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  1. Royski

    Moving... airport and SFRA/FRZ

    IFR out of Potomac or Hyde to the north/northeast isn't bad, with routes generally over Baltimore. Going more northwesterly is a pain and they will typically run you south to the Brooke VOR (BRV) before letting you head on course. If the weather is VFR when I'm headed that way, I will typically go over Manassas class D and under the Bravo before picking up IFR. I moved from Potomac to Hyde a couple of years ago where I could get an affordable hangar . I don't mind the quietness — it is almost like having a private airport! The longer runway with unobstructed approaches is nice to have as well.
  2. Royski

    Jaeger Interior, 1983 M20J

    New carpet, new and refurbished side panels by Bruce Jaeger. Old seats.
  3. Royski

    Removing front passenger seat

    If you swap the pilot and passenger seats, make sure your shoulder belt still fits properly. After one annual I noticed that the belts no longer went across my chest but instead tended to slip to the side — turns out the seats got switched at annual. Maybe you could move belt the attachment points as well?
  4. Royski

    M20J Oil Change

    In my plane with the IO-360A3B6D, if I am at the usual 6 quarts and the engine has not been run recently, there is no significant amount of oil in the filter to make a mess. Personally I like the tradeoff of this versus the vague benefits of draining the oil while the engine is hot.
  5. Royski

    M20K 231/262 Speed Brake question

    If you haven't gotten a copy of the records from the FAA yet, you might try that. Maybe they have a copy that was filed with them but misplaced from the set of records you have. FWIW, the speed brakes on my 1983 M20J are an older model "100 Series" installed August 1998 and not described on the Precise Flight web page.
  6. I've got a CFI friend in the area with loads of time in my M20J. I'll see if he is interested.
  7. Royski

    Relocation to DC Area

    I'm based at VKX. If you are living in close-in Northern Virginia (Arlington, Alexandria), I think you will find the drive to the airports in Virginia to be pretty brutal compared to the three FRZ airports. The FRZ does require a phone call or two for each flight in/out but personally I find it a minor annoyance compared to driving. I'm not aware of any available hangars at VKX however they do free up from time to time. Stan Fetter at nearby W32 might have some hangars, but the ones I looked at years back were pretty run down and I felt that my plane was safer outside.
  8. I wonder if it might be a slightly loose intake pipe
  9. Royski

    Mid atlantic Picnic at KUKT

    I'm afraid I'll be missing this one - too many things to do piled up at home. Thanks to the organizers and I hope to catch you next time!
  10. Royski

    Mid atlantic Picnic at KUKT

    Ahahah! Cool. I make decent homebrewed beer but that is probably not the best idea for a fly-in. I'll try and bring sodas and water etc.
  11. Royski

    Mid atlantic Picnic at KUKT

    Excellent! I haven't kept up on the forum here but I saw a bunch of Mooneys parked at KGED around Fall 2013 and now I wonder if it was you guys. Maybe I should have introduced myself. So "picnic" sounds to me like people bring their own food - is that the case? I haven't been to KUKT so I don't know if they have a restaurant. Roy
  12. Royski

    Mid atlantic Picnic at KUKT

    I'm not sure I've met any of you, but I might show up as well.
  13. Royski

    Dead Battery Culprit

    I was all set to go flying yesterday and but had a dead battery, probably after bumping on the infernal lights unloading baggage after the previous flight. I wonder about either adding a guard over the switches to prevent this, or maybe adding the timer mentioned above.
  14. I've been very pleased with my SkyTec starter. The faster speed helps with hot/warm starts.
  15. Royski

    Landing Light Lens

    My mechanic ordered a replacement landing light lens from the Mooney factory for me a year and a half ago. I forget the price, but it was reasonable.