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  1. these are the four choices you get when looking at IO360-A1A in the Airpower factory engines website and the same the Lycoming distributor here in Europe referred to before finalising a quote. What is odd is all these refer to the M20E and I cannot find a reference to M20F on any site.
  2. thanks carusoam, the M20F was just coming out of annual and us earthlings out of covid lockdown, so was looking forward to flying again soon..... unfortunately it is OH time!
  3. IO-360-A1A Y ENPL-RT8591 IO-360-A1A Y ENPL-RT8668 IO-360-A1A Y ENPL-RT8990 IO-360-A1A Y ENPL-RT10441 Any ideas which one of these IO360A1A applies to a 1967 Mooney M20F ? I have Slick mags and had a generator, now Planepower alternator. Inspection found a completely worn cam lobe, which is annoying but I guess somewhat expe
  4. OK there are a few threads on this already. My quick take on what I've read so far: the PCU is great and some older governors sometimes end up costing more to overhaul (eg Garwin). However the Hartzell ones are pretty simple and mine has been working OK. Also, it seems the PCU has a 7 year overhaul recommended timespan from a quick look at their docs (I am based in Europe and they tend to impose recommendations as requirements). Looks like the PCU costs double than a standard o/h on mine (factoring shipping and taxes to Europe), so what I will do is get a firm quote for oh on mine, and if noth
  5. Hi! Unfortunately a worn cam lobe has triggered an overhaul of my 47 year old engine (IO360A1A 1800hrs, 21 years since oh) on my 1967 M20F. I have a Hartzell D1-6 governor driving a 3 blade Hartzell, last o/h at the same time as the engine. Shall I buy the PCU5000 or overhaul my D1-6 ?
  6. I have a Strikefinder in my 1967 M20F but it needs to be as close as possible to the centre stack otherwise it doesn't fit as there is a steel bar from the cage structure that goes diagonally across and interferes with the long Strikefinder body. You also have to watch out for the control column. I also had my unit overhauled by Insight and they were very helpful. They usually want the antenna shipped with it as well.
  7. I assume that quote includes the two G5s ? The HSI is indeed more work than AI only. A single G5 as AI is a much easier install and shouldn’t be too much work, probably half the labour of the hsi installation? I don’t have the breakdown of what it cost to install mine, but I kept my old mechanical HSI for that reason, as my budget didn’t stretch to two G5s, although there are significant advantages of having both.
  8. not the folding one which I think is M20C, but sliding one, ie a slightly thinner one that locks into place inside a slightly wider one when fully extended. Mine I think is beyond repair and has tried to decapitate me too many times.
  9. hi do you have the baggage door strut?
  10. I bought a slightly better model than the domestic ones but still think I should have bought one a bit better still, one with a display. Mine is a small Artic model available in the UK around $70, that beeps from 30ppm, no display. It fulfilled its purpose nonetheless!
  11. ok so they can remanufacture the muffler as well, great , I did that with the exhaust
  12. My new CO detector started going pretty bezerk recently so thought I'd have the muffler checked. It is cracked and has several holes, so not salvageable.... I guess the new CO detector was worth purchasing! I have the ball stud type muffler on my 1967 M20F... any recommendations on replacement? Should I go Powerflow? The exhaust itself is OK, overhauled by Dawley a couple years ago.
  13. my front seat shoulder harnesses were validated by the Danish CAA a while back and you should be able to grandfather that. Drop me your email and I ll scan what I have.
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