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  1. Thanks! You are correct. I'll try moving the upper seat brackets to the back. When I removed it, they were on the front... possibly why the bottom wasn't attached. ;-) Thanks for the tip!
  2. I recently removed the rear seat in my “new-to-me” (co-owned) ’62 M20C. As a first-time Mooney owner, I read and watched videos since I heard the experience could be frustrating. When I went to remove the seat back, after removing the bolts at the top, I noticed nothing was attached at the bottom (the bottom seat bracket wasn’t connected through the seat belt bracket). The seat came out easily. I figured it was just an oversight and I would be able to attach it through the belt bracket at the bottom when I put it back in. It seems I was wrong. When I try to do that, I’m at least a ½ inch below the hole that the seat belt bracket went through. However, there does seem to be a hole that would accommodate the bracket for the seat back. I marked what I’m seeing in the attached picture. The red arrow points to the hole for the seat belt bracket. The yellow arrow points to the hole that I could best align the back of the seat bracket with (in the picture to the left of the yellow arrow). So… my questions: Is it likely that this bracket was modified at some point? Should I just get another bolt to secure the bottom of the seat back in the opening that appears to work/best align? Could I be doing something completely wrong? I have the bolts in the upper brackets (but not tight). There seems to be no way I can move the seat to align with the seat belt bracket holes. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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