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  1. Ok, so I contacted LASAR and highly recommend Mooney Mechanic. LASAR sells a kit to replace this old ball joint connection with a Heim fitting (kit 660051-005), and it's $215. The equivalent list of components from Aircraft Spruce are $20 and they are - Heim Bushing: MW-3M - Drilled Bolt: AN3C-11 - Spacer (not needed if you use washers): 550017-005 - Washer: AW960-10 - Nut: AW310-3 - Cotter Pin: AW380-2-2 You should OF COURSE buy the $215 kit. :-) Attached is a picture of the Heim fitting for reference.
  2. Awesome thank you. Yeah, meant propeller control cable.
  3. Airplane: ‘66 E Does anyone know if there is a replacement available for this swivel joint at the end of my propeller cable? It popped loose today during my run up. I had an A&P take a quick look and said it looked worn out. I plan to get it pulled off to be sure but am curious is there is a more modern replacement available. There is a ball on the other side of that castle nut that inserts into that hole in the link above. Thanks! p.s. The cotter pin is bent like that because I was in the process of removing it when it took the pic.
  4. ✋Brand new Mooney owner here (1966 E). Coming to you from the aviation wasteland that is South Carolina :-) With my first annual is rapidly approaching, does anyone have any recommendation for a good MSC near Charleston, SC? I found one in Manning, SC called Precision Air but don't see much on their website regarding Mooney's (other than the MSC logo). Has anyone had experience with them specifically? I'm also considering AVL and others in the surrounding area but Precision would be the most convenient. Thanks!
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