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  1. yup, the F is a great all rounder. I have had mine for 12 years now, approx 100hrs a year, I used to have a Robin 300 before but it was getting a bit tight and marginal for IFR. I thought about 'upgrading' but frankly it suits my needs perfectly (400nm weekend trips UK-France) and has been extremely reliable and costs manageable and predictable. Anything faster or bigger would mean a big jump in the flying budget which I could not afford. Kids are a bit bigger now but with tanks at tabs I easily fly out of our grass strip in SW France in summer. In the past three years I've now redone the interior, had it repainted and upgraded the avionics, so it should be good for another fifty years!
  2. very nice F Frank. Wasn't it based in the UK at one point? I think I've met the previous owner who I think moved to a Seneca to fly his growing family (don't tell mine!).
  3. I clicked on share and it created a code 1571HYR9 To be honest my M20F profile is pretty bare bones. I took the M20J one and adapted some of the speeds and w&b, so I am sure it can be further refined. Pretty adequate for my needs. Then again the profile I use on EuroFpl seems really accurate, the plogs are accurate to the minute, but as you rarely get to fly the exact route you filed, pretty academic.
  4. I use autorouter extensively, absolutely awesome product , let me check how I send my M20F profile over
  5. Trig is a fantastic company to deal with. I had zero issues with my Mode S transponder for 10 years, recently the button started playing up a little so as I was having an avionics redo I sent it back for a bench test and refurb. All done within a week at a very modest cost, and they threw in a new tray as I was still using the old KT76 tray and wanted extra connector space for ADS B. I also have their small 8.33 remote radio, great piece of kit, also zero issues.
  6. oooh... the slider one used on M20Fs? will take a pic of mine Thursday
  7. yep I was thinking along the lines of the door strut stcs they sell for Cessnas and Pipers and wondered if something similar exists. Then again if a new one is cheap, I might as well just replace it. Will call Lasar.
  8. hmm, good idea, I ll have a look at that.
  9. Hi, following an avionics upgrade, rather than keeping them on a shelf, I am selling the following items, posting it here and on Beechtalk before I try Ebay. Happy to discuss offers, all guaranteed to work or will refund your purchase if not. Garmin GPS155XL TSO IFR unit. Great gps, really debated whether I'd retain it as GPS2 in my Mooney but not enough panel space (I replaced it by a 750, amazing unit). I flew tons of GPS approaches with it (no vertical guidance obviously), very straightforward, especially in combo with a colour handheld like the Garmin Aera. With GPS antenna (GA56 not WAAS), data card, Jepp Skybound USB programmer, all pilot and install manuals and may have (not guaranteed, have to look for them) spare connectors but these are easily sourced at Steinair or Mouser. The enter and clr button are well used as you can see from pictures but all function perfectly. Never had a single issue in 10+ years, I thought of keeping it to install on a homebuilt with the indicator sold below but not going to happen in the near future!. $750 Ameriking AK950 Switch and annunciator panel for the Garmin above, $150 with wiring manuals, had it connected to my HSI and KNS80. Be aware AK have been shut down by the FAA (issue with their encoders, not this unit), so I am not sure you can legally install these anymore, but never had any problems. I also have a Mid Continent MD40-242L CDI for the Garmin which I bought to set it up as a GPS2 but that idea got shelved. $150 It would be pretty easy to wire that to the Garmin for a cheap standalone solution as an approach capable solution in a homebuilt or lightly equipped aircraft, so I thought of keeping it on the shelf for my dream Piper Cub or C140 but not going to happen! have the wiring manuals King KY97A 760 channel com with tray and connectors $650 worked perfectly and LCD screen perfect with all pilot and install manuals and wiring diagrams KMA-24 audio panel with tray, no connectors $100 never had any issues, used with a Telex panel intercom (will add that on list once I take pics) with all pilot and install manual and wiring diagrams I also have a KNS80 but doubt anyone would like one, worked great but takes a serious amount of panel space! I am looking for an Attitude Indicator with vacuum flag and ideally internal lighting (Sigmatek 5000B), if anyone has a nice unit PM me. Shipping anywhere included at the above prices (despite being based in the UK...), will accept PayPal or wire transfer Photos to follow
  10. thanks, but on the F it is a slider that clicks into place when extended, I ll try and take a picture next time I fight with it.
  11. I have lost track how many times this thing has tried to decapitate me... I am a bit tired of the baggage door crashing on my head when there is a slight gust of wind when loading. Are there any aftermarkets STCs which a sturdier solution, or shall I just call Lasar for a new one? Mine is pretty loose around the bit where it clicks into place, and I can't see how I can fix mine.
  12. Hi, I may be interested, just need to check the p/n on mine. Actually, looking to sell a King K97A in great condition with tray and connectors that just came out of my Mooney after an avionics upgrade. Would you be interested in a swap? PM me if you prefer.
  13. interested in the GFC as well, just installed a G5 with a GTN 750 in my M20F which has an STEC 40. Looking for EASA certification, OY-DFD 1967 M20F sn 670327.
  14. did you go for the full M20J type windshield , or the one piece replacement to our split windshield?