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  1. Getting the GI 275 AI and GI 275 HSI + Autopilot interface installed in June. It to replace the vacuum driven AI, a King KCS55 system and delete the vacuum pump and interface with a KAP150. Interesting about the switch for the GPSS, have to confirm with the shop. All total, so far, $14,3
  2. Took two of the granddaughters to lunch yesterday at KGED. They fell asleep due to my smooth flying. Of course the hamburgers had nothing to do with it.
  3. Does anyone have the length of Throttle Cable part # 660226-001? Annual coming up and would like to order one without taking it out and sending it in, trying to avoid down time.
  4. I have "heard" that a Q-Tip sprayed with contact cleaner inserted into the jack can clean them. I have also "heard" that you should let them thoroughly dry before use.
  5. To answer where I have my EI 30P box placed: Above Pilots side rudder pedals.
  6. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Mounted the EI box above the pilot side rudder pedals. Going to the plane today or tomorrow will post pictures.
  7. I went with the CGR30P, used sensors from a Insight G-3. Installed two years ago with no problems, any questions during installation were answered promptly, good customer support .
  8. John, My pleasure, glad it worked out.
  9. Look at: KC Headsets Terry Gerber www.KCHeadsets.com He repaired two Lightspeed QFR XCc's, so old ones for me. Quick, easy and reasonable.
  10. Byron, Always have gotten good service and fair pricing from Bevan Aviation. https://bevanaviation.com/ Sent a KX-155 and a KAP150 (28V) and will soon send a 165.
  11. Don't mean to go off topic, but.... When you do, make sure you go to the Beaulieu Autojumble (they have aviation memorabilia, some parts etc.) also. I believe it is on the weekend before Goodwood. Former P-47 field and Special Operations Executive training base(s) during WWII. They also have a Top Gear museum. As an aside Goodwood was also a RAF field.
  12. As an old guy (72 by SNF), was debating on SNF this year. My brother and I are on a three year schedule; 1 at SNF, 2 at Oshkosh, 3 at Goodwood Revival & Beaulieu Autojumble. This COVID stuff set us back from SNF last year. So looks like all three are on, so hope to meet some of this august group at SNF.
  13. Any chance of getting a few more photos? Top and closer side views would be great. Thanks
  14. Second Lance Link, again to repeat "Yes, Virginia, you can paint chrome!"
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