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  1. I bought a slightly better model than the domestic ones but still think I should have bought one a bit better still, one with a display. Mine is a small Artic model available in the UK around $70, that beeps from 30ppm, no display. It fulfilled its purpose nonetheless!
  2. ok so they can remanufacture the muffler as well, great , I did that with the exhaust
  3. My new CO detector started going pretty bezerk recently so thought I'd have the muffler checked. It is cracked and has several holes, so not salvageable.... I guess the new CO detector was worth purchasing! I have the ball stud type muffler on my 1967 M20F... any recommendations on replacement? Should I go Powerflow? The exhaust itself is OK, overhauled by Dawley a couple years ago.
  4. my front seat shoulder harnesses were validated by the Danish CAA a while back and you should be able to grandfather that. Drop me your email and I ll scan what I have.
  5. the power settings I always use are key number 47 (rpm+map=47 so 22+2500 or 23.5/23.5 lower or 26/2100 higher), ram air on, I get 33 litres an hour at peak/or tiny lop which is 8.7 gal/hr, and always get 141/143kts between 7000 and 11000ft density altitude. A litre less per 1k higher or more lower works out roughly the same EGTs. Dialing in more fuel and rpm gives me a few more knots (maybe 3 or 4 ?) for significantly more fuel flow , leaning more LOP I lose more knots. So that's what I have been using for the past decade and 1000+ hrs and it seems very happy there and super efficient, CHTs al
  6. Great point, but already got one of those too (MH O2 system), been regularly using O2 for fifteen years, best investment I made in my IFR flying since GPS I think, especially as the Mooney is quite happy in the mid teens despite being normally aspirated. One of my regular flights is a late afternoon / early evening flight on a Friday for 2h30 to 3hrs, usually at 9 to 10k, I used to arrive exhausted especially after a busy work week, now actually feel more refreshed when I arrive in time for a great dinner! I have an O2 cylinder in the hangar and do my own refills. Darn... no no brainer u
  7. agreed, a good engine analyser is a must, first thing I installed when I got the F twelve years ago, and if I ever get another plane. 700 first then upgraded it to a 830 when I re did the panel last year. thanks to all for the great comments so far, lots of good points. 201 windshield conversion was my plan for a while, until I really appreciated the value of the access panels when I got some avionics issues. Now that it has all been redone maybe not such an issue, maybe I ll give it another thought!
  8. since installing a Lasar cowl mod my CHTs are more evenly spread. My cylinder 3 was always hotter by 30 or so degrees. Now cyl 3 is in line with number 2 , they are routinely within 5 degrees of 295 ish for cyl 1 , 320 cyl 2 325 cyl 3 , 310 cyl4 in cruise, and rarely above 365/370 in the climb. I used to aim to keep 3 under 400 in the climb now 370 is the hottest it gets. I did not really get a significant TAS benefit, maybe a couple knots but proper rigging is probably more effective. Still, very happy with the mod, nicely installed flush mount when the aircraft was repainted and
  9. I have a stock 1967 M20F with a three blade Hartzell and cowl closure mod. Typical flights are 400-500nm at 9-10k feet IFR, where I routinely get 143-145kt tas at 8.5gph. I am debating whether or not the following upgrades would make sense. If you had to pick , which one? Low single digit AMUs only please... Powerflow exhaust? it seems it is optimised for the altitudes I fly at Single windshield (not 201 style, I want to keep the access panels, also have just repainted it in 60s factory scheme, so want it to look original). Monroy tanks? Not really needed right now but I w
  10. Awesome job, hats off to the passenger too for keeping calm. IMHO, perfect emergency landing in the circumstances and of course right call to land immediately. Who knows what a baggage door stuck to the tailplane does to the airflow or structure! Dropped the gear when you had the field made, great stuff. No one got hurt and the aircraft is even repairable. I was hoping to fly OSUS at some point (I fly the twins in Dan's group) to see how the K is different to my F but looks like it won't happen! Drop me a line if you fancy a flight in an older Mooney out of Denham. Definitely g
  11. sorry to hear about the mix up. I might be interested. To install these on a 1967 M20F, I need to replace the senders with voltage (not digital) cies ones, or can I use the old senders (probably a bad idea) or at least the wiring?
  12. I fly my M20F pretty much exactly the same way as Mr Brown... mine is probably a tad slower but solid 140ktas... stock 1967 F with harzell 3 blade. I use the Mooney to fly to our house in France on a regular basis from the UK, and tend to always fly the same route/altitude. My typical route is around 350nm, of which 30min over water from UK to France or when I was living in Spain over mountains, so I tend to like to fly relatively high. Over the last dozen years and 1200hrs I also find that the ideal is 8k-9k feet leaned at 33litres (8.75 gal/h) at peak/slightly lop giving me 145kts
  13. A good baseline on fuel prices in Europe is Total's Avgas pump rate in France. France has one of the more active GA scenes, and fuel prices are relatively low by European standards, although very expensive by US one. Current price has come off quite a bit, April as in the link below was 1.94, now it will go to 1.64euro a litre from 1 May = $5.65/US Gal https://www.total.fr/mes-deplacements/aviation/carte-air-total-france Total supplies most of the airfields in France and you get a flat rate with their card, and self serve at a lot of places. UK prices are about 10%-15% more expensiv
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