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    Axel Germany

    Our M20J
  4. defrkm20j

    MT 3-Blade Prop Installation

    Guys, being a little patriotic I just want to mention that is made in Germany. I have been flying this prop on our M20J for quite some years and am very happy with it. I flightplan with 150kts which is always achievable. Maybe on the initial T/O the 2-blade is slightly better. As noise abatement is a real issue on this side of the pawn it´s a real winner. As well if you get a propstrike during landing it will most likely not do any damage to your engine. As well you have a larger gnd clearance which comes in handy on unpaved rwy´s. Happy landings
  5. defrkm20j

    Houston Area Pilots

    Hi Docket, great stuff, I´ll drop you a message when I get to Houston next. Where is KHOU ? I always stay near the Galleria Mall. Thx and happy landings Axel
  6. defrkm20j

    Houston Area Pilots

    Hi Parker, I am a german M20J owner. My airplane is based in in old germany. However I am also flying the big jets and sometimes have some layover in Houston. I would love to go out flying . If there is a possibility please let me know. Maybe we can get together. I own a J3C as well. It´s my little grasshopper Happy new year Axel
  7. defrkm20j

    M20J Instrument Panel Tilt

    Yes I got the answer. Panel tilt on the J is 0 Axel
  8. defrkm20j

    roof vent

    Hi Alun, mine works just great Axel
  9. defrkm20j

    UK/European Mooniacs

    Hi Alun, i was wondering if that was your Mooney next to mine. Looked nice as well. Yes we had a great time. I´ve been to Jersey few times many years ago and I really enjoy it every time. Came in and out on an IFR flightplan. Much easier ;-) I´ll be back . Cheers, Axel
  10. defrkm20j

    UK/European Mooniacs

    Hi Al, we´ll be heading to Jersey on the 25th. Maybe we´ll meet you there. Any tips for Jersey ? Thx Axel
  11. defrkm20j

    M20J Instrument Panel Tilt

    Thx, for the hint Axel
  12. Hi fellow Mooniacs, here is the question of the day. Does anyone know if the Intrument Panel in A M20J has a tilt and if it does how many degrees. We just installed a electr. artificial horizon from Castleberry which after a longer level flight turns to a pitch down attitude. The manufacturer claims this has something to do wit a tilt. Anyone knows something ? Zhx Axel