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  1. 20 Questions? Where in NC? What do you have in mind? If you’re looking at a turbo 182, you might also consider a Mooney 231. But do you need the turbo? There are two 20Js and a 20S at my teeny airport, KEDE, which you might look at, but not practical if you’re on the mountain end of the state. Wander out to your closest GA airport and ask around. Mooniacs are true believers, hopeless proselytizers.
  2. Probably have the light in the machine too dim. I whined about that last time and the doc twisted a knob and asked solicitously if that was better. Well, yeah. Lots.
  3. Welcome to this corner of the swamp! I have been well pleased with John Sanders. He’s at ECG for another couple of weeks, and in the process of moving his shop just down the road to Edenton, EDE. Should be all set up in this pretty place by Thanksgiving. He is meticulous, honorable, and quiet. Really knows his stuff, and gets work done on schedule as promised. Great about conservative repairs, but doesn’t let stuff slide. Another excellent option is Lynn Mace at AGL Aviation, a Mooney Service Center at MRN. He is also a very good guy, but a longer haul for you.
  4. Haven’t seen that,, but I did get this surprise a couple of months ago. “Mooney 2170Bravo, squawk 2170.”
  5. Interesting, the regional variations. Flying IFR locally usually adds very little to my trip, unless I need to fly the full approach. But, then, I live in the middle of an east coast swamp. Wash Center cuts me loose 20 miles out, as we have no radar coverage below 2500’. There are no big-city vectors or holds. It’s all RNAV direct. Passing Atlanta, you may as well plan to go way southeast by way of SINCA intersection, and yet over NY and CLT you’re pleasantly vectored right over the major airports at 6000- 8000. In New England, expect amendments no matter what you or your EFB guessed at. Vict
  6. We flew coast to coast to coast pre-IFR, and there were a few days we explored the limited charms of teensy farm towns, and very rural no-tell motels with our impatient kids. “Builds character,” we claimed. My favorite co-pilot called and canceled his work schedule a few times. Sorry, y’all. So the cancellations are fewer with the instrument rating and a faster, more capable airplane, but it ain’t perfect. I missed my mom’s funeral because of ice between the ground and heaven. C’est la vie. But the incomparable joy of punching through a drizzly low cloud deck to brilliant sun and a tailwind
  7. And then there are days I just have to stay home and read a book. Yeah, I could take off zero-zero, but what happens when there’s no legal alternate within 200 miles? Or the fan quits and I’m climbing through 200 feet in the fog? A couple of days ago, I promised a friend a ride home, but it was solid VLIFR on the entire east coast. Nope. Sorry. He drove.
  8. I file and fly IFR when it’s dicey airspace, like Washington DC area or busy class B, when it’s benign marginal to IFR weather en route, when somebody at the other end is waiting for me, when there’s a low deck and clear above.and at night. It is good to have a hand to hold. I do not file IFR when there’s potential ice at the en route altitudes. When the MEAs are above my pay grade.When the expect clearance advice is 2 hours. (Never mind, then, Boston Center!) When there are scattered summer build-ups along my route. I like to see where I’m going, and avoid bumps where practical.. When I have
  9. I will let you in on a secret: If you are thinking ahead, have your MSC or Mooney-knowledgeable mechanic comply with the Mooney trim service bulletin fix for that unfortunately jammable old M20K jack screw. I don’t remember the number anymore, but it is out there. And it is important. The inexplicably subtle Mooney advice was upgraded some four years ago from a service letter that wasn’t widely disseminated. But thanks to my misadventure and a very persistent Mooniac friend who showed up at the scene of my poor landing, Mooney was encouraged to pay attention. That valued and well-connected ne
  10. Oh, just saw you’re on the other coast. In that case it would boil down to whichever one could work you in the soonest.
  11. I have two favorite mechanics in the area. One is AGL, at MRN, Morganton, NC, a Mooney Service Center, and one is John Sanders, a meticulous A&P/IA currently in Elizabeth City, soon relocating to EDE. Both do superb work, both honorable and reasonable, with accurate time estimates, and call it like they see it. I’d have one of them do the pre-purchase and the other do the next annual, secure that you would get a thorough, expert, and entirely honest job in both cases. Best of luck to you!
  12. Not only that, but with Lynn at AGL (also a Mooney Service Center,) you know who’s actually doing the work, and when it will be finished. One big shop did a prebuy that turned out to be a shoddy job, the resulting annual was a shock, and the reply was a shrug, musta been one of the other mechanics. So much for the reputation.
  13. I’ve had first-hand experience with two out of three, and can enthusiastically recommend AGL in Morganton, NC. Honorable, reasonable, and competent. Not only that, but close to the mountains, so can rent a car and go exploring.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. My scuba diving is mighty tame. Pretty clear, tropical water, nearly always less than 100 feet deep. My flying? Pretty bland.. I am actually content with boredom. I like clear, calm days, long-ish paved runways, Flight-following.. Never, even once, have I considered seeing if they make wingsuits in size XL, short. Y’all please drop by and visit me when they cart me off to the home for wandering old ladies.
  15. According to Siri, , GA flying makes nobody’s top 10. Now base-jumping, wingsuit flying, hang-gliding, sky diving, motocross racing, mountain climbing, heli-skiing, ski-jumping, etc,, make lots of them. Even SCUBA diving usually Is on the list. Is that consoling?
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