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  1. No, I mean they grounded things properly. So the issue is something else.
  2. Unfortunately, looks like they did that.
  3. To clarify, the issue is during calibration not during normal operation. When filling up the left tank, the sender is showing the same signal for no fuel and when we add 13 gallons. After that it works fine. We haven't flown the plane to see what happens if you below 13 gallons but I assume since the calibration point is the same as zero, the GI-275 may get confused or just show 0.
  4. Yes, the calibration has been redone two or three times at this point. It’s very laborious to fill and drain the tanks so trying to avoid more than another redo.
  5. We’re having some trouble with the CIES senders connected to a GI-275 in an M20J and wondering if anyone has ideas. The issue is that the left sensors read zero until about 13 gallons are added and then they work fine. The installer thought it was a sensor issue but CIES sent new ones and they have the same problem. The installer checked that they report fine through the full range of motion wired out of the tank. He then installed them and checked that the travel seems fine when they are moved with a string inside the tank. Borescope doesn’t show any obstructions around them, as far as it can see. However, when actually filling the wing with gas, they don’t seem to read right until you hit several gallons. This means the calibration value is effectively zero for a while, which is not right. The right tank works fine. We’re at our wits end on this and the installer said CIES doesn’t seem to know what the issue could be. Any ideas? @fuellevel any chance you could help?
  6. Would love to hear more about this as well. What is the bending required to make it work? We just had a similar issue this weekend with a brand new CIES install on an M20J where the right side is stuck at 31.
  7. We're in the middle of a big avionics upgrade to GI-275s. Our Century 2000 AP is connected to the GI-275s. AP was working fine on a ground run and the electric trim worked in flight. But as we landed, we smelled a burning smell and then the electric trim stopped working. We took the panel apart to see if any wiring got messed up but there is nothing indicating the wiring was the source of the smell, even after 2h of searching. The AP works fine in pitch and roll, but the trim switch doesn't work at all. The electric trim switch and all CBs look fine. Any ideas on what it could be? Our working hypothesis is that something within the Century 2000 unit burned out.
  8. Some potential steps to debug and isolate the problem: - Do you see the EIS data in your Garmin Pilot logbook specifically, but not FlyGarmin? - If not, is your tablet/phone connecting to the GI-275 EIS Bluetooth or Bluetooth from your navigator (in this case the FlightStream 510)? - Is the GI-275 connected to your navigator and if so, is it via RS-232 or HSDB? - If you plug in a USB key to the EIS dongle, do you see the engine data in the files that transfer?
  9. Our plane has some pretty worn side cushions (see picture) and trim. Does anyone know the most cost-effective way to replace those with some leather-wrapped ones? Don’t want to replace the plastic trim at this stage, just the blue leather/textile cushion parts on the door and pilot/passenger arm rests.
  10. Does anyone have experience with Surefly electronic magneto replacement with a GI-275 EIS? I heard somewhere that the GI-275 EIS STC doesn't allow the Surefly. Looking through the install manual the EIS seems to support general P-lead pickups that the Surefly would provide. It's not immediately obvious to me why it would be prohibited to do a drop-in magneto replacement with Surefly.
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