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  1. nice! that's pretty much exactly what I want to do. I notice you also move the HSI slightly off centre to the right, I guess to avoid the control wheel shaft. Also it is probably more directly in front of the pilot that way. Anything else in particular to watch out for? Did you use Nulites? I think I am going to go ahead with it this winter, if only as an interim panel before a nicer Hendricks one when I upgrade my avionics. I'm leaving the copilot side as is for now.
  2. Tie down ring stripped

    I have been meaning to do that for a while, using the Lasar jacks with a bolt on top via an access panel. Silly question however. Any risk of dissimilar metal corrosion between the Home Depot bolt and the wing or am I just showing my complete lack of understanding of it?
  3. He's based in France and so am I so not quite sure it is worth the shipping costs! That's partly the reason I am not using Hendricks or LASAR 's panels, as for the cost of shipping alone you could probably have one cut here. Compared to any panel cutting service I have come across, Hendricks is most probably a notch above in quality and helpful with the instrument placement options as they know Mooneys, which obviously LASAR does as well and they sell a good kit. However most of the cost is getting the dimensions and instrument placement right as it is very time consuming , the cutting of the panel itself seems pretty trivial. By doing it locally I can afford to get it wrong the first time around and have another panel cut. Interestingly I looked at having one done in plexiglas first as suggested and the price delta vs aluminium is not that big (but I guess you lose the advantage of doing it transparently first!). The other key thing to consider is how to light the instruments as you are getting rid of the plastic overlay with the post lights. I think I am going to fit Nulites.
  4. great stuff! the G5 is an upgrade I'd like to do in the near future, possibly a dual one. Oh I want a modern EDM too, I have the EDM700 which is great but so 1980s tech... Going back at my quest to figure out the right dimensions, just looking at various photos seen on Mooneyspace it looks like the top edge of the panel on those with a bend on the side and a triangle fill is max 1/1.25in , so the top of the panel sticks out 1.25in to be vertical, probably less. I guess we could allow for 1.5 and cut it to adjust but looks like 1.25in (ie 3cm) looks plenty. I have drawn a .DXF outline file of the panel if anyone wants to have a look with a simple CAD software.
  5. yes I have looked at a lot of different posts and admiring some great panels. Specifically I am looking at the dimension of the curved triangle edge between the avionics stack and the new upright panel. I guess we could start off with an larger approximation and then adjust as needed but if anyone has the dimensions it would be helpful, ie by how much does the top of the vertical new panel stick out.
  6. Hi I am looking to re-arrange my old left hand side scatter gun panel into something (relatively!) more modern. I'd love to go glass etc but for now this will do. I looked at Hendricks Manufacturing fantastic panels and was going to go that route until it appeared my hangar neighbour owns a metalwork facility and CNC machines and offered to help! I have produced the sketch using Front Panel Express and am looking to order from them and then refine it if needed using my friend's help. PDF attached, let me know what you think. I still need to re-arrange some holes etc but that's most of the design work done so far. I am going to have that panel vertical so will need to include the bend on the right hand side to accommodate the old panel layout. Anyone know what the dimensions of the side triangle are? Any advice on replacing the mounts and how to best mount the panel? Also anything to watch out when placing the magneto switch? oydfd left panel curved v1.pdf
  7. M22 Sighting (x2)

    I saw a swiss registered M22 being pulled out of a hangar at Fairoaks (UK) a few weeks ago. It looked in very good condition and certainly ready to fly. Stupidly I did not take a picture and only realised how rare a sight it was afterwards.
  8. Laser tiedown/jackpoint

    My old tie down rings are worn out, or rather the threading in the wing no longer supports the ring. I ordered the Lasar ones a while back but now cannot find the bolts for them, so I thought this was an opportunity to fit those instead. I see in another post that the thread is 5/16-18NC. Obviously not really relevant anymore as the threading has gone on one of my points, but when I suggested fitting a nut on the other side my mechanic mentioned that re-threading it would put strain on the fuel tanks and hence induce leaks? Are these right under the tanks? You mention an access panel above so maybe that's not the case and these are nowhere near the tanks and easily accessible? I rarely tie down the aircraft as it mostly lives in a hangar or parked at an airfield without tiedowns so pretty academic for now but I'd rather have the option of fitting tie downs, have had pretty nasty overnight winds sometimes. My Mooney is a 1967 M20F.
  9. thanks James and Brian that is exactly the clamp I have been looking at and wondering if it fits and not too cumbersome.
  10. yes I have the thicker rectangular pillar and want to achieve something like mb65e has done. Looks like the ram window edge mount ram 177 or tough claw might domthe trick, I ll measure the width of the pillar next week when I am back in the hangar.
  11. hi, any recommendations for the best way to attach an Iphone or Ipad to the centre post on the two piece windshields on 1967 M20F ? ideally a Ram small ball mount so I can easily reconfigure it for an ipad iphone or garmin. happy new year to all
  12. Looks like an M20E (early 60s) which has been sitting in my mechanic's hangar for a year is going to be parted out, as the extensive corrosion on the wing has made it uneconomical to repair and not airworthy. It has the windshield mod, and I have been looking to fit one to my 1967 M20F. I am tempted to bid for the parts but wondering if it is worth it, as surely there would be considerable hassle dismantling it and re-fitting it on mine. The mechanic didn't seem to think it was such as crazy idea however when I suggested it. I haven't looked at it in detail yet but I think it is an SWTA mod rather than the Lasar one (assuming it is because the avionics access panels are there while the Lasar one doesn't?). I know SWTA are out of the mods biz, but how would one get around paperwork wise? Ask them for the STC or the installation instructions? On the other hand the parts are still available at LASAR and unless I get at an extremely low price I doubt it is worth the hassle. It also has the cowl closure (not a full cowl mod), maybe that's worth something too (how different is the cowl to the F?). What do others think?
  13. M20F tailpipe

    Lasar said the same... just send it to Dawley!
  14. I have pdfs of these. PM me your email and I ll email them to you.
  15. Just got a call from my mechanic, seems like my exhaust pipe is beyond repair or welding and I need a new one. I immediately thought 'Powerflow !' but the rest of the system is fine , just need a tailpipe. Looking through the parts manual for a 1967 M20F seems I need pn 850-3 However , some of the exhaust part sellers have a later 'ribbed muffler' system , any ideas if that might have been retro fitted on a 1967 M20F? Of course, going to call the mechanic tomorrow and have him check, but just curious if that might be the case before I get part quotes (my mechanic subcontracts that job to me, he concentrates on the nuts and bolts, I make the calls, fine by me!).