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  1. Any chance that anyone has, or knows where to get, CAD (2D or 3D) models for Mooney's In a perfect world, I'd like to get a M20J panel model that I can work from, and even better (but unlikely) is a fuselage model too. I'm looking at building a home simulator and the CAD models would be immensely helpful. Thanks!
  2. Hi all Wow! I go off for a few hours to work and then look back at the post and there’s a ton of great feedback. Thanks. Lots to think about. A few comments after a first read through. Fair point on the 182, but it’s really not what I want. Like many, I did my private in a 150 and a 172 and they served their purpose and then I’ve got a bit of time (20-30 hrs) in 182 & 177s. They just aren’t my thing…..that said Penobscot Air flies 206’s into 57B stuff full of people and cargo every day so it’s not a bad idea. Also fair point on the minimal 12 min savings on that trip in a Mooney vs a 182. But, honestly if we are bringing practicality into the equation, I should just drive. I’m suspending practicality in favor for finding something I want to fly. Sort of the same logic I used when I bought my sailboat…… As I consider the feedback, it doesn’t seem to make sense for a Mooney given my criteria above. I’m not worried about flying my numbers etc. Not that I’m discounting that seriousness, I mean that it’s a hyper focus for myself in my flying. I am worried though if there is any element of ‘pucker factor’ getting in/out of there due to a nervous wife which will mean a rapid end to the fun. I need to do some more research on the reality of a <3,000ft runway for the sr-22, etc to see what subset may make sense - other than the 182… So, let’s change the mission then for discussion sake. What if I take the short field off the table? Agreed that a turbo isn’t needed given my flying. What models should I be eyeing for the sweet spot of price, performance, panel, etc? Thanks again.
  3. Hi All- I'm new to these forums, and the Mooney world in general, and I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction. First, some context.....I'm a comm/multi/instrument pilot (~500 hrs TT) who hasn't been flying for quite a while after 'life' got in the way. I'm now fixing that and getting back into the air and looking for aircraft options, and Mooney has been on my mind. That said, other than a couple of hours in the backseat of a 231 many years ago, I'm essentially clueless in all things Mooney. I've got plenty of high performance/complex time, so I don't see that being an issue from an insurance and/or capability standpoint. Mission wise..... Ideally, I'm looking for a plane that would work for a small partnership group (~3-4 people) that I could use for local flying and occasional trips. Local flying will mainly be boring holes in the air + approaches. My primary trip profile will be from my home base in MA up to a vacation home I have on an island off the coast of Maine. Its a short (~175nm) trip but the airport there has a 2700' runway with some trees around it, so something that will safely get in/out of that airport is key. There will likely be longer (300-750nm) trips a few times a year too. Most flights will be 1-2 people. I want something that is IFR capable, efficient, safe, fun to fly, etc. Ideally something with more modern avionics, or that I can update within the budget. As I've looked at options, the PA28 & C172/182 options don't appeal too much to me due to speed, unless I find a great opportunity. A SR-22 would be great, both because of the avionics, but also the parachute induced spousal comfort level, but the price premium is hard to swallow. This is what has had me thinking of options in the Mooney and Bonanza worlds. Price wise...I'd like to stay below a top level of $150k-200k combined between the purchase price + renovation costs for avionics, etc. Lower cost is obviously nice, but I also don't want something on the extreme low end that I have to invest tons into making it a mission capable plane for my needs. I'd love any suggestions and advice as to where I should and should not be looking for models, etc. Thanks!
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