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  1. triple8s

    Air conditioning options

    Better becareful with that crazy thing! Might get too much suction and stretch ........something
  2. triple8s

    Air conditioning options

    Better becareful with that crazy thing! Might get too much suction and stretch ........something
  3. I heard from a friend who was there that he shut down and was out at the front and moved the prop after engine was shut down. The key was not turned off, supposedly he barely moved the prop and it popped once. I have moved the prop after shut down to give clearance with the tug and been fussed at by a few folks for touching the prop. I generally place the key in eye shot of the front of the plane so I know it is indeed out and off, however my mechanic always fusses anytime someone touches the prop on aircraft around his shop he says a broken p-lead is all it could take.
  5. Not all 310's have the BB TCM's a very few have A pair of Big turbo Lycs hangin on them. Think it was done by Riley.
  6. triple8s

    Puff of smoke, electrical smell

    Had a similar occurrence with a C model and the glareshield could be removed along with a flat aluminum piece between 201 style windshield and padded glareshield. Removed those and took a copilot for a taxi test. He carried a mirror and had right front seat removed. With the mirror and the seat removed he found chaffing and a short after 30 or so minutes of taxing it was a wiring bundle which had sagged such that the yoke brushed it and caused a momentary short. Had avionics work done recently. Only shorted when yoke was in a certain position. So be sure to also move controls in all possible positions while stopped and someone observing. Good luck
  7. triple8s

    Wife’s pic

    Here is one the my took but the pic doesn't do it justice.
  8. triple8s

    Uh oh

    Bad day for someone at keqy.....on the bright side Mooney is a tough bird and I've seen many repaired and I the air again.
  9. triple8s

    Summmer Leaning on Approach

    I was a C flier for several years, my previous CFI always said what a good plane it was but he always warned about what an ice maker that plane could be, so after his constant advice how I need an engine monitor I bought a UGB 16 and got it installed. One of the features is it can monitor carb temp, WELL, what an eye opener! I had always heard how carb ice could form at temps up to 70df but found it hard to believe, until the cab temp was displayed right in front of my eyes. If I still flew with a carb engine I would definitely have a carb temp monitor. If you think about it an ac unit works similar to a carb. They both evaporate a liquid turning it into a gas. This causes cooling, at any outside air temp it causes cooling. How much cooling? Get a carb temp probe and you will see.
  10. triple8s

    Flaps Just a smidge less than 1600$ if you buy solder, solder gun, roll of masking tape, sharpie, wire cutters/strippers, heat shrink, and 300 Gal of 100LL for the test flying. Oh n still have change for a half gallon of milk n a box of chips ahoy for the hangar fairies.
  11. triple8s


    If you call Mooney like I did when I had trouble with flap retraction on my 1996 M20R they may try to sell you a new board with new relays. Said they didn't sell the relays separately and they had a new p/n for the board with relays. The cost? A bit over 1600$ !
  12. IMHO, ive flown short mooneys, 231 mooney, ovation and acclaim. I own a 96 ovation and imho the only step up from the O would be the acclaim and from there a Twin Bo, an aerostar or turbo prop neither of which would be worth the extra maintenance expense for my flying needs. Hard to beat a Mooney
  13. My friend sent me this text Watched what looked like a Lancair 4P get blown off the taxiway in Sebring by a 737 sitting on another taxiway doing engine run up tests in Sebring. No announcement on atis and nobody blocking the taxiway. Tail went up in the air, nose went into the dirt after sliding across the pavement. Plane spun around back and forth and finally came down like this. Pilot hurt foot. Plane totaled most likely. Unbelievable.
  14. triple8s

    Mooney M20r/s instruction

    Thats another thing that suprised me about mooneys how well they do in a crosswind. Once i did get relatively comfortable landing i found the thing handled pretty good in crosswinds and gusts and such. THE most important thing is getting the approach speed (energy) right and then it does quite nicely, however, the darn thing will still humble me once in awhile and when it does, the best thing to do unless you have lots of runway ahead of you is to go around. I always have it in my mind that a go around, is always a possibility. When i forget that is when i get humbled. So when i am set up for approach i have the trim where i am holding it off. I dont trim for hands off landings because if it is trimmed that way and you do have to go around the nose takes lots of force to hold down. So i have rudder trim in T.O. position, and T.O. position flaps so the forces are not as great. Only if the runway is short do i use full flaps. Also and this is controversial, i use speed breaks on approach and landing so it doesnt float quite as bad and if i need to go around they retract quickly. All in all the machine is not hard to fly or land if things are planned and energy is managed for the prevailing conditons. Great airplanes they are just not as tolerant of sloppy piloting as other makes.
  15. triple8s

    Mooney M20r/s instruction

    Bear in mind that on a long cross country getting training there and considering it done may not involve enough takeoff and landings. This is where most problems happen with low time intype pilots occur with long body Mooneys. Took me quite afew T.O. & LDZ in my Ovation to feel comfortable with it on shorter fields and crosswinds and what not. That is my opinion.