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  1. lahso

    Flat tire on landing

    I feel fortunate - with a flat nose wheel away from home on a Saturday I offered $200 cash and the mech took it. Total time was about 2.5 hours.
  2. lahso

    How is JPI repair or support

    Overall, a good experience. Sent my EDM-700 to troubleshoot the new-to-me FF option that was put in a year ago. A transducer went bad, and they wouldn't replace at their expense or any break on the cost. I understand since it had been a year, but it took quite a bit of flying to determine that was the reason for incorrect GPH usage (I called their tech support several times, and went through many K factor changes). They weren't ugly or rude about it - just firm. My MSC who put it in felt bad about it, and helped me on the replacement cost.
  3. Turn the buckle around, so that the latch is facing your lap. I do that for the passenger, too.
  4. Thanks for saving the pups! I'm looking forward to the annual flyaway out of Rock Hill, SC.
  5. lahso

    First PnP mission completed

    Fantastic, Bob! Thanks for saving the pups.
  6. lahso

    Where did you learn to fly

    KAPA. I'm glad I had the learning experience at a busy towered airport.
  7. lahso

    $100 burger suggestions

    Great to meet you Bill (and Eric) at GMU. The restaurant is pretty good, and offers a discount to those flying in. And...thanks for saving the pups!
  8. lahso

    Dual Ownership

    Great thread. I'm looking at something like this for a friend who isn't ready to be an equity partner, but wants to rent from me. I haven't researched it well enough, and am unsure if renters insurance would suffice in case of an incident/accident, how to handle the "income" from a tax perspective, and if there are any reg implications. I own my plane as an individual, not as a LLC, so that may need to change. The concept seems simple enough but I'm curious how others do this.
  9. lahso

    Pilots N Paws weekend flight.

    Bill, thanks for saving the pups! Good to meet you guys yesterday at GMU.
  10. lahso

    Pilots N Paws weekend flight.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I got in with PnP back in the beginning, though my transports have slowed down now. My wife and I still love to work with the rescues.
  11. I left mine in the envelope, sitting on the shelf in the back. Was never asked for it.
  12. I fly a C model, but agree with DrBill that you should be at 80MPH on base, with the throttle almost closed. I keep 80MPH on final and land.
  13. lahso

    Flying to the Bahamas

    My wife and I went to Long Island (Cape Santa Maria) in Aug 2013. First time taking the Mooney internationally, and it was a breeze. Flew out of Ft. Pierce, and landed at Stella Maris. Had a great time, would do it again, but probably go to Green Turtle Cay or North Eleuthera next time.
  14. I went through a period of patching the tanks (as did the previous owners), which worked temporarily. Eventually, I got tired of patching, fuel smell in the cockpit, and the blue stains. Still glad I made the decision for bladders, and no regrets. However, you need to do what's best for your situation.
  15. Cole put in bladders for me last year. I live 20 mins from Joey (and he does all my other maint), so that was a easy choice. He will do a good job for you. However, I would lean towards someone closer to you in case there's a problem.