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  1. Yes. It’s legal. I removed my entire vacuum and PC systems last year. It only requires a logbook entry and a weight and balance update. By an A&P, of course. And a little ingenuity. There is also an electric step conversion kit available if you want to preserve that functionality.
  2. I bought a used Vertex Standard VXA-220 with a new rechargeable battery and charging cradle for $85 shipped a few months ago on eBay. It finally replaced my old ICOM that dates back to the 80s. The Vertex Standard is much smaller and lighter and so far I am very impressed with it. Especially for $85. I just use it to monitor the Unicom frequency while I’m working in the hangar and carry it around with me in my survival bag. I’m with Paul in that I can’t see any need for nav functions in a handheld transceiver anymore.
  3. It took Hawk 3 months to paint mine back in 2017. He quoted six weeks. It was $11,500 back then. It still looks like new, though, and probably will for the rest of my life since I keep it hangared and obsessively clean and Imron pretty much lasts for ever like that. I recommend Joe highly.
  4. Correct. Ensure that the FWD arrow on the serial number tag is pointing in the direction of flight.
  5. I had the same mount. I don’t think mine lasted two months, though, before it lost suction. I’m glad your experience has been better. I know your Mooney is a TAA and you should never need to use either of your portable devices’ AHRS capabilities, but would that even be possible using your current mounting configurations?
  6. I, too, am a big fan of Garnin portables, but at least for now I prefer the size of the Aera 660. I admit, though, that I am tempted by the 760 and might eventually end up with one. I tried mounting my GDL-50 the exact same way and in the same location that you have, but occasionally the RAM mount suction cup would fail and the thing would end up laying on my back seat. Hopefully you won’t have that problem.
  7. A lot of laymen believe that, but under the doctrine of subsequent remedial measures it simply is not true.
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