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  1. I had old second-hand anc David Clarks for years. The factory service, on the rare occasions it was needed, was stellar. I didn’t much mind the snug fit, and found those volume knobs on the earphones perfect for hanging the O2 nasal cannula tubes on. After many years, I splurged on what seemed more comfortable AKGs, liked the 6-pin power jack, (look, Ma, no batteries!) and the Bluetooth was neat, but after maybe 5 years, the ear seals were looking shabby, and last week, the sound got scratchy, intermittent and died.. Well, shoot. Then I remembered the Clarity Aloft set I inherited with the “new” Mooney, tucked in the back seat, and was very pleasantly surprised. I hate stuff in my ears, and have no pretty hairdo to worry about, so had never even tried them. Wow! The noise-cancelling was nearly complete. , quieter than either anc set.. It was far cooler on a hot day, and didn’t interfere with my glasses at all.. Very, very light, and I soon forgot the earplugs entirely.Haven’t tried the O2, so can’t say how all that stuff around my ears will work out. And didn’t even think to wonder about Bluetooth.
  2. Try Pilots’n’Paws, a volunteer (501c3) pet transportation organization that does not charge fees for the service. Pilots fly the critters entirely at their own expense. ( www.Pilotsnpaws.org ) Be sure to include specific airports at both ends, weight, dates of travel, any equipment that will be included, what arrangements will be made for receiving Finnegan at Denver, contact phone numbers, etc. Practical information is especially appreciated. Be aware of what pilots of little airplanes will need… a clean and de-flea’d dog who hasn’t had breakfast, for starters, and a positive way to turn the pup over to a responsible person at the destination FBO without delay. (If you drop the dog off at a Memphis FBO, your pilot and dog will certainly beat you to Denver by many hours, perhaps a day or two, right?) Tranquilizers aren’t generally needed. Dogs make great passengers, usually snooze the whole way. I ask that uncrated dogs wear a sturdy harness through which a seatbelt can be secured, with just enough slack to permit the furry passenger to peek out the window, but not enough to be tossed around in turbulence. good luck!
  3. There are dedicated programs for non-pilot women, play areas and crafts for children, and amazing sights to see, including the seaplane base, the colorful ultralights, the crazy bins of stuff for sale at the fly market, the (air-conditioned!) EAA museum, the evening programs at the Theater in the Woods. The night air show will have them captivated. The regular afternoon air show maybe not so much. Build in down time for the littles. Arrange central meeting places with spouse at times-certain to trade off. Let the kids collect a little swag at the exhibits, pick out a t-shirt or toy each, decide where to go next.. Don’t expect to see and do everything or keep up a hard-core aviator’s pace. It’ll be fun (she said).
  4. Right. My personal minima are much higher these days, and while there’s much better out there, what I have is good enough.
  5. I caved. The cost of a 55X and panel rearranging were gong to cost far more than I wanted to spend, so I just had the old system 30 refurbished. Even so, surely not cheap, but It’s ok.
  6. I had Hector do the interior of my 231 some years ago. He had good ideas, found leftovers from a Learjet job, combined them beautifully, and it looked like a million dollars when he was done. The old yellowed plastic interior panels were covered with pale ersatz leather, ditto. Perfect! And he couldn’t bear to send that crate of refurbed pieces back with the plastic covered glare shield, so that was redone with leather, too. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. His shop’s attention to detail is incomparable. Aerocomfort is simply top-notch. Go with the best. You won’t regret it!
  7. Gear head, I’m truly sorry to renege, but we ended up leaving a day early. The offer stands if you find yourself in NE NC!
  8. I just landed yesterday at KALN, for a long weekend with the world’s best grandsons and their parents, who live in Edwardsville. Had planned to land at SET, but that was suddenly a very bad idea, with orange and lavender radar returns over it. We will be headed back east on Tuesday, so if you can get away midday then, you’d be welcome to consider the merits of a Mooney 20S Screaming Eagle. Except for its thirst, it is a wonderful traveling machine. Fast, comfortable, excellent UL, lots of room for baggage. I love mine. It might be a handful for a freshly-fledged pilot, but maybe worth saving your nickels for when you’re comfortable, and instrument rated.
  9. I am fortunate to have an A&P, John Sanders, just a short stroll across the ramp, now. He is thorough, honorable, responsive, quiet, pleasant, knows what he is doing, has good staff, gratifyingly refrains from disparaging Mooneys— I am happy. He stays busy. And if things go mechanically really sideways in a way peculiar to Mooneys, the superb AGL Mooney Service Center people are just a few hundred miles west of here.
  10. I was in the OP’s shoes several years ago. I had decided to buy another airplane, and the field was wide open. I loved my C172, ever so many years ago, but had caught the Mooney bug from three of the loveliest M20K partners anyone could ask for. Decades passed. Then spent a year away from aviation, and a couple of awful airline experiences had this old lady once again in the market for her own wings. C182? Perfect for my brother’s commercial photography business, grand for back country mountain airstrips. But less perfect for long continent-crossing expeditions. I had flown out to see my friend Bob in eastern Oregon, and it took us an easy day and a half from our coast to his. When we arrived, he invited us to follow his vintage 182 into a gorgeous Idaho wilderness lodge’s 1500’ of goat track far down in a canyon. . Ah, nope. We’d like to go in your shiny airplane, please! Different airplanes for different missions! I had found I could buy a lot more Mooney than Beech or Cessna for a given sum. Faster, better equipped, newer, and no stepladder required, a Mooney makes for quick trips to see grandkids. I want two airplanes, actually. One a nice Champ or Cub for low and slow local unimproved strip fun, and my Screaming Eagle to visit far flung friends. Why, yes, I do want it all, thanks.
  11. GeeBee, you dear! Next time, if EVEr I’m desperate to allow my mechanic to order from Spruce, you’re on. Not only gas, but dinner, too!
  12. I’m delighted many of you have had such pleasant experiences. I am still very angry. Not just because my “next-day delivery” to the tune of over $300 shipping charge turned out to be several weeks, shipped by usps, not ups, not only have I missed my trip, forfeited prepaid hotel room, but Spruce’s CS rep says company policy says no refund on their shipping, despite their own acknowledged screw-up. Because Covid. How conveeeeenient. The parts still haven’t arrived. And I’m not done with this. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be an emoji expressing the extent of my disgust with this company!
  13. Now, if only the parts had been shipped next-day air as requested, I would be enjoying myself in the Keys, with a long anticipated - and paid- mini vacation. Well, we win some, we lose some. My highly esteemed mechanic will be ordering parts from a different supplier from now on, I gather. >:-(
  14. Thanks, Mitch. That might be true if it were a one-off screw-up. But apparently this idiocy is standard procedure these days. I do appreciate the sentiment, though.
  15. Thank you, dear one. I need four more lifters, seals, rods, and assorted other bits for my io550. And another 8 hours to install the dang things. Would have been easy if Aircraft Spruce had extracted its corporate head from wherever it was stuffed two weeks ago and accomplished what we paid for, including expedited shipping. But that was evidently too much to ask of a gum- chewing dimwit. Yeah...I am still just *a little* upset. But warms my heart to think there are still good folk like you eager to lend a hand. I fear we are SOL this time. Now must go unpack our bags and x the flight plan. Thanks most sincerely!,
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