S-TEC 55X auto-pilot. I have looked at upgrading the avionics; it's cost prohibitive and not worth the money at all. I have flown aircraft with the newest generation G1000's. The graphics are better, which is nice. There are a few extra features, also nice. But overall, a G1000 is a G1000. The S-TEC works great. The fact that the G1000 is non-WAAS means nothing to me. It'd be nice, but I am not in need of it. Again, not worth the money. The 310 upgrade is critical. I have flown it wit
  5. There's a wealth of information here. I figured that others were challenged by this besides me. Read "Cruiser's" technique above. It worked perfectly for me, twice. I am also opting to switch out my plugs next time I do an oil change to fine wire plugs. My plugs have about 200 hrs on them, so I will have no regrets over removing them at 225 and replacing them. Generally speaking, the mass electrode plugs only last 250-300 hrs in these engines.
  6. Yes. Not too far from RNO, based at TRK. Frequently fly to CXP. Ovation 3GX, former E Model owner. I can tell you a lot of what you need to know. In my hangar row, there are 3 Mooneys, an Encore, a Rocket conversion and my Ovation. No lack of fast movers around here.
  7. I've done that before, it helps, but doesn't solve the problem.
  8. WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! WE HAVE A WINNER - I just tried this method, ever so slightly modified. As the engine stumbled a bit on startup, I added power to keep it running, very brief throttle increase. Cruiser, thank you SO much! I will try the other methods on other occasions. I randomly selected this one. This worked FANTASTIC!
  9. it's really no big deal. Mooney actually thought that all the STEC 55X units were replaced. But even that doesn't matter, you still need to have the WAAS units and convert. My issue is that where I am based, you don't even think of flying in hard IMC due to the weather associated with it and the terrain (high altitude field). Compounding that, few airports that I fly into have WAAS approaches with vertical guidance. We finally got a WAAS approach at my home airport, but if you're flying through IMC here, you're flying through icing, period. I fly into SQL just SE of SFO; no WAAS approac
  10. Yep, I sold it a couple years ago after picking up a new O3. I held onto it for about 6 months, but found that it wasn't fair to the aircraft not to fly it, and I could tell that maintaining it without flying it much wouldn't be a good thing.
  11. There you go...the only mod I didn't do was the one piece belly. LoPresti Speed Cowl Tuned Induction 201 Windscreen 201 Spinner 201 Oil Cooler Relocation PowerFlow Tuned Exhaust Wing Tip Fairings Tail Root Fairing Flap Gap Seals Aileron Gap Seals
  12. Buddy- Don't waste your time, $$$ or resources on this. I thought it would be a great idea to get the NEXRAD weather, I already have traffic from my GTX 345R. The software upgrade would only give me the NEXRAD data, and I already have XM Weather. The way it was explained to me, Mooney had the upgrade written by Garmin to address the most common configuration, the G1000 WAAS enabled equipped with the GFC 700 autopilot. Short of that, the software upgrade will not work.
  13. Thank you, everyone, for all your excellent suggestions. I have printed each one, and placed the sheet in my flight bag. I will report back on my next hot start. I like Mufflerberaing's suggestion too with using fine wire plugs, but at this point, I will try the various techniques as a primary course of action. Hot starts always make me nervous, as I wonder if the engine will ignite :-(
  14. Will is one of the BEST Mooney instructors in the country. I have flown with Will and Don Kaye, both of whom are equally fantastic. I would highly recommend Will for any Mooney training or ferry. Will and I have flown a lot together since we first met a few years back, and I can honestly say that if you can fly with him or Don Kaye, you're flying with the two best Mooney instructors out there.
  15. I followed up just for that reason. It will be helpful for those who think they might be able to get the G1000 upgrade. Won't work for all.
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