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  1. sorry to hear about the mix up. I might be interested. To install these on a 1967 M20F, I need to replace the senders with voltage (not digital) cies ones, or can I use the old senders (probably a bad idea) or at least the wiring?
  2. I fly my M20F pretty much exactly the same way as Mr Brown... mine is probably a tad slower but solid 140ktas... stock 1967 F with harzell 3 blade. I use the Mooney to fly to our house in France on a regular basis from the UK, and tend to always fly the same route/altitude. My typical route is around 350nm, of which 30min over water from UK to France or when I was living in Spain over mountains, so I tend to like to fly relatively high. Over the last dozen years and 1200hrs I also find that the ideal is 8k-9k feet leaned at 33litres (8.75 gal/h) at peak/slightly lop giving me 145kts, map around 22 and 2500 rpm (46 key number). Very often fly at 10k due to the airway structure here and 32 litres (8.5) there gives me 143kt, map dropping to 21 (with boost on) . I have O2 so sometimes fly higher due to weather and it is pretty happy 12-13k and slightly higher, but at the cost of some speed where I'd struggle to get over 140kt tas for 30-31 litres. So roughly 1litre (.25 gal) for 2k feet. Double the litre/hour and you get % hp. These numbers are so consistent that I was once getting 5kt less and wondered what was wrong. Turns out the step had not retracted as the tube to the vacuum had come loose. I could lean probably a tad more LOP but it quickly sounds a bit unhappy. Will look into the Surefly next time the mag inspection comes up, the Electroair is also an option.
  3. A good baseline on fuel prices in Europe is Total's Avgas pump rate in France. France has one of the more active GA scenes, and fuel prices are relatively low by European standards, although very expensive by US one. Current price has come off quite a bit, April as in the link below was 1.94, now it will go to 1.64euro a litre from 1 May = $5.65/US Gal https://www.total.fr/mes-deplacements/aviation/carte-air-total-france Total supplies most of the airfields in France and you get a flat rate with their card, and self serve at a lot of places. UK prices are about 10%-15% more expensive on average (my last UK invoice in March was £1.92 per litre around 2.15 euro), German and Spain +33%, Netherlands and Italy +50% just as a ballpark, local pilots feel free to correct. As you can see from the link, Jet A1 is much cheaper (lower tax), hence the relative popularity of Thielert/Austro diesel engines, and mogas alternatives (particularly in NL and Germany), and also why the ultra light / LSA segment is booming. 95 unleaded in France is around 1.40 euro a litre / £1.20 in the UK so at least a third cheaper.
  4. That's exactly what happened on mine, after I replaced the alternator of course...
  5. I have an F with the original windshield. What is everyone ‘s opinion on converting to single piece but original slope. Initially I thought a 201 style but costly and I have found the access panels to be extremely useful so I don’t want to lose them. Debating if it is worthwhile.
  6. I had the privilege of seeing that M22 on a stop over at Fairoaks (EGTF SW London) a few years ago. I don't think it was ever based there, probably stopping over too, but even there got pulled out of a hangar so I am sure it got well cared for.
  7. I have a nice KY97a for sale and will look at offers, complete with tray and connectors
  8. still have the KY97A com, accepting offers , really is in perfect condition, with tray and connectors.
  9. Great, that's exactly what I thought the 155xl would be useful for! Send me a PM with your email address, and I ll send you some more details with photo etc.
  10. yup, the F is a great all rounder. I have had mine for 12 years now, approx 100hrs a year, I used to have a Robin 300 before but it was getting a bit tight and marginal for IFR. I thought about 'upgrading' but frankly it suits my needs perfectly (400nm weekend trips UK-France) and has been extremely reliable and costs manageable and predictable. Anything faster or bigger would mean a big jump in the flying budget which I could not afford. Kids are a bit bigger now but with tanks at tabs I easily fly out of our grass strip in SW France in summer. In the past three years I've now redone the interior, had it repainted and upgraded the avionics, so it should be good for another fifty years!
  11. very nice F Frank. Wasn't it based in the UK at one point? I think I've met the previous owner who I think moved to a Seneca to fly his growing family (don't tell mine!).
  12. I clicked on share and it created a code 1571HYR9 To be honest my M20F profile is pretty bare bones. I took the M20J one and adapted some of the speeds and w&b, so I am sure it can be further refined. Pretty adequate for my needs. Then again the profile I use on EuroFpl seems really accurate, the plogs are accurate to the minute, but as you rarely get to fly the exact route you filed, pretty academic.
  13. I use autorouter extensively, absolutely awesome product , let me check how I send my M20F profile over
  14. Trig is a fantastic company to deal with. I had zero issues with my Mode S transponder for 10 years, recently the button started playing up a little so as I was having an avionics redo I sent it back for a bench test and refurb. All done within a week at a very modest cost, and they threw in a new tray as I was still using the old KT76 tray and wanted extra connector space for ADS B. I also have their small 8.33 remote radio, great piece of kit, also zero issues.