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  1. Ooof, Andy. You have just added another page to my book, Exciting Women Are Expensive. So, it’s $6K to add an MFD to go with my current older PFD, $2-4K to upgrade one or both to the max display, and roughly $4K labor? Surely the Beast and I are worth it. How about I make the winning bid to the Mooney Summit silent auction right now, and save us time? (Shh, Mike!)
  2. What a good idea! I would find the thought processes interesting. I have to wonder, though, if respondents should admit their age...just how many grains of salt should we take with this old bat’s advice?. I’ve been flying a Mooney, sometimes in very hard IFR, for most of 35 years, The thing is, the more experience I get, the more timid I seem to get. My personal minima seem to have crept up, along with my age, and mortality becomes a concept more real. Or maybe I’m just getting too lazy to want to work that hard.
  3. Have flown cats several times. First one moved with me and the Mooney, in her crate in the back seat. She yowled piteously for three solid hours, except when she was vomiting. Poor baby, but driving that far would have been worse, without the benefit of dear David Clark. Second one was annoyed for a little while, then just glowered for the rest of her relocation. Third one was a fine large marmalade rescue boy who would have spent his ride curled up purring in my lap if I’d let him. Fourth desperately wanted out of his crate, I think mostly out of curiosity. He loves being on our boat with us, wants to be able to see out, to rule the waves. So, it depends on the cat. Some cats are good travelers, some aren’t. I have a hard rule: In my Mooney, all cats are crated. Period. Short final is no time to deal with psycho cat, all fangs and claws. I don’t feed them the night before a trip, or have water in the crate. Paper medical bed pad makes a decent disposable crate liner. I kind of wondered how a kitty stoned on catnip would behave, but not inclined to experiment. Good luck!
  4. After hearing DanB’s harrowing tale and near-miraculous survival, I went and invested in the most basic Sensorcon CO detector. Replaced my silly paper dot with an instrument that detects minute amounts.. On start-up and taxi, with the window open, I see low CO levels, which reassures me the thing is working, but zero in cruise. Apparently if things got serious, it’d set up an unholy racket. Sensorcon just sent me a spring sale notice, if anybody is in the market.
  5. Amazon seems to be out of toilet-seat bidets, too. Glad I got mine!
  6. Gets pretty hot all summer n this swamp, so I found a Ram mount with a spring-clip x-back for my yoke-mounted iPad mini, and haven’t had a heat-related shutdown since. Easy to aim a vent at the thing. My Screaming Eagle came with upgraded avionics.. I like my GNS650 and associated gimcrackery, and I very much like the Aspen Pro, but confess that the iPad Mini with FlyQ is my real go-to when things get bumpy, along with the old-style round gauges.
  7. I second the advice to try them. All the major players will give you a month free.. very much a personal choice, and keep in mind that the latest update of any of them might be a game-changer. If you cut your teeth on paper charts and E6B whiz wheel, any, even the free ones, will blow your mind. While the big gorilla, ForeFlight, is very capable, with more bells and whistles and detailed pictorial briefings than you can process in one sitting, it has lengthy drill-down menus and multiple ways to skin any given cat, which I, in my dotage, found convoluted. Amendment to my routing? Gah. Ummm...Stand by. And third, didja want fries with that? All the extras add up in a hurry. If you want the whole thing, you’re looking at an outlay of $200+ per year. Number two in the popularity hit parade is probably Garmin Pilot. I use this one for preflight planning and updating my G650 nav system data.. The latest update is a nice improvement. Garmin has never played nicely with anything but Garmin, though. If you have any portable ADSB in that starts with anything other than the letter G, you’re SOL. There is an android version, unlike most others. My personal favorite overall is FlyQ. I got a lifetime subscription some years ago, so I’m good until I’m 147 years old or so. FlyQ plays fine with any ADSB that doesn’t begin with G. I find its user interface to be fast, reliable, intuitive, uncluttered, full-featured and frequently updated, which I find fun. Like early Christmas.. Amendment to my clearance? Sure. (No problem) Ready to copy. The latest update, now in beta, has some really nice adsb weather products. And the app comes in just two sizes, vfr and IFR.. Fries included. For about half the annual price of FF. I haven’t tried the others in years, shouldn’t comment.. But play your cards right, you can put off the decision for a long time! Try them all, free, a month at a time. You’ll find some may fit your needs and budget better than others. And they’re all fun to learn, especially coming from the Stone Age as I did.
  8. My mechanic claims the “tik-tik-tik” I have begun hearing in my headset is likely a capacitor going bad in my 1999 Mooney Eagle’s wingtip strobes. Could you weigh in on that, and tell me about LEDs, or other options? He hasn’t seen it yet, but hazarding a guess. I’m hoping for a much cheaper second opinion! Thanks!
  9. The Caravan, both the terrifying crack-the-whip gaggle of yore and the superbly run new and improved Caravan formation of several years ago, were great fun and very informative. Good folk held my hand, things went surprisingly well and we survived, I’m proud to say. I would love to attend Bob’s formation clinic if the time works and there’s room for me. But not sure OSH is on the cards this year. Promises to be a busy summer.
  10. Bless you for your kind words, but I’m trying to put those embarrassments way behind me, thank you very much!!:D
  11. We hope to come, of course,, and it’s my birthday, so a splurge is in order. Maybe take a few extra days to visit friends in the area!.it sounds as if you planners have a wonderful lineup already. mimi
  12. Apparently I replied to an out of date topic. I love MooneySpace. I do not love PayPal, and will have no dealings with them, the bums. Figure out how to run a credit card without them, publish a mailing address, or set up Zelle, and I’d be delighted to sweeten the pot. mimi
  13. Mooney Space is great! PayPal is NOT. Sorry, I have sworn off those bums.And at them. If you want to set up Zelle, or better yet, some nonPP way to run a credit card, I’ll play, for sure. Thanks!!