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  1. Although I like the magnet idea, the original spring is available from Mooney. I got mine through Keith Winchester Parts Dept. Manager Muncie Aviation Co. (KWinchester@muncieaviation.com) for $18.
  2. Anyone have a part number (or better the part) for the auxiliary power door on the tail cone access panel? Mine departed in flight (pin slipped out?). Looks like this Pic borrowed from another post)
  3. I have a '79 M20K with Hoskins Nav and Strobe lights. The power supply and the light/base (PN 7839) are both bad on one wing. It appears that I have three options: Replace the bad power supply ($300) and HOPE that I can find a Hoskins PN 7839 light/base. (see attached picture) So far no luck on the light/base. Convert the bad power supply ($300) and light/base ($250) to Whelan which requires a 337 Convert everything including NAV lights to LED of which there are two options, both TSO'd and do not require the 337 Aeroled, Pulsar model (1080-b/c) for $1190 which includes the tail position light http://www.aeroleds.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=VgPG5vCTuB4%3d&tabid=6270&mid=13206 AVEO, Ultragalactical model for $1,200 http://www.aveogroup.com/aveo-shop/galactica-c-series/68-ultra-embedded-wing-set-of-2-green-and-red-with-white.html Any recent experience with any of these options?
  4. Likewise, I'm looking for a Maintenance Manual for my '79 231. Sounds like the choices are.. Call Mooney and get one on a flashdrive for $175 or so. Go to Essco and get one for $100 in paper, but confirm that it's applicable first. Georgia Mooney Pilot