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  1. defrkm20j

    Axel Germany

    Our M20J
  2. Guys, being a little patriotic I just want to mention that is made in Germany. I have been flying this prop on our M20J for quite some years and am very happy with it. I flightplan with 150kts which is always achievable. Maybe on the initial T/O the 2-blade is slightly better. As noise abatement is a real issue on this side of the pawn it´s a real winner. As well if you get a propstrike during landing it will most likely not do any damage to your engine. As well you have a larger gnd clearance which comes in handy on unpaved rwy´s. Happy landings
  3. Hi Docket, great stuff, I´ll drop you a message when I get to Houston next. Where is KHOU ? I always stay near the Galleria Mall. Thx and happy landings Axel
  4. Hi Parker, I am a german M20J owner. My airplane is based in in old germany. However I am also flying the big jets and sometimes have some layover in Houston. I would love to go out flying . If there is a possibility please let me know. Maybe we can get together. I own a J3C as well. It´s my little grasshopper Happy new year Axel
  5. Yes I got the answer. Panel tilt on the J is 0 Axel
  6. Hi Alun, mine works just great Axel
  7. Hi Alun, i was wondering if that was your Mooney next to mine. Looked nice as well. Yes we had a great time. I´ve been to Jersey few times many years ago and I really enjoy it every time. Came in and out on an IFR flightplan. Much easier ;-) I´ll be back . Cheers, Axel
  8. Hi Al, we´ll be heading to Jersey on the 25th. Maybe we´ll meet you there. Any tips for Jersey ? Thx Axel
  9. Hi fellow Mooniacs, here is the question of the day. Does anyone know if the Intrument Panel in A M20J has a tilt and if it does how many degrees. We just installed a electr. artificial horizon from Castleberry which after a longer level flight turns to a pitch down attitude. The manufacturer claims this has something to do wit a tilt. Anyone knows something ? Zhx Axel