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  1. GeeBee, you dear! Next time, if EVEr I’m desperate to allow my mechanic to order from Spruce, you’re on. Not only gas, but dinner, too!
  2. I’m delighted many of you have had such pleasant experiences. I am still very angry. Not just because my “next-day delivery” to the tune of over $300 shipping charge turned out to be several weeks, shipped by usps, not ups, not only have I missed my trip, forfeited prepaid hotel room, but Spruce’s CS rep says company policy says no refund on their shipping, despite their own acknowledged screw-up. Because Covid. How conveeeeenient. The parts still haven’t arrived. And I’m not done with this. Alas, there doesn’t seem to be an emoji expressing the extent of my disgust with this company!
  3. Now, if only the parts had been shipped next-day air as requested, I would be enjoying myself in the Keys, with a long anticipated - and paid- mini vacation. Well, we win some, we lose some. My highly esteemed mechanic will be ordering parts from a different supplier from now on, I gather. >:-(
  4. Thanks, Mitch. That might be true if it were a one-off screw-up. But apparently this idiocy is standard procedure these days. I do appreciate the sentiment, though.
  5. Thank you, dear one. I need four more lifters, seals, rods, and assorted other bits for my io550. And another 8 hours to install the dang things. Would have been easy if Aircraft Spruce had extracted its corporate head from wherever it was stuffed two weeks ago and accomplished what we paid for, including expedited shipping. But that was evidently too much to ask of a gum- chewing dimwit. Yeah...I am still just *a little* upset. But warms my heart to think there are still good folk like you eager to lend a hand. I fear we are SOL this time. Now must go unpack our bags and x the flight plan. T
  6. Wow, am I steamed! What execrable service, combined with sheer blithering incompetence! The above-referenced supplier of parts listed the items as in-stock, my shop ordered them to be shipped stat, next day air. When they didn’t arrive, a call revealed they were, um, back-ordered. Finally in stock, my shop asked they again be shipped next-day ups. Two weeks later, they were shipped... spent several days in sort facilities, and now USPS, if they get out to the airport (3-miles from the PO) anytime soon, will deliver them... maybe as soon as Monday or Tuesday. My non-refundable reservations were
  7. I talked to the mechanic, who said he pulled two more lifters. “They were garbage,” he noted, apparently satisfied that they were the cause of all the metal in the oil filter. It seems that is a common Continental issue. “You should be good for another five years,” he promised. So having written a check for shiny things to replace corroded things, I sit back and wait for miracles to be worked. whew!!! thanks, all, for the kind wishes!
  8. So bright and early this morning, I flew ithe Beast around the patch a couple of times to warm the oil, taxied over to the maintenance hangar, uncowled it. Drained the oil. Dear mechanic cut the filter apart, and ... oops. Apparently all bright and sparkly is not a good look this year in oil filters. Lots of metal, both ferrous and nonferrous. None six months ago. So, after some worrisome discussion about reman engines and children’s’ undeserved inheritance and 10-week turnaround time for an IO550G, the thought occurred to him to check the lifters on this 1600- hour motor. Maybe they will prov
  9. If it is vital to take it with you when getting away from it all, I agree, a great big airplane with barn door access is perhaps necessary. If it is possible to substantially pare down the cargo, you might find a certain freedom in that, and Mooney might fit your mission better than you think.You’d find dividends paid in faster speed, lower fuel bills, more nimble handling, more bang for your airplane buck. We have always chosen to travel light, no matter where, how, or for how long. One carry-on bag or small duffel each is plenty for us, even for a month of international travel. If we choos
  10. My S has the 310hp, no rudder trim. I’ve never missed it. Seems just right as is. And I’m over on the NE corner of NC. If you find yourself in this end of our state, I’d be happy for an excuse to go flying.
  11. I found, owning the 20K, I rarely took full advantage of that turbo. It was wonderful at 12-15000, but refilling that built in ox tank was a nuisance, required landing at a big-city airport, paying substantial sum ($100-150-ish) for a top-off, winds were often unfavorable, and I wasn’t happy with the amount of useful consciousness left at the flight levels if the connector popped loose before I saw it. As it did from time to time. That said, it was lovely to accept FL220 once when requested, just to say I did. And up high, the a/c works well in July, the buildups are skinnier, and groundspeeds
  12. On the other hand, if you find an Ovation that makes you happy, I suspect you won’t find much you can’t accomplish. I had a 231, now have a Screaming Eagle. This one is dead slap simple to fly, no cowl flaps, no turbo to baby, performs beautifully, climbs like the proverbial bat to at least 12,500. Haven’t tried higher, but now that I have portable O2, I will soon know more. Its service ceiling is way on up there, but NA might take a while to reach it.
  13. Oh, and about the flexibility of GA: We were invited to eastern Oregon to meet internet friends and see mountain backcountry only available to hearty horsemen and aviators. On our way to a spectacular lodge deep in an Idaho gorge.” Hop in and follow me,” encouraged friend, Skybobb. “Not me,” I said. “The Beast stays right here. I want to ride shotgun in an old straight-tail 182 flown by an expert.” This plane prefers 3000 feet of pavement. But is perfectly content across the entire nation in heavy smoke if need be. And when the airport we’d intended to stop at on the way home, GPI, was
  14. Yep. The Coast Guard Auxiliary sent me to STL a couple of years ago, insisted it be commercial. Sighhhh. So I left home (EDE) at 0530 to get to ORF for the day’s first departure. There at 0700 for an 0800 departure. TSA ignored my military orders and not-a-security-risk designation, rifled my single carry-on and fondled this old granny. OG was annoyed. Finally to the boarding gate in time to learn the flight to ORD was delayed. For hours. Finally boarded, worried that might not make the ORD-STL connection. A six circuit hold over Lake Michigan . Finally cleared to the gate. Oh. Oh. Oh. See Gra
  15. The noted physician/author Atul Gawande wrote a fine little book entitled A Checklist Manifesto, in praise of their utility, especially in surgery, his specialty. He stresses the discipline and useful orderliness in many other processes, with interesting stories and studies. I commend it to you. I always use my written, laminated preflight and takeoff checklist. It lives in the pocket by my left knee. It’s too easy to gloss over important stuff otherwise. The clockwise scan before pushing the throttle in, making certain I actually saw the thing I pointed to, is part of the internal chec
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